Leo 2a7v and 122b+

Just do what i do when i play 10.3 germany aim for the turret ring

Well German closed all their reactor so it explains why they don’t have Du

Soviet and fair? lol never heard of it.
And i still can kill 2A7V with not much problem nowadays so anyone who can’t it skill issue

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Is this sentence difficult to understand? Like a Soviet tank, piercing armor would result in death, rather than causing no damage after piercing

Its DEPLETED uranium…barely radioactive. Its only hazardous in an aerosol/powder form and inhaled…other than the obvious getting shot by it.

Because i cant be bothered to type it out again

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Three years ago, 122 was only the member with the strongest armor and HP, but now it has obtained high-definition thermal imaging and 600mm penetration. Many small country club members’ MBT has not been improved, and they are still assigned to the same br. Although the hated Soviet tanks have a similar level of protection, their shortcomings are more obvious. They have a bad depression angle and reverse, and a manned space system driven by only one shell. Compared with 122, which has been fully strengthened, it is completely worthless. The point is that I have shot at them from the side for countless times, and the damage caused is not enough to completely destroy them. On the contrary, 122 can easily turn back and destroy my gun . This is a problem of the game judgment mechanism. I don’t need to worry about this problem on the vehicles of World War II, because there’s no suspense about ambushing and destroying the enemy, but in the advanced br of leopard 2, this tactic was crushed,And it has never been improved。
What I want to see is not cyclical: it’s time for this camp to become strong. But rather, everyone has a fair environment, but Gaijin has never noticed this, and even changes in vehicle performance require players to search for reference materials

It’s not nerfs people should be calling for, but bringing most 11.7 MBTs up to reality and not have them in the shoddy state they are in, and not just play favourites with German and Russian MBTs.

As an example; It’s frustrating when you have the Type 10 and Leopard 2A7 sitting at the same BR, yet in this game one is clearly much superior to the other in the states they are. If they actually properly modeled the Type 10s armor, to not be a copy paste Type 90 profile, and that the armor would actually work as intended, nobody would be complaining half as much about the state top tier battles are now.

And that’s just the Type 10, there’s issues with Leclerc, Ariete, ZTZ99, Challenger, Merkava & Abrams tanks.

I understand there’s no exact data on modern MBTs, but if you go to extremes of speculation and implement those with the Leopards, STRVs, T-80s then maybe apply the same logic to other nations top tier MBTs too. Maybe apply spall liners to all nations and not play favourites, maybe a tank that entered service in 2012 could eat some shots and not have paper armor from the '80s, maybe if you implement one feature to the game, such as spall liners, implement them for all nations in the same patch, and not have others wait 3-6 months before they get theirs, or don’t implement it at all until everyone gets it.

But Gaijin is Gaijin, a MBT developed in the '80s and a MBT developed in the 2000s have exactly the same composite packs, even though they have it on paper that not even the steel composition is the same and a new process was used, but clearly if the Japanese went for a new steel forging process, they re-used the same composites as they did in the '80s with their previous model MBT. And things like that are pissing people off, because it’s not research from Gaijin’s side, its pure speculations, and with each new addition of the same tank, but an upgrade, they increase the armor, so nations which don’t have the luxury of having a new model every year don’t get those arbitrary armor number increases, but the reality is, they don’t have any kind of specs for any armor, but the formula is;

July -> Tank #1 added to the game = new armor profile
December -> Tank #2 added to the game after Tank #1 = new armor profile +10%

And it’s bullshit. The Leopard 2A7 is great, and should remain as it is or even brough to the real specs once those are available. But at the same time you need to balance other nations with either, speculating their armor better and patch them up, or decrease their BR or increase the Leopard 2A7 BR, or whatever new tank will come to the game.

But they don’t do that, and here we are now, Germany winning 90% of their games, or 100% if paired with Sweden, which makes the game frustrating and not fun to play and I don’t think that’s Gaijin’s goal, they just seem to not think about consequences of the imbalance they are implementing with such nonsense decisions.


We have primary data for tanks like those (Swedish Trials, whose values should be the bare minimum for the 2A7V), Gaijin simply refuses to model them properly

and should remain as it is or even brough to the real specs once those are available.

