Air superiority/supremacy in Ground RB

I see alot of complaints about CAS in Ground RB (especially top tier), but as a guy who plays mostly top tier AIR RB…Would it not make more sense to just have 3-4 dedicated air players from the start of the match fighting for air superiority/supremacy? I would think that matches would play out more like AIR RB for CAS, where some players would bomb, but the majority of the teams fight for control of the air space before attacking ground targets. Thus alleviating the early match impact of CAS while maintaining a balanced match maker. Just my two cents as an air guy.

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This is how it works in SQB and what I hoped GRB would be when Combined arms was first announced, to have in essence an ARB match happening in the exact same lobby as a GRB match

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Would a simple timer on CAS not work just as well? It would stop people spawning as soon as they got one or two kills and if the game was short then the CAS is limited.

It would be like Company of Heroes where the big guns didn’t emerge until you were well into the game.

It would ruin the MO for many who simply use tanks to get CAS which might be good or bad depending your outlook.