Aircraft have no value anymore, suicides are on the up

Since the resent patch there are more suicidal pilots. An example, i get dived on, they mis, i get on there six and rather than let me get a kill the fly into the ground

You dont have that problem?, who skill issue are you referning to?
You could be right might just be me moving up into jets

I play SPAA a lot and I also see way more suicide bombing. Before I can even get a few rounds out, they dive into the deck. GJ needs to properly model bombs with the REAL arming device so suicide bombs won’t explode.

Thats pretty normal. I see a lot of people suicide at most BRs to deny a kill or where they’ve just crashed straight into the ground because they didnt pull up in time or locked up by going to fast. If you’ve just gotten into jets, then the likelyhood is is that more people are now climbing and diving more. Not all nations employ boom and zoom tactics at lower BRs, but may in jets.

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Ive watched a few replays some just were not looking were they are going ie looking at me, but some have taken a step sudden dive

When you were about to kill them?

That’s just a terrible player who can’t handle giving anyone else a kill in a game they expect to get a kill in…

This is common on this game as the next stage of that is ‘That shouldn’t have killed me because XXXXXXX’ just because they can’t handle actually being got.

I used to see it a fair bit at one stage, people would end up in a situation that their first pounce didn’t work, and they would end up crashing into the ground to make sure you didn’t get a credit.

This came from the old j-ing out to avoid it, which was fixed by the nearest player credit mechanic.

I’ve also seen this happen in ground vehicles too… Someone takes a few shots at you, and then they excape to the menu, and return to hangar, making you get no kill because they actually quit out fast.

Well… since the shorter the time in battle is, the less player will pay in repair costs, it is beneficial to do the job quickly and switch vehicle.

ARB - when flying a bomber, best thing to do now is to dive toward the base, drop bombs and get yourself destroyed. No point of returning to base and taking off again, cause if you get shot down, you’ll pay 3 times as much SL for repairs.
GRB - same, just drop bombs and lawn dart.

It all just sums up how stupid the repair cost system is.

The best thing that can happen are the idiots who are checking their guns upon the spawn.
I had one such moron who sprayed his guns at me and scored a hit. I made him pay full repair cost for my plane as soon as I dropped the bombs.

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I’ve been playing more recklessly in air RB and I end up crashing more often as I take riskier plays.
Why not when the repairs are free?

Its an enemy skill issue.

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They should make crashes proximity based kills, closest enemy gets the kill just like J’ing out is, there is a thing called “maneuver kill” after all


That would double my K/D ratio in the spitfire. The number of energy divers I force to crash into the ground is insane. I think my record was 4 in the space of 3 minutes.

It would certainly need some fine tuning, but yeah, would be good

Wiukd love to see that

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Watch this space

Definitely got skill issues

If player crashes due to poor dogfighting skills, the attacking player should credit for that. I suppose it would be difficult to implement/determine who said credit should be issued to.

i absolutely agree. too often i smashed into the ground lately while trying to evade incoming missiles, and also seen the same thing happen to enemies. the most annoying thing is that i get a crew lock and have to wait often up to 5 minutes until i can play again. i’d be fine with paying a full repair for that as long as i can hop in the next battle right away

I’m sure there’s many reasons for their suicide.

-“Losing to somebody better than me triggers my anxiety.”
-“Get outta my safe space!”
-“That’s racist!”
-“Get off me homophobe!”

The funny thing is, you get a small consolation RP reward for dying. You get nothing for crashing into the ground.

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easy fix: the player who crashes gets nothing but a crew lock, the player who is rewarded the maneuver kill gets the associated rewards