Anti-Tank Landmines

Anti-Tank Landmines.

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I would like to start a discussion on adding Anti-Tank Landmines to the game for all nations via one simple means. As not all nations use Landmine Laying Vehicles [Those would most likely be premium vehicles if added].

I would suggest that all Armoured Fighting Vehicles that have troop carrying capabilities [Such as IFV’s] be able to plant one small patch of Anti-tank Landmines, of which can be reloaded only one time via a cap point [This would prevent mine spam but give a reason for players in these vehicles to go cap objectives].

Now you may think that I haven’t put much thought into this and it would be OP if added, but I think you’d be wrong. In fact I think it would enrich the gameplay of Ground Forces. For example, players that are skillful at charging around the map and killing players at the same time, will be a bit more cautious when approaching enemies. Because they never know whether or not their enemy has placed a minefield to cut off their advance.

As for counter-measures against minefields of Anti-Tank Mines, we already have one in game. Adding this feature will give another use for the Bulldozer Blades that tanks have, making them more than just a rarely used trivial gimmick.

Another good reason for adding them is it would open up a whole new range of vehicles and features to the games, especially at the lower tiers with WW2 APC’s [which couldn’t be added before] and Tanks with anti-mine equipment/attactments.

So, thoughts?


This would definitely need larger, and more progression maps to make this an actual threat, not just a hassle.

(Edit - Like the staged event ‘assault’ map where one team defended and another pushed through the cycle of caps to get all the way to the backline)


I don’t think this is a good idea. Keeping an eye out for the enemy amongst the map clutter is already a task in itself, having to look out for a speck on the ground at the same time just makes it a chore. This would be an utter pain for city maps, especially ones with narrow roads that already faces congestion from a pile up of wreaks.


lol i want my tornado dispensers and fly over the map and create a whole minefield that will last for 3-4minutes xD


+1 on larger maps like ardennes it could be used to deter certain spawn camper routes

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No thanks. That would require with the hope that someone on your team is actually equipped with one of these devices, and is actually going to do some anti mine work. We know that unless your in a squad, counting on the random average WT players to actually assist the team would be asking a lot.

My other issue is that the enemy could block off certain routes out of your spawn (ie: Carpathains map). With Gaijin’s record of making maps that sometimes have limited routes from the spawn, it might just make you even more susceptible to being spawn camped, as someone tries to to clear the mines and/or wrecks blocking the exits.


I’d agree to have these in-game but only at spawns

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Bulldozer blades are much less useful against mines than purpose built mechanisms such as rollers, flails or ploughs

An awful idea outside of any sort of properly designed defence/assault scenartios.


Or instead of placeable mines make it known mines that only effect enemy units encroaching the spawn point so they cant actually sit inside the area


I like this idea, tho I have some concerns.

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No definitely not

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Yes, Only because MW-1 / JP233 would be a hilarious tool to have for the Tornado IDS. As for IFV deployment, I dont see why not. Would probably be marked like mines are in Naval and they are extremely easy to evade in a battleship, imagine a tiny tank that can stop on a dime

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I agree with the Idea of AT landmines being marked. I should have included that I my suggestion.

landmines would be cool for tank destroyers which are the weakest class in my opinion

Knowing Gaijin, what they add to War Thunder is based on what was intended for war and whether or not it was able to destroy other vehicles. This is one of these things, I was just bring attention to it because no one else was and these would be at some point in WT’s development they would be added. Sorry if it upsets you.

It’s not that I’m upset but I just don’t see any good reason to implement the mines. Yes, Gaijin sometimes add things because it’s an aspect of a battlefield (most infamous recent case would be the attack drones), but I still have to raise a counterpoint for the sake of gameplay balance/enjoyment.

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I’ve had a think about this and this my solution. If Gaijin made the Bulldozer Blade a Rank 1 modification, while Vehicles with the AT Mines modification would AT mines unlocked at Rank 4 (Much like in Naval).

I do agree, but there are Gamemodes on some maps where the Objective is right in the Spawn radar area and sometimes you need to go through the enemy spawn to get to it.

I would like to point out that I alluded to those systems. I also learned of their effectiveness on the battlefield via this Youtube video.

If the landmines would to adding, i think the AT-landmines would be same work how by the battle of ships. It’s rare in the battle of ships, that any ship drive in. In the battle with u-boots was the mines still working fine.
But all this is with water and ships are hard to counter.

But the problem is how you want to manage it?

You still see the landmines marked at 10 metres lower or higher? Or you still see landmines only by a scout vehicle.

The next problem is, that the players have a next scare. You still need already to watch the air, ambush and the rushing of enemies.

In a cooperative map (player vs. KI) it could be adding. There would nobody have any problems.