Another Brake of the game R-77 vs AIM-120 most failer update. Blalance missing

With the latest update, we are witnessing another imbalance in the game. I don’t understand this favoring of certain vehicles, equipment, etc., by Gaijin. I’ve witnessed imbalance in the game before, and when I say another, I mean (R-60M versus AIM-9L, R-27ER versus AIM-7M). Now, however, the imbalance is much heavier since the new missiles are fire-and-forget. The way the R-77 works makes it impossible to hit a target at a distance greater than 20 km. It’s very simple for the opposing pilot: the moment they get a warning, they just make one turn, and the R-77 goes to oblivion. In contrast, with the AIM-120, things are not the same. At a distance of over 30 kilometers and at an altitude above 8000 meters, one turn is not enough to avoid it.


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So what are the R-77s pros?

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Very good tracking, high G load to turn sharp. I find it quick to lock. I think it is stronger against notch/chaff also than AMRAAM.
Cons : High drag.


What is the meta right now regarding ARH? Are people using them at long range or shorter ranges like sparrows?


Use them under 20km. I do, and got no issue. Adapt your style, learn from your matches. Try something 5/10 times to get more data. Then change, try another approach 5/10 times, until you find something that works for the combo plane/missile.

I have found a style, which makes me dangerous for the enemy. I am not gonna display it online but I did what I told you to find it.
Btw, if you launch a missile over 30km, expect your missile to fail. All of them are unreliable at longer range.
If you take off, climb launch all fox3 then come back to AF, you are the problem not the missile.


I would sorta agree that R77 is definitely not the worst.
It is somewhere in between MICA and Aim120 in terms of capability, definitely stronger off boresight shot than Aim120A


Ok you are best pro player in the world in that game. You dont have a skill issue for sure. Make a test range and tell me how many times you are kill a enemy on range bigger then 20km even 18km with R-77 and what is the result with AIM-120. For your info i have both missles and i can see the differance. AIM-120 can do their jobs on thistance bigger then 30km R-77 CANT!!! And because of that you cant Fly on hight altitude with USSR jets!!! For sure if we are spoke about the range even Phoenix are bettar missles.


what do Russia need to able to do anything better than other? if you think R-77 is bad try R-darter lol


There is no way you take this that seriously


Dead honest after trying the PL-12 its also up there. The missile seems really good i’ve tried launches at 25/30Km and the thing hits reliably, its just that atm it is a niche missile since we don’t have more modern Chinese fighters in game.

Cant tell,dont have J-8F so dunno. I only posses MICA,AMRAAM and R-Darter slingers,with possible R-77 if i spade SMT.

Its alright, but yeah i can pretty much vouch for the performance of the missile since i’ve played it a decent amount since the update dropped.

But overall the PL-12 feels much closer to what an AMRAAM is. The R77 and MICA are prolly more inclined to less range but better pull.

And so far i think AMRAAM have best range while MICA is much better close range and its range is kinda limited with how wobbly it is.

Yeah i would say PL-12 and AMRAAM for range. No idea about the R-darter, if it is a copy or not and if its good or not.

The fact is i would prefer range since AMRAAMs and PL-12s perform well in close range too…

R-Darter had issue of lofting too much and then missing target on descend,but that was on dev,havent played with it on live yet


Any pull above 20°s lateral is worthless for range

Max overload isn’t a real stat both the AMRAAM and R-77 sit around the 30g area regardless of max

R-77 has a worse seeker