Allow PlayStation and XBOX players to enter the Market and have the same privileges as PC players

I’ve been playing with the PlayStation account linked to the PC for a long time and can’t use the Market. So also XBOX players don’t have access to the Market either.
Certainly, just like me, many PlayStation XBOX players want to enter the Market, but they can’t simply because they are PSN and XBOX players, this should be changed where we can all have the same privileges.
(PC, XBOX and PSN) all the same.
Thank you all !


This should probably go in suggestions.

From what I saw on reddit it’s not a Gaijin thing, it’s a Microsoft thing, Microsoft can’t monetise the marketplace. This is also the reason why sales on console are super inconsistent because Microsoft takes a revenue hit from it and therefore get to dictate when xbox do and do not get a sale.


It’s not a Microsoft issue. It’s a console issue. PlayStation and Microsoft get a 30% cut of items sold. So gaijin limits the sales to consoles.

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Thank you for your comment, I hope it has a solution for the sake of everyone who wants to participate in the Gaijin market.

Thanks for your comment, I believe there must be some way in which Gaijin can mobilize to help players like me.

this, and a lack of pack sales (or at least consistently scheduled, adequately advertized sales)

Funny you say that. Because there’s a sale on Xbox right now that’s been announced nowhere other than the official club for war thunder on Xbox. And not many people go there. They did the same thing last month with another sale. I am glad they’re having sales. But they need to advertise them better to the console community. Please take it to account. Some of us don’t play on the consoles anymore and we can’t move our account to PC because you’ve taken away that ability. So you need to advertise these in other places than on the console only.

And do not forget, this should be more interesting for GJ, if my console broke… I can’t buy ANYMORE any premiums…
Imho gaijin should have ALL the interest to let players move from console to PC market, but for an unknown reason, at least for me, this is not possible.

This shouldn’t happen, there should be ways in which the player is not harmed, I say again Gaijin needs to bring a solution to these problems.

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I understand your frustration. I would love to have access to the market ( xbox ) as there are some passed vehicles i would love to get. I did manage to win a few in the loot crates but thats just pure gambling and i am not a fan of that.

We are able to buy GE from the website so not sure how we are able to do that but not the Gaijin coins. unless they report to XBOX or PSN and provide their cut since we have a linked account. Not sure if they are going to let us transfer the accounts again at this point as i check almost every day to see if they have opened that up.


It’s not directly related but more console related, it would be great if they would unlock the maximum deflection of flight control surfaces on controller because with mouse-aim you’re kinda just gimped to a lower performance level.

The xbox supports mouse and keyboard and works great. Only problem is i have all my setting set up on PC and they dont carry over to the xbox so i had to write everything down to coppy over. I think PS has the same support but i dont have one so i dont know for sure.

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Yea and if you mainly play on your PC you wouldnt know until you logged in on your xbox. My friend told me yesterday about the sale and i had no idea.

Thank you for your comment, your report is good, so that Gaijin can at least try to provide us with a solution. We cannot remain silent in the face of problems that can be solved by Gaijin.

Thank you for your comment, what you say is true, however I believe that these and other problems we have must be reported to gaijin, we cannot remain silent, even though there is not enough power among console players, we have to complain, so Gaijin will have knowledge of many problems we have.

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Hey there! I’ve got a great idea that I think could really make a difference. I was hoping you could help me out by supporting it - together we can give it the visibility it deserves! Thank you so much.


I believe there is no other alternative, it’s a shame we can’t use the market.

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I think the same, they should just let us enter and buy or sell things, i hope they put a market for us.

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Did you know that XBOX (IDK about PSN) players have taxes when they buy from their respective store, and PC players don’t? Just another one of those things that screw console players over and out of money

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