Al-Hussein Hybrid Tank (AHT) 2010 - From Her Majesty to His

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Al-Hussein Main Battle Tank



I am Jordanian, so there is no surprise that I waited for the sales to buy the Khalid, which I did yesterday. It has been quite fun so far so I’ve been falling in love with the UK tree and it has motivated me to post this suggestion.

What you see in the picture above is a group of Challenger 1 tanks… however! The king was not satisfied with just receiving hundreds of old tanks - he ordered KADDB (King Abdullah Design & Development Bureau - the developer and supplier of the Jordanian army) to modernize the tanks. In honor of the late King Hussein which died the same year these Challengers were ordered, the tanks were renamed to “Al-Hussein” in Jordanian service. King Hussein was loved and respected globally, and he greatly loved and contributed to the country. More than 60 countries attended his funeral.

The tank I’m specifically suggesting is the “Hybrid” version with the new smoothbore cannon, modern IFCS and other improvements such as a doubled turret speed. I believe this could prove to be a very good premium tier 7 tanks for the Brits! More tanks to reinforce British lineups is always welcome.

All of this is my own writing. Let’s dive into it.


Al-Hussein (Hybrid) - here you can see the new cannon.

In 1999, Jordan purchased 402 ex-British Challenger 1 tanks and received them between 1999 and 2004. Sounds like a good number (and it is), but by then it was already old. The rifled cannon and overall 70s tech proved inadequate for modern warfare. Specifically, the equipment and the cannon which has obsolete ammunition incapable of dealing with Merkava Mk 4 tanks and no active production.

To remedy these issues, KADDB proposed 4 different solutions. Three of them were quite interesting as they saw the tank fitted with an unmanned FALCON turret and they designated it “Tariq-2” or “Tariq FALCON” (Tariq is a common Arabic name, meaning “(door) Knocker” or “Morning Star” in Islam).

The first Tariq-2 with the FALCON turret (Tariq FALCON-1) had the new cannon but did not have improved equipment, but with the Tariq FALCON-2 version it had the updated FCS. There was also the Tariq FALCON-3, but it didn’t go anywhere and there’s not enough information on it.

Well, neither did the FALCON program. Though there were successful firing trials, for some unknown reason, the Jordanian Army discarded the idea and moved them to the Royal Jordanian Tank Museum, which I had visited in 2019 and last year with a WT friend who came to visit. (Side note: I recommend it! They’ve got WW1, WW2, Cold War and modern tanks of all kinds from many nations, and they regularly update their stock)

Then there was the more straight-forward option, which had more initiative. This one was named “Al-Hussein Hybrid” and it received a new cannon alongside new FCS. A total of four were upgraded with the fourth one being the most advanced; that is the Al-Hussein Hybrid 2010.

These are the improvements:

  • Replacement of the rifled 120mm L11A5 with the smoothbore 120mm RUAG CTG L/50 cannon with standard NATO ammunition. This includes the KE-W, KE-WA1 and it was also reportedly tested with French-made ammunition in 2006. Up to 1,770 m/s in muzzle velocity
  • Replacement of the old Marconi FCS with Raytheon IFCS, which includes an integrated laser rangefinder, weather systems, LWS and gen 2 day/night thermal optics
  • Claverham mechanical load-assist system (see here), providing 8 rounds per minute
  • New L7A2/L8 machine guns with 4000 rounds
  • Improved turret armor, also with the capability of adding APS
  • Jordanian CLS AB8 APU
  • New Raytech electric control system for the gun
  • Higher turret rotation speed (59 deg/s)
  • Reduced weight to 56 tons
  • Top speed improved to 60 km/h
  • CITV thermal imager for the commander with 360 degree vision

… and more (the rest, I think, don’t apply to gameplay, such as how the commander gets a touch-screen with GPS and whatnot).

Al-Hussein Hybrid 2010

Many more were supposed to be converted, but that didn’t happen. The development was protracted until 2018 when they decided to forget it as there began concerns for lack of spare parts in the long-term. Instead, the army ordered Centauro tank destroyers.




  • Height: 2.5 m
  • Width: 3.5 m
  • Length: 11.5 m (with the gun)
  • Ground clearance: 0.5 m


  • Crew: 4
  • Engine: Diesel-powered 26 liter Rolls-Royce Perkins CV12-1200 TCA (1,200 horsepower @ 2,300 RPM)
  • Top speed: 60 km/h (37 mph)
  • Weight: 56 tons
  • Range: 450 km (280 mi)


  • Standard Challenger 1 Chobham armor, but with a reinforced turret/improved turret armor for the front and sides (to what extent: unknown, not disclosed by the Ministry of Defense)
  • Turret APS option added