We ‘have’ the real specs (they’re outlined by Frank Lobitz, the current project manager [iirc] of the Leopard 2), once again, Gaijin is refusing to implement them because they “don’t believe” in them.

The bare minimum should be fixing the artificial weakpoints that plague the 2A7V, and fixing its model to match other Leopard 2s.

Then they should model those properly, but at the same time, they can’t leave the rest of the bunch, to which they don’t have such pepers in the dust without a change, as said, if you have proper data for the Leopards, model them, but either decrease the BR of other tanks you don’t have proper data, or do the magical speculation and bring them up to similar standards as the Leopards so we can have a somewhat balanced game.

DU is good if youre not worried about pushing as much velocity as possible and still want good penetration, and DU isnt hard to get if youre the US and have a rather large amount of reactors in your territory

DU’s percepted superiority is a myth based on outdated testing methods (KE vs semi-infinite steel block), against composite armours, if both projectiles are designed properly there will be no difference, if any (usually in favour of Tungsten due to a greater break out effect).

A lot of studies also comes from years back when nobody really knew how to properly make monoblock tungsten projectiles. DU vs WHA today really only comes down to availability.

Another thing usually brought up in favour of DU is that it is a pyrophoric material; news flash, modern APFSDS may have additional incendiary units for greater after armour effect (DM53 & DM63 are the most widely known projectiles to have that), this makes DU’s pyrophoric properties something not really special.

Additionally, usually identical DU & WHA projectiles (in terms of size) will greatly differ in weight (and possibly density), the velocity increase from such isn’t high (a ~0.5kg difference may result in additional ~20m/s velocity in favour of the lighter projectile though). As such the kinetic energy of the DU projectile will be greater, add in the self-sharpening capability (which btw, also occurs in Tungsten projectiles, but at a higher velocity) it will perforate more steel.

Make the Tungsten projectile match the DU one in weight & density, it will likely perform just as well (bonus: if you make it shoot at velocities greater than 1700m/s, it will also self-sharpen to a degree).

Case in point:

For MBTs they’re pretty much identical in performance so it’s really a preference at that point. For medium calibre cannons DU makes more sense on the other hand (as WHA cannot overcome its own physical properties and will mushroom instead of self-sharpening at such low velocities).

97% WHA alloy equates about 18500kg/m^3 (that’s btw, the real density of DM53/63), DU 3/4 TI is 18600kg/m^3.


did anybody ever report that the density of DM53 is wrong?

i am not good enough of a player to effectively counter the Leo, IT NEEDS TO BE NERFED MUH DUH.

yeah well we are not.
german mains suffer up to around 7-8.0 because of WWII ‘wunderwaffe’ perceptions.
but by 9.0 we actually get better. the leos arent OP because armour. theyre op because we know how to use our tanks (finally).


surely ur on meth. the flarakrad is one of the most MUH SPAA in the game. only 2 VT-1 SAMS which barely have 12 km range. your F-16s can drop GBUs from past that, (i can) and u have up to 6 mavericks with 23 km range. stop coping.

the F-16 is one of the most manouverable aircraft with grounds attack capability.

oh and that 50G value?
its fake.
the VT-1 is only 50g capable during its flight time at around 20-25s or so (correct me if im wong but its a very short window otherwise its just ~30G)

plus we only have 2 missiles while cancer like Ka-50 and apache can spam vikhrs and hellfires more than 16 and 8 of them.

cry about it but you arent the oppressed.

reload speed

i gave you a reason. now your argument is null and void as per your terms

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The VT1’s have technically 25 G’s but first 5 secs are 30-35 due to drag coefficent and after 8 km they get reduced to only 10 G’s about the reload of the Abrams, people really underestimate a good reload Even simple miliseconds could make a difference and with tanks with short reload You can get a ton of kills in no time

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yeah exactly. thats why ‘no armour best armour’ tanks like the TKX and type 10 are so good

Yeah it allows You to quickly correct Bad shots without suffering the consequences too much

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and its not as if the abrams turret is like the ariete… now THATS a tank that suffers

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Yeah plus the ariete just got recently the new chicken wing diet making it more heavy with a Bad engine and with no armor changes whatsoever poor italians

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you ok bro?