All US top tier vehicles are trending to a sub 30% win rate, what can be done

i meant biased in general not specially on the Abrams

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first or second one and other nation that were in the gulf war did upgrade their tanks as well

Have mercy, i cant mentally handle another 2PL situation.

That whole situation legitimately made me quit the game for a while.

New 11.3 ground premiums will come to russia and Germany
You will suffer again


Luckily i found out way to cheese the MM. Lets just hope the future additions will be at such BR that the cheese will work.

11.0 now is enjoyable, when you are in downtier, US top tier issue is not related to vehicles( of course the SPAA, light tanks, and helis are not good), but I am sure 3* M1A2 is better than most nations.

Well, American Abrams are ‘blessed’ with an absurd turret ring weakspot that even an IFV can take out frontally. The reward for reaching the end of the line is a copy paste Abrams and all of their HEAT based AGTMs suck at killing tanks.

Combine that with Gaijin giving a ludicrous two premium Abrams that basically guarenteed US teams would be swarmed with wallet warriors.

The US top tier gives no reason for an experienced player to even bother. Why grind for the SEPv2 when the only difference it has is being heavier?

Of course all the good players are going after leopords they’re the best tanks in the game. The Abrams dont offer anything but be loud and fragile so of course all the top top tier sweats are all over them.


Your comment was stupid as was your argument.

So, your solution to the problem is to have less people play an entire major faction because it doesn’t get the same benefits other tech tress get currently? There is countless documents and sources within the public domain gaijin could use to bolster US vehicles (They could not provide these benefits to Premiums if your fragile ego can’t handle it). If you want to be a part of the solution, then do so. Otherwise shut up and let people who want to see the game flourish keep the conversation going.

Red effect does indeed have a bias. Everyone is in some shape or form. To say he wouldn’t be is neglectful on your part. Now what you need to do is stop looking at videos other people put together as 3rd Sources (Not even secondary) and go out and research yourself before you start giving some B.S. reason you pulled out your (you know what). The DOD publishes information on most of their weapon systems, platforms (vehicles), and otherwise to the public. This is for educational purposes, and to encourage interest into potential careers with the military itself.

Regarding your claims about them not updating armor packages since the gulf war is absolutely asinine and completely false. The Abrams has been getting updated internals and armor since it entered service. Every single iteration of the platform has been upgraded in both armor and sub systems. While penetration tables, armor composition, and the like are classified, at this point in the games development they will have to take “liberties” when it comes to in game effectiveness. This is purely due to the fact that most of the vehicles being added or already in game are classified. I’m not going to even start to address your claim as it is completely ignorant of weapons development for the past 30 years, global events, and military higher echelon planning-

“The USA had no reason to up armor the Abrams after the gulf war because there was no reason to, its weight was already getting heavy with all the extra stuff that was thrown in it.”

Having said all of that, this is simply an unwillingness to improve US assets in game for one reason or another. If you want to just come in here and tell people “nuh uh” then you are wasting not only your time but more importantly everyone else’s.

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While I agree that something needs to be done, you are complaining without giving any insight into potential solutions. If we want to see improvement, there has to be a balance. Doing research into potential solutions will provide dev’s with information to make changes. (No classified documents). I will say this game definitely has something against the US tech tree but, why is anyone’s guess. (I have my own guesses). We can only hope that they will implement changes to fix these issues after doing so.

I’m late, but Redeffect is known for using blog posts whose source is the person who wrote the blog citing himself from another blogpost, he is absolutely biased against NATO equipment and pretty much anything he says can be immediately written off.

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Its really hard to come up with solutions when Gaijin has already shut them down for quite some time. TOW-2B top attack was too strong? Nerfed.

Hellfires not able to kill tanks reliably? Well, the documents says it uses HEAT and we all know how much of a wonderful job Warthunder does at modeling it.

SEPv2 being copy and paste despite all the documents on increasing its front armor? Gaijin says no, and gives a poor excuse about the overloaded suspension that the entire playerbase debunked in five minutes.

What solution can i possibly offer when Gaijin has already taken those and threw them in the garbage.


Setting the premium spam aside for the moment…

The Abrams are just bad. Artificially nerfed in many regards, reducing them to lacking parity, with each Abrams addiition becoming worse than the prior BR for BR. Not to forget that the other TT vehicles; HSTVL, ADATS and Stryker are also artificially nerfed in their own specifics. Top tier America is simply not great to play because of it and there’s only so much kneecapping and Russian Bias bullshit that can be tolerated before people either abandon the nation or the game entirely.

Gaijin has chosen to be an ignorant, petulant swine of a child regarding fixing the Abrams, HSTVL, ADATS and Stryker properly. Many people have made reports but Gaijin has ignored more than they’ve acknowleged and have yet to speak again. Thus, currently there’s no point to continue grinding the nation, let alone even playing it at high/top tier.


