Arcade Battle should be changed to pure tank battles


I support the idea. There’s a lot of bomber plane attacks. I get hit in 95% of matches, arcade mode. It’s insane. I have to stop everything and run away. It’s very boring, oftentimes I don’t even see the bomb coming, right in the middle of an attack or defense.

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It’s 2023, and I’ve been playing both arcade and reality lately, and the arcade queue time is much slower and the queue is smaller.

World of Tanks and Armored War has a large number of players who just like to play tank battles, so why can’t War Thunder make some small changes to please these groups.

The difference between WOTS and Armor Warfare is that they designed their games around that as the center’s main focus.

War Thunder started as planes. Tanks came later. Meaning their focus is on planes first and ground 2nd. ships 3rd. This means the maps for those 2 games were designed in mind to deal with the possibility of Spawn Camping and are also very arcady. Which plays into enlarging the maps to adjust for that. Hopefully, this explains it better since I don’t have all the answers I’m not Gaijin after all.

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The map is not a problem at all, you just don’t want to make changes, you think that the arcade with only tank battles is not fun, just play reality and go to it, the two modes let you choose, and it will not affect at all.

Dude maps are often the problem no matter what game mode it is.
Advance to the Rhine->Capture the C and hold the right side of the map road. Then you win.

Abandoned Factory: Capture the right side of the map and you pretty much win.

Frozen Pass: Capture the railroad tunnel.

Carpathians: Capture the castle and guard the right flank and you win the match.

You wanna keep arguing by all means. But you still haven’t given any counterarguments.

Almost all maps have some sort of sniper hill and if they don’t people make a sniper hill.

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Do you think the map is unfair, and what does it have to do with the fact that I want the arcade to cancel the plane?

Ground Arcade Battles has a “kill streak” mechanic where killing 3+ vehicles lets you spawn as a dive bomber / helicopter depending on BR, and 5+ as a bomber.

When spawning as the bomber players can spend “1” of their kill charges to spawn as a fighter (or helicopter if it’s against helicopters) which spawns behind said vehicle to intercept.

Actions in these vehicles don’t go towards research, it’s purely designed as a revenge bomb mechanic.

Coupling this with arcade’s UFO physics it makes for uninteresting unengaging gameplay.

CAS spawned this way is extremely encouraged to dive bomb straight for the nearest target they can find and pancake in to it at high speed so as to avoid the fighter behind them. This helps to discourage SPAA gameplay as spawning as a fighter is more effective. On top of that SPAA rewards are extremely reduced in Arcade Battles.

Overall it’s a tacked on mechanic of zero value to the game mode. Removing it would benefit the game twofold, it would improve the game mode itself and it would give people looking for a pure tank / tank game mode a mode to engage with.

I can’t see any legitimate counter points to enabling this.


This isn’t a legitimate excuse Air Battles are not “combined arms”.

If they wish to make true to their word and allow me to spawn as a SPAA in Air Realistic Battles then I would be inclined to value their statement.


Bombs in Arcade have a 5 to 6-second timer before they go boom. Realistic that is variable and adjustable and often we set it anywhere between 1->3 seconds. You also have a 30-second timer on your planes in Arcade, in RB it isn’t a thing. So you’re complaining over something so little it makes no sense. When the game itself purposely handicaps you when you spawn in a plane which often may not even happen since it likely will get cancelled. Bombers or any plane with a bomb is often shot down before it gets to the actual map.

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I don’t understand what you said, I played 9000 games in tank arcade mode, with a total win rate of 54%, I don’t need your guidance, I just want to play pure tank battles in War Mine, that’s what I think.

Figured that was the type of person I was speaking to. I don’t play arcade anymore but I find this just as amusing as I would with the RB side of the community.

Same argument, same people. different gamemode. You all want planes to magically go away, which fundamentally just means why at all take out any SPAA that no longer fulfills its purpose of self-propelled anti-air.

