Apache AH MK1 Without spawnable Starstreaks at the round start is useless

The British Apache needs to be given ATAS, ASAP. Its stupid its been so severly handicapped in this way. Though Im hoping it does mean we can get Starstreaks Anti-tank abilities buffed, They were severly nerfed to make them nearly unusable in an anti-tank role compared to IRL.


Maybe my Karma in the past that pissing of Russian heli kids with AH-MK1 finally catch me up hah (well i knew long ago this sht would happen one day actually)

Yeah, I think that is actually the bigger part of why it got nerfed. The Apache with Starstreaks was the ultimate and only 100% effective counter to the Ka-50/52 first spawn rush. What they should have done is not touch the SP cost of the Starstreak and instead just increase the SP cost of all helis so no one could first spawn rush with them. I’ve seen 10x the kills from a Ka-52 with rockets pods than I’ve seen with Starstreaks firing from an apache.


You can still first spawn it. You just cant first spawn it with guided anti-ground capable secondaries. Same standard as all other nations.

Yeah. They really should make all aircraft not abke to be first spawned. Maybe still have starstreaks with a small sp cost.

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I once got killed 3 times in a row by it because all I had to bring out were light vehicles, AT THE START OF A MATCH.

oh no poor little britain players, now they have same capabilities as everyone else


It is still the best A2A IR missile in the game, but it has been nerfed a lot, and you can semi reliably dodge it now, though it will sometimes just dont care and hit you but that’s ok

You can first spawn the LYNX with stingers

Yes, it’s a shame it had come to this, especially because I have only ever been the first AH Mk.1 on my team at one time, despite multiple players every 2-3 matches heli rushing with Kamovs and usually getting more kills than me (in a short period of time anyway) but ig having 4 mediocre SACLOS missiles at the start of a match is just vastly overpowered and desperately needed to go over some of the other issues plaguing balance in GRB.

Oh and considering the only Lynx variants we get only carry 4 stingers, optional gun and virtually no defensive suite outside of a nice RWR and some countermeasures. Sure you can make it work at top tier but the role of a top tier helicopter (especially in a tree like Britain, where there is a 1.3 BR gap between the previous heli) should be, to some degree multirole and disallowing any AAM at the start of a match is a slight kick in the balls.

The problem with the Starstreaks was that players used them as ATGMs early in the match and picked off soft targets.
The TY-90 can’t do that iirc.

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It wasn’t fair to allow it to use starstreaks at the start. You simply have to deal with it.


Stop trying to defend your bias. It isn’t fair for helis to have long range ATGMs on first spawn.


Cute that we are trying to condemn Starstreaks when Russia can spawn a KA-50 with 80 S-8K0 and destroy a teams first wave…

Starscreams are memes and are mid at everything except hitting helicopters/IFVs Give Western helis accurate CRV-7 rockets (not hydra copy and paste) with the various payload options.

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Yes, the ka50 can first spawn with unguided rockets. Same as every heli that can carry unguided rockets.


Cute we’re trying to compare 8Km atgms to dumb rockets.

Also should not happen but this isn’t a contest. Remove both. Still takes more skill to use the S-8KO rush than the starstreak first spawn btw. By a LOT at that.

It is simply not reasonable to spawn a helicopter first second of the match that can kill multiple light vehicles in 1 minute without even being in DANGER lmao.

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8km is a push its more like 5km they are also not classified as ATGMs its a kinetic missile system. They cannot destroy tanks.

It really doesnt and they get more kills, but those 4 starstreaks carried by an AH-1 must be so triggering to you.

5km is still ridiculous… compare that to every single other heli’s max engagement range on first spawn.

no shit but how are they being used?

They 100% destroy light vehicles. They cannot destroy MBTs. There are A LOT OF LIGHT VEHICLES AT ITS BR.

Keep pretending its ok to kill 4 light vehicles in 1 minute of spawning lol. Enjoy the nerf!

Like I said you moron lmao, I also advocate for removing first spawn helis in general. They don’t need to nerf starstreak SP if they just raise base heli SP for all helis to remove first spawn capablity.

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Yet Hydras, CRV-7 are not as good as the first spawn rocket carried by the Russian helos.

They have half the pen and less explosive mass. First spawn helis should be removed from the game.


lmao I have never even died to these once. UK players don’t exist. That said, rarity doesn’t excuse imbalance. Stop crying because your poor apache can’t spawncamp in the first minute from 5km out lmao.You’ll have to learn how to fly helis like the rest of us.

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