Apache AH MK1 Without spawnable Starstreaks at the round start is useless

The recent changes to the British apache have relegated it to one of the worst helicopters in the game. The only standout features was the AAM’s however that’s now been removed. It really wasn’t an issue in the first place and you’d rarely be killed on start.

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Pretty sure they didnt remove them.

They increased the cost of spawning with starstreaks so you can’t first spawn them IIRC.

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Wow you have to play a tank, earn points in a tank, in a ground forces based mode…crazy.


That is what i figured.

Dude is upset that he cant first spawn a heli with quasi-atgms



I mean, its still the same as every other apache, they all handle the same , what did u expect

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If it wasn’t an issue and you would rarely get killed by it at mission start, how did it become useless now ?


Meanwhile Chinese slinger TY-90 leaves untouched
well maybe because AH-MK1 aren’t Premium and Aren’t Chinese
I ever said I’m fine about spawn point of starstreak increases if Chinese TY-90 Slinger get this treatment too
but it’s not


If you can prove that the ty-90 can destroy ground targets, then they can get additional sp costs too


And how it must protect itself from other helicopters?

get spawn points with an actual loadout that includes Air to ground and Air to Air?
like every other chopper?
you seem to think that you are entitled to the starstreaks and having them as air-air + air-ground munitions and seem to neglect that you can still have them just like normal loadouts


because starstreak carrier like AH MK1 are the only counter to first spawn TY-90 too if you’re not notice
without it those Chinese with TY-90 slinger are leave without counter
ring any bell yet?

How is TY-90 relevant even? You can spawn it first sure, but then you can spawn Tiger with Mistrals, Apache with Stingers or Viper with 9M at beggining too. And no,you cant camp helipad or airspawn,cause you are visible in about 8km range around it. And unlike Starstreaks, none of these missles can be used to kill tanks at beggining of match.


once again. prove that the ty-90 can destroy ground vehicles and then they can get additional sp cost too


I am super convinced that the TY-90 has been severely nerfed since its introduction. Sure, it is still one of the strongest helicopter anti-aircraft missiles available, but anyone who claims it is “unflareable” or “sure-kill” needs to work on their skills.

As others have stated, if first-spawned helicopters carrying TY-90 are capable of destroying ground vehicles, I am fully supportive of its increased spawn point cost. If not, the answer is no.


It’s not.

The most relevant comparison is APKWS and they had increased spawncosts despite Starstreaks being far better in every way.

It’s Ground RB, I wouldn’t expect much from the Pilots here. TY-90s also use the same Flare Rejection/IRCCM as all other Helicopter missiles (other than AIM-9M).

And starstreak got nerf even more
Speed handling penetration to the point that unable to use against aircraft care to talk about that? Now get increases point

Oh great now every nation can spawn heli first spawn except Britain because it air to air missile are starstreak seem fair right?
Right seem helicopter that you see in like one in twenty match are so much problem than Russia heli rush that can be found it every match lol

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If you’re that desperate for 1st spawn AA Heli then use the Lynx.

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Not effective as anti Russian heli like starstreak
Stinger? Can’t even lock KA52 at close range can stinger can kill KA52 from like 6 kilometers aways? You tell me