All US top tier vehicles are trending to a sub 30% win rate, what can be done

they could stop selling premiums so murica would not be flooded? with premium plebs that have 0 idea how to play ( should be done for all trees)…
Well that would already level it probably out because even if you play sweden/germany or russia and get USA on the team its 9/10 a loss, half of them just press W and die 20 secs later…

Anyway remove premium tanks from 10.0 or higher and it would go back to its 45/50% and would level other nations high W/R out
I mean yes its fun seeing 3 ppl in clickbait shooting at bvm or smt not being able to kill, and being able to whitness? that every 6.5 sec 1 of them leaves the game :)

Same shit will happen if other nations will get 11.3 premium tanks just wait for the next update
Probably 2a5 for germany and some t80 version for russia lmao

And yes we don’t need to talk about the premium chally they suck doesn’t matter if it’s the premium or not

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Fix the other TTs. Might sound crazy, but at the moment, a significant percentage of the playerbase plays either US or USSR because they get regular content updates and their vehicles tend to be in a healthier state

This means the US is flooded with both good players and bad players. Meanwhile minor nations are mostly populated with either those good enough to play with a handicap or too stubborn to swap to US or USSR.

If the other 8 nations were in a better state. More would play them. Thus less lower skill/experienced players would play only US. Would also spread out premiums as well to not only both teams in a match, but across a lot more vehicles.


Pick your poison.

US has consistently managed to perform worse than pretty much every other nation (even when having vehicles with good enough performance; such as M1A2 versus Leopard 2A5 & T-80U). In some cases newly added vehicles (Leopard 2A6 or T-72B3M, or Pantsir) were a direct cause, but even when US was on the receiving end (SEPv1 & up-to-date by far the best CAS in the game, the F-16C), the WR improvements were short-lived.

Lets not kid ourselves, US players are straight up bad, while M1A1 AIM and Click-Bait explain a lot, their (player) skill level being so low cannot just be hidden. People also called German players bad after 2PL single-handely ruined their top tier rooster for the longest time, 2PL & 123 also allowed people to grind to top tier significantly faster, so we’ve had seen a significant rise in the number of barely experienced players mix in with actually experienced ones, but those learned over time and Germany’s winrate growth over the months was pretty visible, whereas US winrates just kept dropping down and down, Click-Bait just sealed the deal.

What can be done? Nothing at this point in time short of making M1s completely unkillable (but that will just introduce bad habits), US players first have to learn to play the game at top tier (positioning, timing, their tank’s strengths and weaknessess). Buffs to lower hull armour are not going to improve their performance either (simply because nothing short of making it impenetrable to the best round in the game is not going to change anything, and this is what US players always ask about as a way to “improve” the performance of the nation), their weakspots are very apparent as well (and people learned to just shoot there).


Not true that nothing could be done, how about switching out the useless SEPV2 with the SEPV3 (actually competitive) which is actually an equivalent to the Leopard 2A7V and T-90M.

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The tank is just mid ok it not the worst tank at all

the persecution complex is strong

Force players who do too poorly to play a new tech tree from the beginning.
Seriously. The biggest issue US top tier faces is that the players are hopeless. A good chunk of them freely opened their wallets to get to top tier by any means necessary.



You rn.

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I think US is running out of good players, considering they had nothing really new to offer for a while now. Germany got 2A7V, Russia got T-90M, Sweden got 122B+ and what did US get ?
A simple copy/paste vehicle and obviously not many people are excited to play that thing, which is leading to top tier US getting abandoned by skilled players in favor of aforementioned nations.

US being one of the rare nations to get a 11.3 premium in the same patch is just the final nail in the coffin.

Experienced players flocking to other nations + massive influx of lvl 0 wallet warriors = playerbase (skill wise) in shambles


Add top tier premiums (I am sorry, I mean non-top tier premiums in same BR as top tier) to other nations.


Fast MBT + massive LFP that offers no real protection=going back to the garage.

Also, F2P people that just want to drive Abrams tanks will get clubbed by CAS (i mostly stick to 10.3 and the only time I see US winning is when half of the team spawns Trams and lobs guided bombs from outer space because tank RB past 10.0 is won or lost by CAS).

I love getting over-pressured from a missile hitting the top of my crows nest.
The thing is utterly useless, slower then the other abrams and way easier to kill.


The SEPV3 has a reinforced LFP and no kill me button crows nest from the SEPV2.
It’s well known the SEPV3 is the Abrams with the armor upgrade but apparently you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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You know nothing about the Abrams, why even post here?

The upper-front plate of the Abrams has no armor being extremely angled.

Please educate yourself.

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Oh god not red effect if you gonna watch a video watch someone who isn’t biased

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You do know he kinda says same thing?

Bro, are you 5?

The upper-front plate of the Abrams has no armor being extremely angled.

Yea, you completely missed my point.

Please educate yourself.


I know i just don’t like Red effect as he has a bias

Dumb idea to increases US win-rate is…
“Make their CAS cheaper.”
really at this point there is nothing we can do about Abrams i found this a only way to help them.

He’s using open sources to dispute internet claims.
Unless you want to get into hot water with the DoD of the USA the open sources give us a pretty good idea what’s happening while still being legal.
Look at the SEPV2 it was created after all the recent wars the United States was in were insurgencies.
The SEPV3 was put through when it apparent conventional warfare was still a probability with future wars (China for example).
The USA had no reason to up armor the Abrams after the gulf war because there was no reason to, its weight was already getting heavy with all the extra stuff that was thrown in it.