Arcade Ground Strike Broken

Hi buddy! I’m so glad you’re back!

Oh, I know. You have a compulsion to spread your… um… knowledge? That’s why you’re here, right?

Yes, I mock you. I’m literally mocking you. I’m glad you see it. If we’re keeping score, you have raised exactly, wait for it… zero points. It’s not like I have to avoid punches that are never thrown. So far all you have proven is that you make statements that aren’t true. But, hey, that’s just you doing you! Good for you!

Hey, good faith or bad faith, you complete me. Don’t keep me waiting too long for your next visit (you know you can’t stop yourself)!

It’s alright, we know it’s just because you can’t understand the game itself, and you have to ridicule anyone who even questioned if you were actually ignorant in that respect…

But that’s alright, you can laugh it up all you like, but it doesn’t make any difference to that fact… I merely questioned you, and you got all upset about it…

That’s how simple it is.

I didn’t call you names, didn’t throw any backhanded compliment nonsense, didn’t make fun of your inabilities or anything, but you did, and that is where I find you to be genuinely ignorant of the purpose of a forum, and asking questions.

I grow tired of players who are genuinely like this… Opposition and questioning isn’t a personal attack, so don’t take it like it is.

I get it, and I feel for you. Your superiority complex must weigh heavy. Us random internet fools should welcome your insights. It’s not like you can help it! You see a forum topic and YOU MUST comment and share your vast knowledge. Except… everything you said was wrong. Did you forget?

I ridicule you because I was right and you can’t let it go. This has become a game. A game where I remind you how wrong you were every day for the rest of our lives. I mock you, I tease you, I give you not-so-gentle reminders that you knew absolutely nothing about what you were saying… and still, you are compelled to show up here every day and play a victim. Are you a victim? No. Just a silly person who thinks they are smarter and better than everyone they see online.

Yes, yes, your superior abilities and intellect find me to be ignorant. My post wasn’t asking a question… it was pointing out how a recent update made a game mode worse to play. Remember? Of course not! You’re too busy a victim who doesn’t like it when someone points out that everything you said was wrong.

Does this post hurt your feels as well? I know it must, because you’ll be back. I know you will. I can’t wait to see you again! kiss kiss!

I really do think you need to actually settle down. I decided long back that I wasn’t going to help you as I have no requirement to.

The only reason I’ve kept it ‘civil’ is because of the fact that I don’t care to end up acted upon.

Big deal, I was mistaken… I didn’t lie as you put out.

I have notifications, and I respond. Again, big deal. Nothing to make a drama out of, but you’re keen on making it because you are that fixated on trying to get one up on someone who questioned you…

(Edit - Matter of fact, I just had a 3:30 match which you can check… It’s just taking out ground units and actually doing objectives/taking out planes.)

Ruhr and Korsun!
Now Broken is what my first reaction was, however its not broken, its simply not calculated correctly!
I can show you. Made a video -
Old match - 6800 tickets with 68 units
New maps - 5600 tickets with 128 units
Compare that to the old way.

They need to add 72 Points or 7,000 Tickets!
Easy Fixed it.
You can pay me in Golden Eagles.

Bruh!? Do you even Ruhr!?

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