Another Brake of the game R-77 vs AIM-120 most failer update. Blalance missing

So the Yak-141, F-4E, F-15A, F-16A ADF, SU-7BMK just don’t exist

Riiiight, doesn’t look that way from outside your own mind. Just looks like you want better weapons for your own planes while leaving everyone else out to dry.

Yak-141 - R-27ER carrier - Not bad - You put in quite a few games with this.

F-4E - pretty amazing overall aircraft at 11.0 - Not bad - Your 11th most played aircraft

F-15A - the 12.3 missile bus that should have been 12.7 instead of 12.3, also was best plane for BVR for US with 4 Aim7Ms and an all aspect PD radar along with Aim9Ms - Not bad - Your 12th most played aircraft.

F-16ADF only F-16 variant to carry Aim7Ms at time of release, amazing dogfighter with Aim9Ls and then given BVR capability - Not bad - Your 13th most played aircraft.

SU-7BMK - 2nd fastest 9.3 that should outrun every other strike aircraft around it’s BR except for a few in uptiers - Not bad - You grinded almost 800k rp with this.

Your top 10 are full of OP planes from the past and present. F-5C, A-10A Early, F-14A, Mig-23ML, F-14B, Yak-141, Su-7BMK, Mig-29SMT, Mig-29, and Su-27.

You can stop acting like you’ve played aircraft that are bad anytime you’d like. You have mostly played pretty great aircraft or an aircraft with the most broken weaponry the entire time.

This is not true, the information above is proof of it. The vast majority of your games are in the aircraft listed above.

This is one of the few things you said that is correct. You are not a good advocate for balance. You can’t advocate against something that you exploit, because that is called being hypocrisy. It also deminishes your credability in a discussion. Your opinion on balance is not to be trusted because you will exploit (your words) any imbalances that exist, and you are currently pushing for Russia (and Russia only) to get an upgrade to their ARH missiles because they aren’t the best in game.

As fun as this has been, I will be taking my leave from this thread. Enjoy being a hypocrite and exploiting (your words) only the most powerful aircraft while also crying “but it’s not balanced”.

There is a good view here

I guess the other 78 are mostly ground vehicles, that you research by stumbling around in the XM-1s and Click-Bait?

When playing F15 or Grippen I get more frags per battle than in Mig or Su27. The R77 lags behind when it comes to performance.

Russian radar doesn’t help either, in HMD mode it has a shorter range, 10 km flying at the speed of sound is not enough in most cases. 20km in NATO works much better.


The most failer update is 2.25 !

Because soviets didnt get best missile?


imma just put this here and yes ik stat cards arent everything but still

i grabbed this from Wikipedia so may not be all correct but imma just put it here as comparison
Screenshot 2024-07-03 123853

Wikipedia isnt a correct source

thats what i said

Just dont grab ir next time

it was easy comparable source even if it is wrong its still a spit ball

but thats not what im getting at the r-27 is still even with or better then the 120 and they had it longer lol

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R77 is f*king garbage…



You have not played with r77 at all, so keep your moronic comment to yourself. Thank you


Does that matter, to say “cry”? I dont think so.

I have played with R77 so I can tell you to cry the same


Whats your problem? Lack of attention?