Do US mains know how to say anything besides “Russian Bias”?

You should direct your energy at the busted Leos/STRVs. Or play the top tier USSR MBTs and see for yourself how “busted” they are in the current meta. Or the CAS with no thermals (when half of battles are fog/overcast). At this point, USSR has Pantsir (but really the strela) and the KA52 as it’s highpoints.

US has the best CAS plane in the game, 7 11.0+ Abrams (all with 5 second reloads), 3 decent top tier helos and you sum it down to Russian bias? When they are hardly the best tech tree atm with the second lowest winrate? Why not focus on the consistent 1/2 death leaving on US teams? New players are the biggest weakpoint for top tier US.

  • US got the best CAS since 8.3 with the bullpup then just better till top tier then other nation → Still blame USSR for the Rocket they brings.

This is the reason, it happen since the old ages, they bring 1 MBT, 1 ADATS (wish they bring), then the whole Heli + Cas but still 1 death leave if they cant spawn CAS or leave right after their CAS death.

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The constant scapegoating of the USSR tech tree is annoying. If 1/3rd of the players on a US top tier team played a full line up rather than

Get 1 kill and a cap in the AIM- - > YAH-64, back to hanger

Things would be a lot different.

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Yet again, i love how everyone is super mad when two tanks get added…that somehow match BVM in effectivness.

2A7V doesnt bring anything new to the game. Its a slightly worse strv122 hull which was in game for three years, combined with 2A6 turret and gun that was in game also for three years. If you know how to penetrate old strv122s, you know how to penetrate 2A7V. If, for whatever reason, yo dont know how to penetrate old strv122 after three years, no amount of nerfs or buffs would help you.

2A7V is also ONLY german leopard 2 getting anything better than 1st gen gunner thermals. Many other nations at top tier have more tanks with similiar thermals. Again, nothing new.

Strv122B+ is just a strv122 with better thermals. It doesnt bring anything new in terms of armor or firepower.

Now comes the part where i talk about spall liner.

In the general, spall liner is useful, i wont deny that. Especially regarding side shots.

But it falls short when compared to relikt bags that BVM and many other russian tanks have access to.

Both relikt bags and spall liner serve the same purpose. They allow the tank to survive one shot in the place they cover and are destroyed afterwards. However the main difference is that relikt bags eat sabot without any penetration and internal armor isnt compromised. Spall liner just reduces the amount of spall but doesnt prevent the penetration, it doesnt stop the actual sabot which can still disable crew and modules.

Side shot to the 2A7/strv122b+ turret will still disable gun breech and can take out 2 crew members at the minimum. Side shot to the driver area will still take out the driver.

Not to mention spall liner is destroyable and unrepairable module and entire sections get destroyed by single shot.

Compare that to situation where you shoot side armor covered by relikt bags which…destroys single relikt bag and nothing else. BVM can continue to function at 100% capacity.

Not to mention that

  • 2A7 is wrongly modeled and has artifical weakspot in form of higher turret ring.
  • both 2A7V and strv122B+ still have the same weakspots
  • both can be disabled in one shot frontally if enemy hits the driver area as spall liner is absent there and even if it wasnt, sabot would still be able to take out the entire conga line of driver-gunner-commander

All and all, theres no need to nerf 2A7 nor strv122B+. Its just that two tanks reached BVM in survivability and people cant cope with that somehow, despite all of us having to deal with relikt bags since red skies.

People just need to git gud and stop suffering from skill issue and gaijin needs to fix abrams.


Literally the same words USSR mains used to defend their bvm in old days)
git gud guys, bvm have same weakspots as t-80b

They don’t reach bvm. They left the bvm far behind to swallow dust.

Nothing wrong there. It's not that filthy bvm after all. When MY tank does that, it's okay.

USA have everything for good win-rates in terms of vehicles.They don’t need any more artificial buff like reload one. The 12.7 now separated from the 11.3 and if the USA will fail to show a better winrates, the problem clearly wasn’t the clickbait crowd.


Thats intentional. Its what ive been hearing since red skies whenever i talked about BVM. Im just enjoying the fact i can give them taste of their own medicine.

Ah yes. Combining the hull that was in the game for three years with turret and gun that was in the game for three years made the game unplayable. Funny that it is coming from someone who said BVM is epitome of game balance.

But allright. Lets not talk about that. Lets hear your suggestion as to how to fix the problem.

Abrams still has both wrong model with way too exposed turret ring, the UFP has half of its actual thickness and its engine is too loud when opposed to reality. Fixing those wouldnt be artificial buff, it would be making Abrams an actual abrams.

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Remove all spall liners from the game so side shots at 2a7 and strv122 become stable 1-shot like it was before. I would also increase the reload by 0.5.