Argentine F-16AM/BM for Germany

It’s no secret that the F-4F ICE isn’t on-par with other nations’ top jets. While it is appropriate at the BR of 12.7 assuming the AIM-9L(I)-1s are added, Germany will still be the only nation without a 4th gen aircraft with ARH missiles.
A potential solution is to add an Argentine F-16AM or BM. These were purchased from Denmark in April this year along with AIM-9Xs and AIM-120Cs. In-game it would naturally not have either of those missiles, instead using AIM-9Ms (currently in service in Argentina) and AIM-120As (fictional, but so is their mounting on JAS-39Cs). In essence, it’s a copy of the F-16AM in the French tree and an equivalent to the F-16C and Barak, and would allow Germany to remain competitive at top tier. The aircraft in its ahistorical state could be phased out once it is replaced in the top slot by aircraft such as the Typhoon, similar to how the F-16AJ has been discussed as only being an interim gap-filler until the game is ready for more capable Japanese aircraft such as the F-2.

Anyways, check out the Argentine subtree suggestion for more info.


cant agree anymore ,Bro


The Argentine F-16 is only enough to be a skin for the planes that are already in the game and there is a long list of nations that deserve their own skin for this plane. <3

From Argentina Ministerio Defensa on Twitter


With how anemic the F-4F ICE appears to be, this kinda needs to be added

Funny that these go to France when they already have Mirarge 2000 with MICA ready gonna deleted anything it come across they sure don’t need F-16 when they already have better stuff

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To my understanding, the contract for Argentina to buy F-16s only occurred in April of 2024, just 1-2 months ago, and that Argentina hasn’t actually had these delivered to them yet. So could anyone explain how Germany would receive a vehicle from Argentina that Argentina hasn’t even taken possession of?

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the same way other nations got vehicles that never even entered service, if they even existed at all (yes, looking at you F-16AJ)


This is still completely unprecedented since it takes a step further. A vehicle that’s not in service to a non-germany country, being given to the german tech tree.

At that point, since India was “close to” getting an Su-57 going as far as to funding the project, then UK can get an Su-57 on that basis as well.

It opens a pandora’s box.


yes,German needs such a boost,because it is like a joker now

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The aircraft are owned by the Argentine Airforce, its not a “close to”, its a done deal

Netherlands would have been a much better option, but Gajin had different plans



To my understanding, these kinds of contracts only conclude once the deliveries have taken place. Deliveries hasn’t taken place.

Maybe, neither you nor I have access to the contract. Point is, the contract has been signed, and a plane in Argentinian paint exists.

Comparing that to the what-if of a Indian Su-57 is stupid and disingenuous

Rb-99 on Swedish Gripen E
AIM-120C on Thai Gripen C
AIM-120C on Swedish Gripen C
AIM-120C on Hungarian Gripen C
None are AIM-120As.

The armament of every JAS-39 is partially or entirely fictionalized. Hungary has only ever operated the AIM-120C, never the A/B. Sweden doesn’t use AIM-9Ms. South African Gripens only carry IRIS-T and A-Darter.

First image is a CATM-120B. Even then, to say it’s an RB-99 is quite hilarious seeing as the RB-99 is an AIM-120B… An identical missile to the A.

You’re right on that second one, didn’t look closely enough.

#3 is an AIM-120A/B

No they do have 10 of them already with weapons and everything, nvm wrong article lmao, but they do have one and are buying weapons for them

I agree, but Germany needs an additional country. For example, it could be supplemented by similar or diplomatically close countries such as Argentina and Poland


You’re missing the point.

Giving an F-16AM AIM-120As is of course 100% possible and the F-16 in Argentine service will use AMRAAM-Cs. Has Argentina ever used AIM-120As? No. Has South Africa used R-Darters for the Gripen or Hungary AIM-120As for theirs or Sweden AIM-9Ms? Also no.