Aj37 weapon loadout

the plane should have 6 or 7 pylons (instead of 4) wich we dont have :/

4 IS correct. it got 6 pylons on the ajs upgrade



Give me Danish Draken insted of shit AJ and AJS

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did you read the topic’s title?

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Yeah. About a load out. I didnt mention load out. But i should have. AJ37 load out (and AJS37) is Doodoo

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i thought that it was intuitive that having 6 or 7 weapon pylons would get you more weapons .
The AJ should have atleast the RB 04 E including other rockets or bombs
the Ajs should have all of what the aj37 has + Rb 15F

man, what are you even saying? intuitive is to READ the document that you use… like i posted before the aj 37 only have 4 pylons( 5 if you include the central one).

gaijing has already stated that we are not getting anti ship missiles aside form the event tornado for the time being, besides that, which rockets and bombs are you referring to? because the aj/s we already have the rockets and the bombs that it could use (aside form the cluster bombs).