Helicopters to sim

Hello. Please add helicopters to ec sim mode and give them new objectives. Cas, rescue ,transport for various hellicopters to fullfill difrent roles amd task.
This would help spade helicopters, give a reason to play them kore aswell as enhance sim mode.
This will also make it more usefull to but a premium helicopter as we can have more need for it. I dont play grb so why would i want to buy a premium helicopter…


You can’t play them in ground Sim EC? I don’t think they belong in air SimEC.

You can but in air sim would be better. Bigger terain so alot more planjing can go into a route to attack a frontline or convoy


fake missiles go brttt

Use a helli then


I’d be open to an option to allow them; but it should be just an option and not every room.

We need the randomly roaming AI to come back. They were removed this/last year which is a shame because almost nobody went for them. Before the su-25/A-10 came to WT, I was literally one of the few people who would attack them. Not only has gaijin nerfed the rewards from ground units across ALL Game modes, sim ground rewards have been affected so ontop of SIDAM-25s defending battlefields, it’s almost worthless to go after them instead of suiciding at airfields.

If helicopters get added to air sim EC, which I would totally love to happen - BUT Their BRs desperately need fixing in sim battles. Let me just remind you that china has TY-90s available at 9.3, which is a BR at which zero aircraft have countermeasures. You already know how brokenly OP AIM-9Ms are, now imagine AIM-9Ms with missile trails readded but at 9.3.

We also need the capability to allow multiple A zone caps - Currently not enough of them spawn and because there’s no reward for being in it until it finishes capping, the success rate of them being captured is exceptionally low at top tier - Just think of the last time you remembered an airfield was captured because the front line moved over it. Yup, it’s been a LOOOONG time.

It’s like the only economical incentive in air sim is to literally just rocket spam and occasionally intercept rocket spammers on the enemy team. The game mode’s flawed on a fundamental level.


I would love this. Helicopters in game basically have no place anywhere in their current state. either you play 2 hours of boring PVE or you attempt to play GRB and get absolutely slapped in the face by a tanks main round (which shouldn’t even happen in the first place). Helicopters in air sim would bring a whole other gameplay for them and for sim players. Would also help introduce rescue missions and transportation, maybe even logistics if you want to get complicated. It’s just something that needs to happen due to how sad helicopters are.


I would love this addition. I do have some concerns though.

  1. Heli pilots spawn camping airfields. So adding a more modern airfield defense system with more range than a Roland (like a Pantsir-S1) to mitigate Heli campers or airfield strafers in general.
  2. The BR. Re-arranging the BR for Heli’s so Vietnam era rotary wing matches Vietnam era fixed wing, and modern era with modern era, ect. Also having the Rolands in Vietnam era rotary/fixed wing era as airfield defense would still be okay. But with the modern era an airfield defense upgrade is pretty much a need as there are way better radars and weapons systems that can launch further.
  3. Heli spawn locations. As most maps players use for the higher BR in SB are 128x by 128x (Vietnam, Sinai, Afghanistan, Spain, Smolensk, Denmark) it would be a long wait to spawn at a helipad on the airfield and have to fly your heli all the way over to the battle. So having heli pad spawns somewhere closer like on the mini bases would be welcome.

Here is my post on it from a bit ago. The more this gets discussed the more attention it will get. o7


The only way I would accept Helicopters in Air Sim is if they finally modeled their vulnerability to Radar and radar guided missiles. Currently they might as well be stealth vehicles when in reality their rotors should scream on PD radars.

They also still operate with a UFO flight model and complete lack of rotor physics. It’s equivalent to having planes with wings that are impervious to ripping at high G.

They are entirely unsuitable for Air Sim in their current form and would only serve to become A2A death machines with the benefits given to ‘certain’ countries helicopters and not to others.

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There is no ground Sim EC.

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No, in most ground sim lobbies the red team gets to use helicopters that have IR countermeasures and air to air missiles while the blue team is usually limited to helicopters that only have ATGM’s. It’s very frustrating. Example being that the Chinese team can take the Z19’s but the US is limited to the Ah1F as their strongest helicopter.

It makes for a very frustrating and unbalanced sim match for anyone that wants to play with helicopters.


As long as Helicopters are still half-arcade with how the sas and autohover works as well as mouse aim aiming for some weapons i do not see adding them in air sim as a good idea.

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No then they also need to full on sim


What i have trouble to decipher this.
There is a verb missing.

“They need to be in full on sim”


“They need to be a full on sim”

It could be both and my opinion on those is vastly different.

My point is that we are setting the cart in front of the horse so to speak. A discussion on implementing helicopters in air sb is only really valud after the helicopters are reworked to be on par with the other aircraft in terms of fidelity (yes i know there are lots of aircraft with laser designators having mouse aim and so on as well or bombers, those obviously need to be thrown out until gaijin get it’s sh*t together in sim.

Sorry yes what i meant is if they add hellis to sim ec obviously the need to be full on sim mode like in ground sim… first person view full engine controles etc and no help from instructors

Full engine controls aren’t forced on aircraft, so i do not see that as a necessiry for helos.

But weaponry and SAS/Auto-hover are ridiculous.
You can turn your helo upside down engage autohovver and it will automatically get you into a hover
Whole most irl systems are only capable of maintaining a hover, not induce one.

The suggestion has been approved and is currently in voting.

Heli’s need more accurate rotory physics, rotors need to cause dopplar shift and airfield defenses need to be improved (so Heli players can’t easily spawn camp) before getting implemented to Air SB though.

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