Please return the SA server checkbox

With this update, the checkbox for “SA” server has disappeared and has been changed to “Auto”.
It is no longer possible to select Auto and another checkbox at the same time, so if you want to play games on an SA server, you can no longer play games on servers other than the SA server.
This change forces users in the Asian region to choose between playing on SA or choosing from several alternatives, excluding SA.
(The SA server has a small population, so many users in my country played on SA+NA or SA+NA+EU.)
Don’t you think Auto should continue to show the SA checkbox as before as a fifth option?

This would be like, by analogy, the EU checkbox disappearing and European users being forced to choose between playing on EU-only servers or multiple non-EU servers.


Haven’t seen a checkbox in my client for SA Servers at all, additional I thought tencent has shut down the SA one, hence the 400ms ping SA players are on EU and are screwing over the games lacking netcode even more?

SA = South Asia, right?

Yes, SA is South Asia. To be precise, it could also be called EA since the servers were set up in Tokyo when DMM went into service…well, it’s definitely Asia.
If you select Auto in Asia, you will be matched with a traditional SA server, so the SA server is still operational.
But for some reason Gaijin has removed the SA server option from all but Auto :’-(

Yes, please.
What ever shady nonsense Gaijin are trying to pull with this, I’m sick of getting dumped into NA games with 280ms ping.

The ONLY reason they’ve done this is to cut bandwith costs by forcing players into other regions.

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Note that auto does not always put you in SA.
It’s queing me for NA and SA with no way to disable NA quite frequently.
If I restart the client a couple of times it’ll flip over to SA, but it’s frustrating.

Yes, that’s right, if Auto(SA) doesn’t do the matching, extend the region range.
SA is a server with very few people, so if you set up Auto, you’ll be waiting for a long time and then you’ll be connected to another server.

To be clear, this feels like Gaijin’s policy of segregating Asians. The current SA servers are almost impossible for non-Asians to connect to, making the SA servers a quarantine facility for Asians.
It seems to me that Gaijin is trying to reduce the utilization of SA servers and terminate SA server subscriptions.

I miss the SA server checkbox too.

Despite i am located in the EU, i played now Air RB for several months with disabled EU and CIS servers as based on my observations EU servers are flooded with RU and Asian stat padders trying to farm rookies playing US planes at around BR 4.0 - the US players die like flies.

I accept lousy fps in exchange for playing not every 2nd match 2 vs 8 after 7-8 minutes. Yes, playing SA had other severe disadvantages like a lot more teamkills (mostly PRC/ROC players) and more B-25 bots, but i liked the small lobbies with 6-8 vs 6-8 much more than this 16 vs 16 madness - and depending on daytime i played 30-60% on Pacific maps instead of the standard 4 bases map nonsense…

100000% needs to return. Either they have outright gotten rid of the SA server or the Auto function doesnt work. Apparently “it will select the lowest ping server first” and since the change I havent had one game where I wasnt on the EU server with 300-350 ping. Its damn near unplayable that high.

Such a stupid and pointless change to make and screws over Australian players

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I agree, I have no idea why they removed it at first place


Genuinely makes it feel like the couldnt care any less for Australian players. Sure we may not make up a huge portion of the player base, but there have been far smaller and larger games released that have given at least 1 Australian server. Quite saddening to be honest


You better don’t recognize that Gaijin is channeling their traffic from (nearly) whole south Germany through the cheapest TATA Server they could find near Frankfurt.

Sorry. I see that the SA server had the lowest ping for connections from Australia as well as Asia.
I hope Gaijin will fix this, as it can be reverted back to the previous specification by simply adding one more checkbox.

I agree with this.

Please add selectable server options and remove auto.

I’m an Australian player, I generally prefer NA server for speed of matches, but also like to have SA server selected for variety.

Current auto option is only giving me SA server and 5+ min wait per game.



Today’s update changed the notation of server selection, but as usual, auto and SA were never separated.
I can only assume that the SA servers and the users in that region are taken lightly by Gaijin. It’s really disconcerting.

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They dont seem to give a damn about SA at all. I wouldnt be surprised if they are actually planning on removing it making the game EU/NA/CIS only. This is what I was copping today, It forced me to EU even though “we will select servers with the best ping”…Gaijin…SA is better ping at 250…