Arcade Ground Strike Broken

New update… new problem. It looks like this update made ground targets worth WAY more tickets/points than before! Ground strike is now over in about 4-5 minutes, with less than half of the losing teams targets even getting destroyed. Kill one target and watch enemy team tickets drop drastically. More RP and SL rewards? Not when you have to fly 3x the number of games to do so.


Are you sure no-one hit bases, because they also add to the speed that you can take down a groundstrike match.

Just seems to me this urge to call it broken could very easily be a mistake.

Negative. These were low br with no bases to bomb.

I’ll still hazard a guess that your urge to label it as broken, could very much be premature.

I don’t care about your guess. You are adding nothing to this conversation. Go fly a 1.3 ground strike and then form an opinion. Until then you are wasting my time.

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Funny that you coin that BR in particular, as for the past month we were messing about in 1.3 AB Air to ONLY get Air Domination matches on the regular.

I already have my opinion, and I’ve shown it, you’re just not happy that it’s not aligned with yours, or calls your issue into question.

lol you’ve said nothing that calls anything into question… go fly a game or shut up. What is it with people who think their opinion matters? I brought up an issue I saw tonight during games… literally saw and experienced with other people who also saw and experienced it. I flew six games, 3 were air domination and 3 were ground strike. Air domination lasted the regular amount of time and tickets were attrited at a normal rate… ground strike was over in 4-5 minutes with tickets disappearing at an alarming rate. You are giving a useless opinion with zero facts or experiences with which to back it up. Again… waste of time.

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If you can’t handle someone else contributing, no matter how small or irrelevant you think it is, then you need to calm yourself down.

I know you may have trouble with something, and maybe you can’t handle being questioned or even challenged, but there’s no reason to be so uptight and attacky about merely being queried.

I went into the game, and played as low as I could, and I didn’t see the issue you are proclaiming about.

I even looked at the tickets to see if there was a difference in the matches, and there isn’t.

A darn sight more than just proclaiming it’s broken.

I never got excited… zero emotion. If you can’t stand people speaking frankly, i can’t help you. I have no issue being questioned, in fact I think it’s one of the best ways to learn. I am, however, adverse to people wasting my time with baseless opinions. So, thank you for finally seeing for yourself and adding something of value to these comments instead of your baseless opinion. I appreciate you going into the game and doing what you did. Now, might I ask what BR you flew? You said “as low as I could,” so what was that? In Air Arcade?

You say that you didn’t see the same thing I saw. So, can you offer a theory about why the tickets in three straight games disappeared with over half of the vehicles still available? That’s what I’m trying to figure out… why did those games end so fast? They were over before anyone had a chance to do, well anything.

Dude, the transcript of what you put forth, says otherwise…

Because as I said, you put forth 1.3… I queue for 1.3 and end up with SOLELY Air Dom matches… When I queue for 1.7, I can pull Ground strike SOMETIMES.

But 1.3 is solely air dom… As I said, it was funny because we were testing this amongst ourselves, for a month, literally, because someone was talking about that instance.

And just because you haven’t noticed it, doesn’t mean there’s no logical or simple explanation.

There are other objectives in those matches, of which, as I mentioned is bases… Another is the attack aircraft and bombers that come through as well, and those, also count against tickets once taken out.

Your assumption of my statements and demenor is what I’m pointing out. Whilst I am directly doubting what you said, there is no reason to be like this…

But 1.3 is solely air dom

This is a lie. I have been flying 1.3 Air Arcade exclusively for almost 2 1/2 weeks. I am averaging almost exactly a 50/50 split between air domination and ground strike. See? You flew 1.7 and didn’t even get Ruhr and Korsun, which are the only two ground strike maps you’ll get at 1.3 br. Uh oh, your confirmation bias is showing.

There are other objectives in those matches, of which, as I mentioned is bases… Another is the attack aircraft and bombers that come through as well, and those, also count against tickets once taken out.

No, again, you are showing that you have no idea. Those things do not exist on these two maps.

And just because you haven’t noticed it, doesn’t mean there’s no logical or simple explanation.

I’m still waiting to hear exactly ONE logical or simple explanation from you. As you have already shown, you can only back up your opinion with lies or incorrect statements. Since you cannot, I have brought receipts… Here are my last 6 ground strike games at 1.3 br (which you say is impossible):

Korsun - 4:04 in duration
Korsun - 4:24 in duration
Korsun - 5:01 in duration
Korsun - 4:04 in duration
Ruhr - 4:10 in duration
Ruhr - 3:25 in duration!!

there is no reason to be like this…

Good sir/ma’am/other, your time in this forum thread has been an abject failure and a complete waste of time. My demeanor (as you referenced) has become that of a person dealing with an annoyance… you are a flea that won’t stop biting. Still, I offer you my apologies for hurting your feelings. I do truly hope that someday you learn to form/offer opinions based on facts and experience, instead of this mess you have displayed here.

