Arcade Battle should be changed to pure tank battles

Arcade Battle should be changed to pure tank battles,There were no planes, no helicopters, only tanks fighting each other。

Sounds like a good compromise for people advocating for a tank only game mode. +1


If I want to play pure tank battles, I can play Arcade. If I want to play air defense vehicles and planes, I can play Realistic.

Thread #1373 for the same thing.

Still no.


Not everyone likes to play with airplanes, and although I also fly planes from many countries, I still prefer to play pure tank battles.

There aren’t many people who play arcade now,Either novices,Or like to play this mode.Those who like to play this mode should like pure tank battles,Because you want to play airplanes are going to play realistic mode.Please Gajin make changes.

You don’t get to tell me what I have to like, so sod off!


If you like to play tank vs plane battles, why not play the realistic mode, where you can choose the plane you want to play to participate in the battle.

In case it is not clear…players have been asking for this since i remember…in Arcade and Realistic.
Official response (by devs in devblog) is that this is a “Combined Arms” game and will remain so.
There is a very big discussion, on Realistic…and some posts in arcade also…you can look them up and add your opinion…

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I only ask to change the arcade mode, the number of players playing the arcade mode is small, it is possible to make changes, and there are still a lot of players who just want to play tank battles.

Oh really? Then how can Air players have their own game mode, where you can ONLY play planes?

Or what about the other claims Gaijin made, like no rank 5 premium jets?
Or no guided missiles?

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Or, just introduce a second mode, so there is both Arcade And realistic, with CAS and without CAS. So everyone can be happy.

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Because the question is related to “tank” battles, not to “air” battles.

And it was at a time when Rank V was the top rank - and there are still no top rank premium vehicles!

Stop living 7 years in the past!

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Read it once again. he said, it is a combined arms game

Mate. When Gaijin makes a claim it is either 2 ways.
No rank 5 premium jets means->At the current moment. It doesn’t mean for eternity. It’s simply a language barrier translation failure. I can’t blame anyone who did translate it.
Something they need to fix.

Another thing please tell me how people would win a battle in “Please spawn camp me now” gamemode.

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I Quote: “Nope, there will never be any tier 5 premium vehicles”.

Added later, quoting again: “And there is a big and important reason for it: We don’t want our players to buy their way to the top”.

Nice try, but you have failed.

Over 90% of the time i get spawncamped is by CAS.
And how would i win a game? i win games, by using this thing, that CAS players lack: It is called “skill” and “game knowlegde”.

You obviously have a LOT to improve in the game, and i am not saying this as an insult, but as an advice.
But if you just use CAS, then you will learn nothing, and you will still be bad with tanks.

CAS is in the game for bad players to archieve something. This is the same logic as Wargaming uses in WoT with arty, or in WoWs with aircraft carriers, or Armored Warfare with arty.
They give bad players a blatantly OP, and completly unfair game mechanic, so they can get easy kill without them having to lean to play with the respective mode’s main vehicles.

Yes, spawn camping is an issue, but CAS not only does not solve it, it just makes it worse. Way worse.

Oh yes, I failed. Wait I didn’t cause rank 5 premium jets are in the game. So your counterclaim is invalidated. Which was done years after that was made. Another thing I didn’t insult but you want to twist my words into assumptions of the sorts. Now excuse my French since I know the Staff doesn’t like vulgar language so I’ll be tame about it.

You making a claim a no CAS gamemode would be beneficial doesn’t change the fact it isn’t.
A no CAS gamemode means spawn camping galore. Since all I have to do is hold sniper hill, hold the flanking routes. Hold anything of Key importance and your team loses.

Or have the enemy team pop in a plane bomb the living shit out of us and dwindle our numbers to the extent that we no longer are competitive enough to go on neither an offensive rush nor a defense fight.

But give or take you’re just gonna say something along the lines of “wrong answer” and “this is a fallacy”. So I won’t bother arguing. But I will leave my comment as it stands for those who end up reading it.

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Ground Arcade is the most played game mode, with Air Arcade just behind.

In 2021 someone took the time to check it:

I doubt that it changed that much since.