All US top tier vehicles are trending to a sub 30% win rate, what can be done

Somewhat reasonable.

Then also remove or at least fix the relikt bags so they are not acting as better spall liner and you have my support.

Literally why.

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bvm always has huge shahid belt in its hull. You always can shoot it and get a 1-shot with very high chance even if there would be 0 spall. If 2a7 had similiar weakness than spall liners on it would be ± fine

Because as gaijin said many times “reload is a balancing factor”. In fact If the Abrams can reload 5s, then the Leopard should reload 5s too. But it don’t, because the reduction of reloading to abrams was only dictated by their poor stats and not by documents or something like that.

Leo is a top meta mbt now so i suggest a little nerf for their reload for balance.

Literally “just aim for weakspots” argument you berated me for just before. What a hypocrite.

2A7 has wrongly modeled turret ring, uts too much exposed. You can always pen there and there is no spall liner, resulting in one-shots. Not to mention the conga line behind drivers optics.

Well then i propose to nerf challengers 2 to like 30 minutes reload. Since they are super good. /s

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BVM share the same weakspot as all T-Series tanks, if 72B3 can survive DM33 then it’s just like DM53 fired from L44. Why other nation cant shoot it with the same way as 72B3 or 80U.

Show me a statistic where they dominate. Then I’ll support that. Right now the stats only show leopards dominance.

The problem is he randomness of that weakspot. Bvm can be almost guaranteed to be killed in the side. Leopard can’t. It’s a coin flip every time.

2A7 shares the same weakspot as 2A5 and 2A6. Why they cant shoot it same way they do with other two? ;)

Issue isnt BVM weakspots. Hell, i would even say that im okay with relikt.

What ia different are those BS relikt bags on the side that stop any sabot in the game and act as much better spall liner because they dont allow penetration in the first place.

Spall liner just decreases the amount of spall, it doesnt stop the sabot itself, which can still kill.

Ah yes ,the magic relikt bags that stop anything and ammo carrousel not detonating, truly a sign of tank that perform without any randomness.

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Take bvm, go with me to custom game and i’ll shoot your side and we’ll see how often you won’t die.


We will see something like that. I’ve already done this experiment with 2 people like you.

“BVM doesnt have randomness when shot to the side”

Proceeds to link a video where 13 BVMs are shot in the side from the same distance, and 3 of them at random stop the sabot with their relikt bags

I kinda fail to see the issue, if anything this supports MY claim of randomness of relikt bags.

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Really dude, 2A7 and Strv 122 has better hull, since then rarely aim for the hull, 2A6 and previous version, still make 1-2 crew dead.
Not even talking about 2A7 when German only has 2A7 as a good Leo since the Swedish bias.

Just like exterior fuel tank of Leo 2 then.

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Yes exactly. They have better hull in a sense that 3BM60 cant just click on the UFP and banish them to Brazil. Its a feature that has been in game for 3 years already with the old strv122s. If people can find weakspots on old strv122s, they can find weakspots on 2A7, easy as that.

I have yet to see them do anything, and i play leo2s extensively.

70-80% ammo detonation + you can often kill 2 dudes in turrent + 45% fuel detonation ~ 90% one shot chance. For me it’s pretty stable.

And the leopard’s shells not detonating didn’t bother you at all, did it? Even though the blast door was breached.

A shot to the side of 2A7 turret will still penetrate because spall liner isnt relikt bags, sabot will then proceed through loader, gun breech and continue through gunner, commander or both if you are unlucky. At worst the tank is crippled and cant fight back, at best its one shot.

Ergo, 2A7 matches BVM in protection. It doesnt surpass it like you claim. To surpass it, side armor of 2A7 would need to stop the sabot in the first place, which isnt the case. 2A7 having slightly better post ben survivability does not automatically mean its better than BVM.

Not getting penetrated in the first place > mitigating the damage of penetrating shot.

And since you see BVM as epitome of balance, then tank matching its survivability must be also balanced, no?

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My comment isn’t asking that the Leos get nerfed. They are the best tanks in the world, as they are in game. I’m just saying that the “Russian Bias” claims are not holding water at this point.

Did you didn’t watch Spookston videos? I considered Spookston as one of the more experienced player and he still say Leopard is hard to kill

You could offer me money to watch his new content and I would still refuse.

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This is the video that Spookston talking about Leopard and Strv

Start from 6:45

I don’t understand how Germans high tier already have such a good vehicle but still complaint being weak

Yet again

If you think having 10.3 hull that could be penned by 9.3 munitions at 11.7 is “such good vehicle” then I would doubt your experience.

I solo Q’d with the m1a1 and i get uptiered to 11.7 alot, and iam on a 65%+ winrate, whats the US suffering all about, does it realy only start when u get up to 12.0 or 12.3?

İt does.

İ unlocked my all M1A2 series recently and i can tell, they have the worst wr on my service record.

My other top tier tanks easily sits at 51-65 percent win rate while my Abrams cant even get pass 40.

dump top tier premiums into other nations and the problem might fix itself.