Aircraft radar missiles not able to fire on helicopters

I’ve been playing ground RB with my F-4S and I can’t fire radar-guided missiles at helicopters even when they’re only 5km away. I’ve tried SRC and other modes, but it’s still not working. Or a buff to helicopters or a bug?

Are you using ACM mode

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SRC can’t see them because they’re near the ground and PD can’t see them because they’re not moving fast enough generally speaking. You can only target moving helicopters with PD and you can only target higher altitude helicopters (that you can do a look UP attack on, coming from below) with SRC mode.

You probably need to hit them with an IR missile in most cases.


I can lock the target, but the missile won’t give the double red rings at any range or altitude, and it’s only for helicopters.

IR missiles aren’t effective either unless you can get an all aspect up close, especially with IRCM on a few of them. Supposedly Gaijin fixed the radar cross sections of helicopters, but apparently they still can’t be locked and attacked with SARH missiles.

All the issues I talked about with radar also apply to missiles. It needs to be able to see the target and it can’t for various reasons.

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I’ve had enemies at 500m and moving in the open and still can’t fire on them. It’s insane that helicopters are immune to them, but they can fire an ATGM at me and disintegrate me.

SARH missiles have their own seeker. Most of them work based on PD, so they have their own speed limits where they detect targets. If the target is too slow they will not see it.

newer radars see them, but yeah, otherwise the explanation is fully currect.

So the missile can’t lock helicopters, but is able to lock drones? Because drones at their top speed are about 100khp slower than something like the ka-50. And as I’ve said, even when they are moving I can’t lock them.

I have never locked a drone ever. I will have to check that

It works, but it’s difficult since they have poor radar cross-sections because of their size.

Vehicle type doesnt matter.
As long as its too slow for the SARH seeker to get a good signal, you wont be able to fire on them.

Even if the enemy is moving, it won’t let me fire on them. And I’ve tried every radar mode and still nothing.

If that’s the case then it’s not modeled realistically at all.

Heli blades spin, and should create a crazy big radar signature on PD

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If i remember correctly, each radar has a certain tolerance for target movement, some do better some do worse, you dont have to be perfectly still.

Use ACM, keybind is usually Alt+W, it’s a high power mode so to speak. I play the Vigg in ground RB sometimes to either CAS or do Aerial defense, only way I can lock helicopters is on ACM mode, and the radar on the Vigg is extremely powerful. I usually lock all my targets to get range and relative speed to my location, as it gives me the upper hand.

Well, PD we have in game works purely on relatvie speed.

Yes, sadly

I’ve tried every mode and it doesn’t change anything. Also Sweden has All Aspect radars and TWS so that won’t help the F-4S.