Am I playing on the wrong server?


so I have this weird bug in my game. Every time I join a game I see people with Chinese/Japanese/russian symbols. I double checked and the only server I play on is EU.

Is it normal that people with these nicknames play on the EU server? Don’t they have their own servers?

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Technically there’s the CIS and SA servers, but most people just have autoselect server on, so they get matched into whichever server the system chooses. I live in the UK, but it’s not uncommon for me to get matched into the CIS or NA servers. Also the SA server can’t be chosen directly, so those in Asia are sort of forced to use autoselect. And of course there’s a fair chance those people are expats or just using foreign language symbols to look cool.


You also cannot select the SA server directly

Why not? Don’t they have higher ping when playing on an EU server instead of an SA server? Are they doing it on purpose?

I’m just using symbols in a foreign language to look cool.

I asked 6 of them why they don’t play on their own server in English and only 1 replied that he uses these symbols for a nickname… the rest replied to me in Chinese/Japanese.

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Who cares which name someone uses in which language/character?
But of course it’s not in the spirit of a team-based game if the teams can’t communicate with each other. This is where Gaijin fails miserably if they can’t sort out different languages.


For at least the last week, the SA server has been horrible. Most matches will have 20-80% of player take an extra 10-30sec to load into the match.

Had an air rb match the other day where my team lost 95% of our tickets because my whole team was stuck loading but they had 2 guys that loaded. The game then started the auto ticket bleed because my team had “no players left”.


This. This is exactly what I don’t understand about this game.

So they need to fix the servers so people will keep playing on their own region I guess.

Would certainly help. The SA server is known for having issues.

The US server is also known for having “bad players” so many might go play on it for easy kills.

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Im in uk and play on every server, cant always get a game on certain servers at certain times

Very true. I cant play naval rb on the SA server. I need to uncheck SA and check all the others to get a match.

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Do you have problem with high ping then? Or is it better?

Gaijin deleted the option to explicitly select the SA server around November last year. No one really knows why they did this. I’m seeing some people say they do play on SA, so I’m not sure if they returned the option for some players, but at least on my side I’m not seeing a SA checkbox.


On the non-SA servers? Yeah, the ping is high but it doesnt affect naval battles too much due to the pace of it. For ground and air, it isnt very good gameplay with the lvl of ping

Yeah. I cant check any other servers unless i un-check SA

In ground battles most of the chat is Russian, albeit that’s not too bad because players will actually use the chat once in 10 games at best.
But in air battles people talk a lot and always in English.
I have EU and NA selected. I just don’t understand what’s going on and why Russians would be put in EU matches when logically there should be much lower ping on the RU server.

Is it actually russian or is it cyrillic?

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For that particular example, RU players may get lower ping from other servers as Russia is quite a wide country, and it would depend on where the CIS servers are located. i.e. A lot of Russia is close to EU countries, so the EU servers may be closer in ping. Also, the SA servers are (last I knew at least) located in Japan, and a lot of Russia is close to Japan, so they may be closer in ping to an SA server then they are to a CIS server (edit: or even NA servers if they’re in the eastern regions of Russia)

Even if the CIS servers are closer than EU ones, if it’s only, say, less than 100ms difference, then I’d be having both selected.

Yeah… I’m getting this. Also the infinite “Loading modes…” occasionally.

I have the “join active battle” option off, but it seems pointless now as sometimes I’m the one waiting an extra minute or so watching others fly off.


I live in New Zealand so I’m always on SA and many players in Asia will play on US or EU server, don’t ask me why. I got dragged onto the EU server the other day and got 300+ ping because an Asian player had the EU server ticked when I was in their squad. I don’t know why they play on EU, but it’s of no disadvantage to them, they seem to get less than 200 ping on any server.

I personally use multiple servers to half the wait time for a match, generally speaking I get EU matches most often, they took away the Asian servers, forcing them to play on other servers, which is a whole other issue in and of it’s self.

I get people with names like this constantly, gaijin isn’t locking the servers to your country only, however it my need to implemented because of it causing Ping issues.