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Absolutely is not. I could even prove it to you if I were actually wanting to be bothered with anything more to do with this…

Incorrect… All of these things do exist on these MODES… Map varies.

(Edit - And even though I just got an instant match with 1.3 into ground strike, the issue that I actually have with you is your absolute abuse, and being mad at even being confronted or even SLIGHTLY being questioned that you lay into me personally and abusively…

The gamemode isn’t broken, I really do think you don’t understand it, and that leads you to THINK that it’s broken, but it really isn’t…)

So, you proved yourself wrong. Congrats. Also, how many bombing targets and AI attackers did you have in your 1.3 match?

That’s absolutely a possibility, but everything you’ve said has been wrong so far. So, who knows?

I honestly didn’t know I was dealing with such a delicate flower. If you think this is abuse I honestly can’t help you. Go try some soy milk or yoga… might do the trick. I’ll await your next reply with bad information. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

So, every vehicle that gets killed, costs you tickets… Every player that is downed, costs you tickets…

There are 124+ vehicles on the field at the start, and 5600 tickets.

Each player downed is 100 tickets at least, and whatever the vehicles are costing is also having effect.

If players are just flying straight in and dying they WILL chew up the tickets, much the same as bombers hitting all those LIGHT vehicles…

Not all of them have to die, but the tickets are what drives the win and if I can drop a heap of vehicles in quick succession to win I will use them to finish the match.

It’s all about taking note of what’s about you.

I’ll have a bagel with my soy latte…

I get all of that. I know how tickets and the game mechanics work. I don’t need a lesson (not meant in a mean way, I’m just stating it isn’t necessary). They obviously made vehicles worth WAY more tickets in this update, thus ending games in 4-5 minutes. That’s all I was ever saying. Can I ask how long your 1.3 ground strike game lasted?

Honestly, all I was ever looking for with this topic is was points. People can comment and say they have seen the same thing. People can comment and say they have not. I just didn’t want you wasting my time with conjecture and misinformation. Now that we are obviously seeing the same thing, perhaps you can see the frustration with a 3:25 game? Maybe?

Vehicles are worth less in this mode, and I’m sure the flood of kills from player kills is literally whaty’s driving it.

The vehicles being knocked out in quick succession will take out a lot, especially as they are light and are easily toasted.

Your statement about the time it takes to nail a match, also depends on you loading in at the start, and you actually loading up fast enough to be in the match active before it’s over.

There’s a lot to put forth here compared to a blanket ‘broken’ assumption.

You almost want to search ‘broken’ on the forums here and wonder how many you actually think are accurate, or that they also don’t understand the game.

It’s a common thing to blame the game, proclaim it’s broken, then to deny anything that anyone has to say about how there could be things affecting it.

So, if I had say “frustrating that it now takes 3x as long to spade and research vehicles in this game mode,” instead of “broken,” you wouldn’t have minded so much? Fair enough. It’s not broken… just a very bad update for people who play low br air arcade.

Now let’s make up, shall we?

The issue is, that’s perception… You can wallow in the mire of losses and compound that by functioning less because you choose to think that you have to struggle more to get things unlocked, or you could actually win the matches, and do better, and unlock more.

And no.

Haha you just can’t help yourself! You are compelled to write me every day and share your “wisdom!” I thank you for it! But wait, I’ve actually won every single game of ground strike since this update. Hmm. Honestly, at this point I’m astonished at your stamina and ability to continue posting what is, in fact, mere ego-stroking attempts to make me look like I don’t have the facts on my side… but I do. While most people probably consider your constant barrage of untruths and useless information to be a cancer, I tend to see it as sad, pathetic attempts to hide your fragility and deep-seeded unimportance. It seems the only person wallowing in anything is you, and I’d cry for you if I could.

Oh, stop! You and I will be the best of friends! I have discovered that I can’t live without you. Your posts nourish me. Yes, this forum topic has completely gone off the rails, but still… I need you. I will continue to check in every day to see what you have for me. Please, don’t keep me waiting too long. xoxo

I converse on the forums, sorry if you can’t actually handle that and instead have to project and mock in desperation to avoid the points raised.

(Edit - The reason I won’t ‘accept’ your ‘make up’ prompt, is because it’s actually a bad-faith proposition, made to try and ‘agree’ on something, when your issue is your own, and nothing more.)