AMX attacker is too OP

Unh I see but surprised gaijin mentioned, and Air-to-Air & Air-to-Ground armament on AMX ACOL very different from AMX Ghibli

The most overpowered thing is it is Italian, where if someone made it to top tier is a feat already. Yes the TAF exists however, but yea.
Never found a plane that can babysit my sucass skill into 9 KD

Stop being stupid, you have only 9 games in AMX, 18 kills and 2 deaths. Shows nothing

Look how I am doing badly in other planes. It shows the plane is very forgiving to play with.

Most planes with GBU’s are forgiving to play when not countered by enemey

That’s pretty ironic for this topic:

No top gear, but AMX is deadly.

It is nothing special, but it strikes the balance between weaponry and airframe. Subsonic with incredible AOA potentials but rapidly bleeds energy, decent engine, stable aim, a decent payload allowing for some limited flexibility, AIM9L, up to 6 paveways. I guess that is its edge, it is not as fast as a jaguar nor does it have the wide variety of choice like a TRAM, but if we invert these comparisons, it is more manuverable than the TRAM and has a wider variety of loadout except for AGMs.
The TGTP not being able to lock on is a bug though, assuming it gets fixed.

That is only evidence that it fits your playstyle. Just as Sea Vixen fits my playstyle.
F-5C will still clown on the AMX, as well Mig-21, Jag GR1A, etc.

It’s A-11B in the Italian localization which is made by Italian consultant iirc, in Russian and English it’s just AMX Ghibli though

you trippin

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So AMX in Italy tech tree gaijin implemented 2 or 3 day ago it’s A-11B but not A-11A ?

Screenshot 2023-12-18 135755

lol i knew someone was going to complain on a plane that is a mid-ground between the A-10 and Su-25

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Amazing that Italy finally got a properly tiered jet and some people are losing it.

I use the A-10 early and late in airRB exclusively and the things perform amazingly.

Let Italy have a 10.3 strike aircraft for their already lacking 10.3 lineup.


As much I like to play 10.3, I will have to admit that the only thing lacking is a good AA.

i dont know about you but, i feel like CAS for italy at 10.3 is also lacking for planes. I feel like a subsonic flareless fighter with no smart weapons and a dream isnt really ideal.

That is what the AMX is for, which it should stay at.

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People who complain about the amx are fucking retarded. It’s far from op with only 2 9ls and against my better judgment it should remain the same br as the a10 lot. My sea harrier at 10.7 with a worse flight model than the a10 as doing a 180 makes you drop out the sky is stuck facing 11.7s and no sub sonic should face that shit.


Looks like you’re not grinding the Italian TT
The speed and energy of the AMX were not much better than those of the A-6E
Not to be compared to the Super Etendard or Jaguar, the AMX’s performance is even worse than that of the regular Etendard or the Q5L of the 9.7, and it is only characterized by better agility compared to the A-6E.
The A-6E can have up to 9 LGBs, the Jaguar has faster speeds, the GR1A can use 4 big LGBs, and the French A can mount the highly efficient AS30L. Although AMX has 6 LGB, but his speed is too slow, the efficiency is not very high, at 10.3 can fill the CAS demand of the Italian mains, you ask AMX to move to 10.7 is ridiculous, because there are no vehicles for Italians to use.
The Italian mains has had enough of all kinds of torture, and 10.3 is the last home.
And you want to destroy them? Destroying each other makes you very happy?


AMX’s performance is really not it. If a fighter with 2 brain cells turned on wants to kill it, they will succeed. Low-speed turn is a brick and at this point 2 9Ls at 10.3 is a reasonable loadout, especially for a subsonic.

What’s the problem?

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clearly someone who doesn’t even fly it or is too dumb to remember how to fight a subsonic attacker in a fighter