Leclerc Zayed - Reinforcements from the East

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Leclerc Zayed Main Battle Tank


(Jordanian Leclerc Serie 1 (XLT) (Designated “Zayed” in service, a common Arabic male name) after arriving in Aqaba, Jordan)

I’m Jordanian as expressed in my Al-Hussein Hybrid (AHT) 2010 suggestion for the UK and currently a regular French tanker, which made me consider suggesting this tank.

Currently France doesn’t have a premium whose research covers all tiers - only up until rank 6 with the AMX-30 Super and the VBCI-2. I’m grinding rank 8 right now, and it’s quite slow. In my opinion, the Zayed can be a perfect candidate for a premium - either as a rank 7 parallel to the Leclerc Serie 1 in the tech tree (although the Zayed comes with upgrades) or as a rank 8 similar to how the Germans have just received the Leopard 2A4M.

But why not suggest it as an Emirati Leclerc?

Well for three reasons: I’m Jordanian, we already have Jordan in the game (the Khalid is there) and I would like for the country to be further represented. It also comes with an official nickname to separate it from the others in the tech tree unlike the UAE version, but more importantly the Jordanian Army has a habit of upgrading their existing vehicles.

The Jordanian variant has potential to be improved in the future and provide France with further strength. It may see foreign rounds like the KE-W, upgraded IFCS or even upgraded armor in the future. Sooner or later we can expect KADDB to modify it.

EDIT: It turns out there are three different XLTs. We could get this one which is the CLARA version as a premium that’s future-proof since it’s likely to get upgrades by Jordan’s KADDB, and an Emirati Leclerc XLT as a squadron vehicle.



The Leclerc tank, named after General Philippe Leclerc who led the French 2nd Armored Division in World War II, stands as a testament to French engineering prowess. Developed in the late 1970s and 1980s by GIAT Industries (now Nexter Systems), this formidable main battle tank entered service with the French Army in 1992.

Built to replace the aging AMX-30, the Leclerc brought cutting-edge technology to the battlefield. Its advanced modular armor provides exceptional protection against a variety of threats, while a powerful 120mm smoothbore gun ensures superior firepower. The tank’s mobility is unmatched, thanks to a 1,500-horsepower engine and hydropneumatic suspension, allowing it to navigate diverse terrains with agility.

Internationally renowned for its performance, the Leclerc has seen combat deployments in various conflicts, including in Kosovo, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness in modern warfare scenarios. Beyond France, the United Arab Emirates is a notable user of the Leclerc, with a modified variant tailored to their operational needs, and as recently as 2020 - Jordan also became an official operator of it, making them the third.

As part of a deal to strengthen political and relationship ties between the two Middle Eastern nations - the UAE decided to donate 80 Leclerc tanks to Jordan in late 2020. During October, the army announced its acquisition of the Leclerc and conducted military exercises to familiarize their tank crews with it. As customary of Jordan, images and videos were released on social media for patriotic reasons.

The Zayed is a Leclerc Serie 1 but modified to meet Middle Eastern needs and is potentially set to receive further upgrades by KADDB - the ones behind the Al-Hussein Hybrid Tank, the M60 Phoenix, Tariq-1, Tariq-2 among others. Potential upgrades could include new ammunition, additional armor protection and upgraded IFCS.

In-game, the Zayed will provide much needed support for France’s top tier lineups and in a sense; future proof, since it’s upgradeable through Jordanian fashion. However, the tank already has differences that impact could impact gameplay: it comes with HE shells, a V12 diesel engine with more power but less torque, CLARA ERA side armor with 8 panels, an additional machine gun, improved IFCS and more (see below).

Notable Differences


(King Abdullah II attending a military exercise upon receiving the new Leclerc tanks which are in the background. 19th of October, 2020)



1- Lengthened hull
2- 27.4 liter diesel V12 MTU MT 883 which delivers up to 1,500 horsepower (less torque than the French Leclerc’s V8)
3- Heavier by 2.5 tons
4- Additional 7.62mm ATO machine gun slaved to the panoramic sight
5- High-explosive 120mm shell available
6- Improved gunner optics (x14 zoom whereas the French one has x10)
7- Superior CLARA ERA side armor
8- Eight panels of side armor instead of 3
8- Laser rangefinder and 1st gen thermal imager
9- German HSWL 295 TM transmission with five reverse gears providing up to 72 km/h for reverse driving
10- Higher fuel capacity

There are more differences but they’re mostly visual like protected headlights and whatnot, plus the potential KADDB upgrades.



