Airliners or cargo

Gajin hear me out this idea would bring lots of players and more fun for current people
what about a airliner escort/interception mode that is basically air be but someone plays as a airliner and one team has to defend it until it lands at a safe airfield and the other team must destroy it

Make a suggestion post about it, it will do nothing here.

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You never know

I like the idea! But like @Laserdestroy_1 said, make a suggestion, won’t do much here

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Where do I make a suggestion

No I do. This is for discussion, not making suggestions. If you want this to be something that can be added you need to make it a suggestion post.

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Latest Suggestions topics - War Thunder β€” official forum

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Ok will post now thanks

I feel like I use this gif too much, but

Anyway make a suggestion if you want.




Survelience aircraft, AWACS, Tanker, etc would be a fun AI target for EC. We need more objective types, especially top tier, and they could be flying at 30-40k ft. With ARH on the way. Its a good way to get people off the deck

Though maybe maps are a tad too small for that currently



I’d fly a C-47…

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