Allow PlayStation and XBOX players to enter the Market and have the same privileges as PC players

Hey there! I’ve got a great idea that I think could really make a difference. I was hoping you could help me out by supporting it - together we can give it the visibility it deserves! Thank you so much.


I believe there is no other alternative, it’s a shame we can’t use the market.

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I think the same, they should just let us enter and buy or sell things, i hope they put a market for us.

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Did you know that XBOX (IDK about PSN) players have taxes when they buy from their respective store, and PC players don’t? Just another one of those things that screw console players over and out of money

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This seems a great suggestion, yes please!

Locking two of three platforms out of any access at all to a large chunk of vehicles (and other stuff) is immensely unfair, and bad for both players and the devs.


Never going to happen. This is not something that gaijin has a say in. This is mandated by the console manufacturer (Sony and Microsoft). This Is done to ensure they get there 30% cut on all sales from their respective members (PSN and Xbox live). Now fortunately there has been some headway made in the form of lawsuits against Google and Apple for doing this. But epic games chose not to sue Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft because they feel that the console manufacturers 30% cut was justified as they take a loss on the manufacturing and sale of the console itself.

As for the person who complained about taxes. You made your purchase in the US through a US entity/ company. You’re going to pay taxes. When you buy directly from the marketplace. You’re doing business with a foreign company who’s not obligated to charge you those taxes. Hence why you don’t get charged taxes.

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Really sony is very greedy, sony does not hesitate to increase price and charges unfortunately. Thanks for your comment.


This is not a Gaijin thing, this is a Microsoft and Sony thing.


It’s surprising how many console users don’t understand thier console providers EULA / Standards.


If Gaijin wanted to create a walled console specific marketplace and sell GC in the the PS or Sony store they could. Many large games have a walled trading marketplace. The Auction House in EA Sports games is the exact same thing as the Gaijin Market where players can utilize their earned or purchased fiat currency to ‘buy’ digital items.


But the console makers would have to allow and approve that access. EA has a lot more push that Gaijin in terms of games on the consoles, as they are providing many, not just a few.

Indeed, but we’re talking about a monetization opportunity for both parties which already has a purchasable fiat currency in both console stores. I’m sure there are some hurdles, but it’s a little frustrating that the response from Gaijin on this is a non-answer and the topic always a non-starter.

If it can’t be done, fine, we’d just love a more robust official response on why so the topic could be put to bed and said response referenced going forward. Otherwise here we are again…

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It’s always been in the console creators court, same as them authorizing the updates when they first got access.

Remember that? Get a patch out, the consoles would have to wait a few hours becase it needed the approval.

Gaijin didn’t make that happen.

The review process for game updates/patches and the approval process for an in-game marketplace are two drastically different topics. One has nothing to do with the other.

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The biggest reason for this not happening is resources. EA has a ton of resources compared to gaijin. But one could only hope.

I believe gaijin is missing an opportunity when it comes to console players. In the console world of flight sims or combined arms games. It’s slim pickens on consoles. I believe if marketed properly they could grow the console player base. A lot more than it currently is. A few more sales. Giving console player base access to bundles when there are sales would also help out. Help the newer console players start out. And once you get them hooked. They’ll start spending money.

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The reason for having such an approval process is to make sure nothing is slipped in, and this market ideal, can’t just be slipped in.

EA have better agreements more than likely considering they are a massive publisher who has weight…

Gaijin doesn’t have that.

Or any number of similar potential systems that would, in various ways, allow console players to give the devs money to get what are currently unobtainable vehicles for us; it doesn’t have to be a market with trading.

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Mate, a studio smaller than Gaijin (Gunzilla Games) is releasing a game (Off the Grid) for console that will feature an in-game marketplace using NFTs. But sure, it’s totally on Sony/Microsoft

“…GunZ will be the foundation for “Off The Grid” (OTG). One of the OTG’s standout mechanics is “in-game item trading”, the first game where players will be able to buy new in-game items from other players who collected them in the game or acquired them from each other. Trading will be handled via an internal blockchain based marketplace or any third-party marketplace which supports NFT technology.”

That game was actually favored by Microsoft… Sorry, but it’s not a real good example for what you’re trying to alledge.