All US top tier vehicles are trending to a sub 30% win rate, what can be done

Its should be no surprise to people at this point, the tiny reload tweak gaijin has done to the M1s has done nothing to stop the death of US top tier.

As of now multiple vehicles are rapidly approaching 30% with, WR, with no top tier ground vehicle cresting 40%.

Its obvious something needs to be done, the question now is what.

We already know giving the 120mm armed M1s their historical reload did not improve this situation, so I have little faith that giving the M1 series and other US top tier vehicles their spall mitigation features will solve the issue either.


They can force the usa mains on a weight loss program if that’s what you’re asking. Jokes aside, best thing they can do it is to stop hand holding them and let the natural process repair the playerpool. No more premium and preferably no vehicles in general. Spoonfed shitters will stop playing it/try another tree, therefore only decent players will remain.

Most US mains don’t even now how to play the game, they just spend $70 on a M1 KVT and a F-4S and play then get trashed on players who spent 1k in hours to get where they are.
There were a few US mains in a game once complaining about not being able to kill “OP” Russian T-90s and T-80s but they didn’t even know where any of the large weak spots were.


Im afraid CAS is only thing attractive USA currently holds.
Sure M1A2s are better than some other tanks but everyone will be playing with STRV-122s and 2A7Vs and T-80BVMs cus most want to play the “meta”

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11.3 or above are now just 1 spawn then jumpes to CAS, if they die in the air, they quit.

Stop adding high tier premiums to it.


What is your source for these data?

Surely this:


I asked the question with more than a bit of satirical anticipation, trust me.

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Yeah, but in all reality Gaijin has done US pretty dirty by giving them 11.3 premium vehicle that will attract loads of lvl 0 players.

I’m sure plenty are coming to other nations too. At least with the UK tree they gave us an troll 11.3 premium, so barely anyone has bought it.

Its clearly it just really expensive 50cal modification

I stop playing USA GBR to keep my sanity.

Not true. The only reason i went back to usa tree was to nab the new m1a2 sepv2, once i got it i went right back to grinding japan. Now im doing great britain so it needs hand holding BAD, the amount of friends i know that have swapped from usa is ridiculous. Whats bad is most switched to sweden or russia

even that they still come as your teammate and become deadweight to make you lose.

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It’s obvious major nation’s premiums will have more sales than minor nation’s ones.
Giving 11.3 premiums to USSR/Germany/Sweden as soon as possible will surely alleviate some current issues and will neuter stronger nations by infesting their playerbase with lvl 0 people that installed the game an hour ago.

I mean - people would have bought the OES if it wasn’t objectively one of the worst tanks at 11.3. Why would you pay to suffer when the DS exists.

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The click bait is better then the OES in every way

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Yeah…it’s kinda sad how much they hate the UK. F-4JUK is inferior to F-4S in every way too. It’s like someone’s wife ran off with a British man.


→ make usa mains to think on how to use aircrafts/tanks/everything?

The number of players playing, is not worth it’s quality,… the US vehicules are mostly capable, yet they are used by players, not by Military qualified personnal.

If players don’t give a shit to basic keys of Gameplays,… there is no reason they should arise on top.