Allow Helicopters in Air Simulator Battles

Why should helicopters be allowed in Air Sim? Simply because of their nature helicopters are harder to hit as they usually fly low and fast enough to be tricky to hit in a fast moving jet which is their sole enemy in the gamemode. Add some of the modern defenses that some come with and you have a competitive and balanced vehicle type in that game mode. Helicopters can share the same tasks as their fixed wing brothers and follow the same BR brackets accordingly. I believe that this is the most viable and easy way to save helicopters as Gaijin has surely spent a lot of resources to put them into the game and its a shame to leave them in their current state. Thoughts?


good idea.
but only if it’s well implemented! knowing Gaijin, it would end up in terrible chaos again.
if i’m flying an Me 262 mission, I obviously don’t want to travel in time and encounter helicopters from the 60s. But combining airplanes from the Vietnam era with helicopters would be wonderful. for Top tier too, of course.

the position of the heliports also needs to be clarified.
how far should helicopters fly to the area of operations? what are the mission objectives?

If WT EC were a good flight sim, helicopters would also fly rescue missions to save downed pilots.


I saw a YT video that explained why it’s a good idea. Helicopters are actually very difficult targets when flying low, and they could be very useful when completing ground battle objectives and dealing with convoys. Gaijin could easily implement it since they’ve already done a helicopter EC mode.

why hasn’t Gaijin done this already? - War Thunder


Obviously you shouldnt encounter helicopters below 7.7 right? That should be a hard cap in the BR rotation for helicopters. AS for where to spawn the heliports and decide the travel time i think a little less than what travel time used to be in heli PvP should do. To put numbers behind my thoughts i think helicopter assets and targets should be scaled to around 80% the size of the normal airplane map distance. Honestly it blows my mind how Gaijin hasnt utilized helicopters in this way, i think it would be quite the fun experience, as long as BRs are followed accordingly so no Ka-50s verse Hueys etc it should be ok!


May i add that this topic as a whole has received a lot of positive reaction and judging by this post below i think we wouldn’t lose anything by trying the idea.

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Yeah its worth a try. Hellis in ground sim is fun… but i wanna fly them on a big map… Potential is there to make ec sim great again

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yes absolutely. the heli generation must correspond to the generation of the airplanes.

yes the reason is probably quite simply explained. the snail basically doesn’t care about Sim EC. unfortunately. 3 weeks ago the roatation was fiddled with a bit… and that was it. now probably nothing happens again for 5 months. unfortunately. and that’s a big problem and really a pity.

the idea of integrating helis into EC is great. that would be a good thing if it is implemented well.

in the ground tank battles the possibilities for some helis are very limited. I love the Huey but what should I do with it in the ground battles?!
but in EC air battle that would be great. once Huey in EC Vietnam air battle with F-100 and F-4 cover :)


I’m for it. This vid tests heli’s vs jets in general


In air combat SIM mode, if a ground battlefield appears, a helicopter airport is generated nearby, which can solve the problem of helicopter playability. You don’t need to fly for two hours to get close to the ground battlefield.

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