  • Gun: 120 mm Swiss RUAG CTG L/50 smoothbore cannon with 20 rounds in the Claverham mechanical load-assist system, firing at 1,770 m/s per shot and 8 rounds per minute
  • Ammunition: KE-W, KE-WA1 and OFL 120 F1
  • Secondary: 7.62 mm L8A2 machine guns (4000 rounds)
  • Turret rotation speed: 59 deg/s

Electronics/Technology & Equipment Improvements

  • Raytheon integrated FCS: laser rangefinder (range up to 10 km), weather systems, LWS and gen 2 thermals
  • Turret APS
  • New Raytech electronic control system for the cannon and turret providing faster operation
  • Modern and updated stabilizer, found also on the Falcon tank with the unmanned turret
  • Automated target tracking system for both the commander and the gunner
  • Commander CTIV thermal imager (panoramic 360 degree vision)
  • NBC system
  • Improved FP equipment
  • Improved thermal binoculars by KADDB

Note - According to local sources, the IFCS’ probability of detection is 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Can detect waves ranging from 500 to 1,800 nanometers and provide cover for the tank from HELD and beam-riding missiles at a rate of 100 m/sec.

Load-Assist Mechanism



Thank you for reading o7 I personally want to see this as a premium and I have hope that it’s going to be a good one.

I could probably go to the museum and ask for information from experts if needed. They employ ex-army personnel as guides.


[1] دبابة الحسين الهجينة
[2] RUAG Land Systems 120 mm Compact Tank Gun Brochure
[3] Al-Hussein MBT | Pakistan Defence
[4] Defence Industry in Jordan - Al-Hussein MBT


I’d totally play this tank. Looks super fun. +1

I definitely want to see Al-Hussein matter of fact I’ve been working on them too. Both Hybrid Turret and Falcon project are wasted potentials, I would love to see them at least in War Thunder. That being said I would like to fix some inaccurate information regarding Tariq and alcon I (AB9C4) and add few points to Al-Hussein.

First of all, the image above, the image you’ve linked, is not Tariq nor the turret is Falcon I (AB9C4). It is easy to spot that the hull is actually Al-Hussein and the turret is Falcon II (AB9C5). Images and informations regarding Falcon I (AB9C4) is incredibly scarce, I’ve found only two images of Falcon I. Easiest way to identify Falcon I (AB9C4) and distinguish from Falcon II (AB9C5) is CITV. Falcon I does not have CITV while Falcon II have it. Another way would be checking smoke launchers, Falcon II has dedicate unit while Falcon I’s launchers kind of stick out of the turret.

So, the image of mentioned Tariq with Falcon I:

And Image of Al-Hussein with Falcon I alongside Al-Hussein

In this image it is lacking additional turret armor considering both configurations were presented, you could make two separate suggestions for them. It would be ideal if you can find when was additional armor were introduced or presented.

Here is Al-Hussein with additional turret armor


I would like to see this vehicle in the tech tree, maybe after the Vickers Mk.7. Same with the Falcon turreted Challenger, it would go great after the TTD due to the tech link with South Africa


Yeah I’d prefer them actually in the tech tree than limited event vehicle, stuff like this would actually make Britain more attractive to play.

I admit my research on the FALCON has been lacking, mainly because it was centered around the AHT. I’ve corrected the mistake.

As for the add-on armor pic I’m surprised! Not only did you find one but also in B&W. Are you sure that’s the Jordanian model?

That is definitely Al-Hussein with Hybrid Turret, you can find more photos online with same turret. Ignore it being black&white it is due to the magazine I took from.

Here is an image from SOFEX 2004:

You can clearly see the additional front armor here. I’m not sure if there proper version of the photograph I’ve shared but that is the only photograph other than the first one I’ve shared.

Never Mind I Found the Colored One


What a great suggestion would love to see it go after the Vickers as those are the export tanks

@EpicBlitzkrieg87 Very good job

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Is there a suggestion for Tariq with Falcon I?

+1 as tech tree tank since there’s already a Challenger 1 as premium (and a Challenger 2 as well), and event vehicles are CANCER, especially with the new format

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I am curious about one thing tho, Ive seen several images of the Falcon turret and the way the sighting system works.
The one above and this one.
Which is the more… complete version, Im guessing from the fact that this is in the museum this one is the correct one but I have no clue…

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Not yet, I’m considering it. I suspect I will have to go visit the museum and consult ex-army personnel about it for more information.

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Thank you! :)

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I think this configuration was the final version since secondary sight was present during firing tests.

Here you can see
Al-Hussein (Falcon II) - 2

If you are asking for specifications of sights, I sadly do not have much information right now. Though I would say upper one is likely to be CITV and other one is Gunner’s Sight, both CITV and what I assume is to be Gunner’s Sight, seems to be identical.

You know what the sights look like to me…


T-72M1 “ATE/IST” - Other Nations - War Thunder - Official Forum


Seems the sights are from a SA company IST

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Great find ! They seems to be pretty similar if not outright same sights. This source is also mentions LIW/DENEL sights.