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My queue time is almost inexistent in Ground Arcade cause I play with 3 servers selected. You may have the wrong idea cause of this forum where most that post play Realistic, it was the same on the old forum and still is what happens in WT Reddit. Most Arcade players don’t care about the forums anymore since most changes to the game seem to be related to Realistic, but back in 2015 when I started playing and using the WT forum the Arcade section was pretty busy every day.

If you have the time you can do the same as that other guy and check all the replays to really say which game modes are the most played, without doing it you cannot say that Realistic has more players than Arcade based on just your own queue experience. One thing is for sure, in 2021 Ground Arcade was the most played game mode in War Thunder, and by far.

About the topic, Gaiijn won’t ever remove planes from Arcade or Realistic Ground Battles, as someone above said, for them this is a “combined arms” game. Then you would create other problems like what are you gonna kill with SPAAs? I know that many use them as a light or medium tank but their main role is to kill planes. If you haven’t noticed also, most of the new premium or event planes are CAS related, Gaijin sells them with Ground Battles in mind. Same goes for Helicopters, they are meant to be used in Ground Battles, not so much in Helicopter game mode.
So since I don’t believe that Gaijin will ever remove planes from any ground mode, I think what could be asked is for them to balance them against tanks, by making them much more expensive to use, to restrict some that are too OP(like B29s) or even to restrict them to certain loadouts. Among other things that make the CAS mechanic a pure manipulation of every match.


You’re ridiculous,You don’t play arcades anymore, so what are you arguing with me? My thoughts don’t affect you at all.

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Isn’t it funny that CASvocates debunk themselves?

Most of the time they go off when they impact, so you failed.

It is not 30s.

It is not “so little”. CAS spawns directly above the battlefield, so you don’t have to take off from the airfield and travel 10km!
You can just carpet bomb a part of the map, and you will get many kills. Even if you get a bomber with only 1-3 bombs, you can make all of them count.
Same goes for rockets.
Cannon only CAS can make multiple turns, and destroy multiple open tops.
But sure, “so little”…

The opposite is true. See my reasons above.

Maybe, tho since the trash kill mechanic with planes, they will still fly and be able to drop bombs even after they were “shot down”.

Let me answer this for you.

Bombs in arcade have a 5-6 second timer

First of all, planes in AGB don’t have a 5-6 second timer, the time varies between impact and 5 seconds (and the planes which have this long delay can be counted with one hand)

30-second timer on your plane
Wrong even here:planes have a 60-second timer,while helicopters have something between 80 and 100 seconds

Let’s talk how in Arcade,especially in the BR bracket of 7.0/8.7 you have jets with so many bombs that a single run can effectively turn the tide of the battle,while having no proper SPAA at that bracket to counter them easily (you can use an A-10 in a 8.0 match,i’m not kidding)
Or let’s talk how,once you hit 9.0,there’s the opposite problem: you can’t even spawn into a plane/heli that the enemy Strela (and i assure you that there’s always a Strela) will obliterate you (spawning at 3-4 kms from the map is not ideal)
And if you don’t have a Strela or other SAM systems?you’re screwed,simple. I wasted a belt of my M247 against a Mi-28N that spawned behind my spawn and didn’t hit him a single time,while he calmly launched an ATGM at me, vaporizing me

i have 4542 Arcade battles completed (and still counting),and CAS here is a worse problem that it is on GRB,i can assure you

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Ah yes. Top tier… look Top tier in AB, RB is hell. If you think you have it bad. Imagine the entire enemy team being large payloads of bombs. In RB, rinse and repeat. I get the 1 minute is bad. But it’s so much worse in RB. The top Tier I’m speaking from that is.

I by no means do not disagree with many of the points you have stated however I do not believe that sentiment. RB is a lot more of a hell compared, but not by much.

Ah yes, when CASvocates are so butthurt that they start mass flagging an argument they can’t argue against… What a shocking thing!

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