An easy way to stop losing players

I am somewhere between a dolphin and an orca in terms of spending on this game. I shudder to think the hundreds I’ve spent over the last few months of playing. I’m going to stop playing soon. Why? Because 90% of my games in the 5.7 to 7 range are full up tiers. I am sick of having games against players with literally 10 thousand more games than me in a tank that I can’t hurt and all they have to do is hit me. (This is to say nothing of your stubborn refusal to set up an Australian server so I have to play on the US server at 280 ping. The Asian server has Chinese hackers in literally every game.)

I find games consistently in less than 10 seconds. I would happily wait for a bit longer to have games at my BR. Alternatively, as many others have said, 1.0 BR range is too much; lower it to 0.7?

This stubbornness and ineptitude from yourselves, Gaijin, is literally going to cost you players - and money. The thing that really annoys me is how easy it would be to solve, have matches only at your BR, or limit the range.


Completely agree with you mate, this must be done. I’d be willing to wait more than having unbalanced and unenjoying battles.


I’m in New Zealand. I get 160 ping on the SA server, it’s different depending on my ISP.

Don’t think you can’t win because of ping. I play at rank III and perform rather well. You just need good team mates, different vehicle trees and presets, and perhaps some expert level crews. Sometimes the game is down to luck, based on what your vehicle is vs what you’re up against.

I can team up with you if you like. I’ve got some 5.0 and 6.3 vehicles.

I am a Kiwi also, but live in Central Australia. Ping to USA is 280, 200ish to Asia, - but I only play on US. I find there is better teamwork and fewer hackers.

Yeah, sometimes I’m like “yeah, I died there because of ping” but usually it doesn’t make too much difference. I tend to avoid close quarter fighting because I know I’m at a disadvantage with ping.

I do perform pretty well too. I’d usually get at least 1 or 2 first places in a gaming session.

I think the original post wasn’t about ping, it was about always getting uptiered. The argument in favor of the uptier is reducing wait times. The real reason is Gaijin not wanting to invest in server resources. OK, so they want to squeeze the nickel until the buffalo squirts, fine we will wait longer to have a FAIR game we can enjoy. Of course getting more servers to reduce wait times, including for isolating Chinese hackers (instead of just banning them ?) would be better.

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@xLORD_ZAPx I don’t know how it works, regarding wait times, server resources etc. Anyway they definitely won’t have an Australian server, ever. The waiting times would be really bad, and you’d see the same players in every match.

The uptiering is brutal, but it’s made much worse by 8 year old players who keep making the same mistake each time they respawn. Plus the fact that people don’t work together, they just do their own thing, trying to get the highest KD ratio.

True, the work around is to join a clan, which BTW you should check out ours —> =UVG=
CORRECTION KIWIS 👀 are welcome😁

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I guess the uptier is related with your skill and lineup. When I put only 1 prem in my lineup I easily got full downtier. And there are way too many times I see some 5-level wallet warrior gets downtier.

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I don’t want to be conspiracy but,
Sad fact: Actually there are not that many Chinese player here. When Russian players hack, they intend to pretend as Chinese because of the stereotype. But this is Russian game so you know :(

Lucky for you, some do.
If not you would not have been able to play your ~2000 matches.


Well, let’s not knock the peeps who pay the bills, “Wallet Warriors” gud-bless-em pick up the tab for the freeloaders and cheapskates who don’t. Ironically the freeloaders refer to the supporting players who buy stuff as “entitled”. Somehow I think it’s the other way around … ?


For one thing FTP players provide the “content” (targets to shoot at).
The other is that WT isn’t a good enough game to justify paying for IMO. The models are great, but the code behind them is junk and the way Gaijin runs it is absolutely toxic.

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Given the matchmaking and the absolute crush matches it doesn’t really seem like a game worth investing in. I don’t really mind losing or getting killed, but roughly 49 out of 50 matches is me getting killed by tanks a BR higher than my best tank or getting killed by an undefeatable Russian tank.

Fully agree with you. I also 100% believe there is some kind of skill based matchmaking. My experience having been playing the air modes quite a lot for the past couple of months. If you have a good game or two I guarantee your uptiers increase and the skill level of the people you face becomes really much harder for a while. Then after a few bad games it suddenly gives you slight uptier or bad pilots to face who really act like bots half the time.

100% fellow aussie here. Fully agree with what you’ve said even though I primarily play air arcade and air realistic. same issues with BR, ping and our ‘asian’ friends in the air.

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You have here a long discussion on the subject, where it is explained how the MM works.

If you don’t want to waste too much time, the main defense of how it works now is:

Reduce the ± BR would get more queue times, you would face less variety of tanks and due to its system the -+0,7 would be asymmetric.

My opinion is that you should try to create more games of the same BR without removing the ±1. I understand your frustration… but I come from WOT and it’s the same thing, at the end you live with them.

A Rerun Evet or more or old Reward Vehicles, including previously/currently untradeable ones like Ka-Chi, T55E1, Toldi, E.B.R 1954 etc.

As well as relaxing the stance on historical accurracy a little bit, atlease for vehicles that had been in the game already like Panther II, Flakpanzer 341 and Tiger II 10.5, and that are still in the game like R2Y2’s, Ho-Ri’s, Ostwind II etc.


I’m gonna say it:

Warthunder is not a tank [vehicle] fighting game. It’s a tank [vehicle] collection game. It’s combat part is ancillary to advancing in the tech tree and unlocking new vehicles. In other words: it’s Pokémon, but with tanks [military vehicles] instead of cute monsters. Gaijin has committed to this format and will add as much shit as possible, regardless of how useless and difficult to balance it will be.[/spoiler]

How do I make proper spoilers here, I see no option

Allow all players to collect and use the vehicles they want, maybe add monetary options as well, and there will be a greater incentive to stick around and wait for another collection chance.

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Is that Peter Griffin in a Hawaii Shirt xD

I read that when i first started playing. nevertheless my experience in-game says otherwise. call it whatever you want.

Pretty much.
Gaijin doesn’t make money off playing the game, in fact its a cost in maintaining the game servers.
It makes money with the “casino model” it gets you in the door with the free drinks and shiny flashy and then tries its best to get you to spend money by rigging the game.

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