(Jordanian Leclercs can be identified by their camo and side inscriptions: زايد is the Arabic spelling of “Zayed”)

Here are some basic stats:

  • Hull length: 7.03 m
  • Width: 3.43 m (3.6 m with CLARA)
  • Combat weight: 57 tonnes
  • Engine power: 1,500 hp at 2700 RPM
  • Engine max torque: 4,500 nm at 2000 RPM
  • Top speed: 72 km/h (forwards and in reverse)
  • Main Armament: 120mm GIAT CN120-26 F1 cannon with 40 rounds; capable of firing OFL 120 G1 & OFL 120 F1 and F2 APFSDS, OCC 120 G1 HEAT-FS and upgraded to fire HE
  • Auxiliary Armament: 12.7mm MIT CRC F1 turret machine gun + 7.62mm ATO remote-controlled machine gun
  • User: Jordan (in service: October 2020 - present)

I’m not good at tank suggestions so if there’s anything missing or if I can improve let me know.

This should bolster the French top tier lineup and give it more flavor. More Leclercs are always welcome! It’s not only Russia that’s allowed to have its lineup regularly improved image



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I wouldn’t mind it as a premium, it is both better than the tech tree s1 and we have enough leclerc even for the future, it would also incentive gaijin to fix the leclerc and it would be different compared to others leclerc too.
It doesn’t deserve at all to be put in the tree of uk as it would make no sense.

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I prefer it as a premium because there are no options at rank 7 or 8 for France (premium-wise) and as you said it’s different enough from the other variants. It could get upgraded in the future too


+1 Considering a lot of countries are getting near top tier vehicle premium equivelents, this would then make sense for France to have


+1, as a premium.

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Yeah, more people would grind France, + most of them would also have the event mirage.

And after looking it closely i think would be good to first have the leclerc UAE added, i guess as a squadron leclerc and then this leclerc after most of the upgrade have been performed as a premium leclerc.

I find it better for both jordanian representation and France players, because gaijin might not add the new upgrade performed if they happen after the vehicle is released in game, we would fight for years with an “in consideration” suggestion.

But they could give the jordanian camouflage to the UAE leclerc before this tank is added.

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I support as premium vehicle for France.

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I dunno man, this would straight up be the best Leclerc variant due to an even higher HP/tonne ration than S1, better optics, side armor and reverse speed…

+1, but for capping off the current tech tree Leclerc line. This would have been a better choice than the Leclerc Azur, which is “useless” (the additional armor is).


A few corrections:

  • The XLT (Leclerc Tropicalisé) has a 1500hp engine:

  • The commander sight would be using a 1st generation thermal imager:


  • The XLT should have slightly worse armour over the French Leclercs as from the Série 2 onwards the armour was improved but the report for that is a WIP

As for this vehicles place in War Thunder. I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary as of yet as there are three different XLTs France could get:

  1. XLT with AZUR package:

  1. XLT revalorisé (a 2016 upgrade proposal for the UAE’s Leclerc fleet which would still use the basic S1 armour)

  1. XLT with CLARA package

Perhaps it could work as an event vehicle? Though if there are any Jordanian modifications in the future those could make an interesting vehicle.

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I’ve confused two variants of the same engine it seems and I looked it up just to make sure and yeah, it doesn’t use the 1630 hp model, thanks for bringing it to attention.

By better armor I meant side armor, and perhaps later upgrades.

Maybe one as a premium vehicle and the other as a squadron vehicle. My preference is seeing the Zayed (unless my eyes are deceiving me, the ones we’ve got in the country as the XLTs with CLARA armor) as the premium and a UAE version as a squadron vehicle.

The king is an army man. As soon as he took up leadership in 1999 he established KADDB and began upgrade and modification programs for the army’s vehicles. Here are examples:



My favorite one is the Al-Hussein Hybrid which is a heavily upgraded Challenger 1 to meet modern standards (smoothbore 120mm with KE-W, 2nd gen thermals, doubled turret reverse speed, improved turret armor and more). I think the Leclerc Zayed won’t be an exception.

This is the big reason why I suggested the Zayed first; patriotism is not enough of a reason to pick it over the Emirati versions.

The best Leclerc variant to be added will be the Leclerc XLR which transforms it into a 4th gen MBT. I think it’s fine :) we should keep this as their premium option, and the domestic XLR to top off the line

@Bossman919 kindly pointed out there are technically three different XLTs so in fact they could add two tropicalized Leclercs without waiting on the Jordanian one to get upgrades

I guess Leclerc Zayed would be early ground vehicle premium pre-order pack rank VIII for france. not rank VII

Yes. If the Jordanians ever modify their Leclercs (which I am keen to see) they will make interesting additions for the French tree. As of now the “Zayed” doesn’t have any differences over any of the Emirati Leclercs that could come.

Currently Leclerc SXXI and Leclerc AZUR from france tech tree lack OFL 120 F2 APFSDS only

Yeah but they use the OFL 120 F2 in real life and we’re hoping for it

+1 for the French TT, Britain has no need for a french MBT