Air Simulator is a waste of time

0 realism in rwr changes
Just a arcade feature

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I’d be extremely surprised if they don’t have this IRL, seems like an extremely easy thing to add through data-link.


In irl radar freq can be different, but still in same band.

Totally agree

I come to sim EC for gameplay.
Some reward is just a nice bonus to fun.

Rewards got cut down because some people were botting and just bombing bases and airfields without actually playing, and instead of banning botters or doing anything to remove them Gaijin decided that everyone should be punished instead.

Useful Actions is a stupid rewards system, you should be rewarded for what you do instead of if you can stay alive for 15 minutes after doing something.

Sim isn’t necessarily the gamemode to be grinding in but damn give us some reward for spending 2 hours in the same game.

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you should play for fun… if you think that way… “Biggest waste of time” all games are a waste of time.

you should play to relax, not to see the games as your second job.

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Well I’ll be damned I have to bite my tongue this time

Aaaaand Tornado got it’s BOZ pods rectified as well!


Rewards are fine, 120k SL and 30k RP for 23min in game is okay:

Or here 180k SL and 35k RP for 46min game is not bad:

Maxed you get 57k SL and 15k RP for 15min of gameplay - this is not bad at all. Better is flying in ground SB and fighting other fighers, 4 kills will get you around 100k SL and that can happen in just 10min game.


How much do you need?

A 500K SL and 150K RP as before?

Hordes of bots and farmers will be happy ruining your game.


^ there I fixed that for you :)


Yes, thank you )

How about we get some form of moderation in Sim battles so that botters aren’t as bug of an issue instead of punishing everyone else


And just to show a bad game I had, I literally crashed 3 times, got shot down 4 times and killed friendly as he jumped in between me and target when missile was already in the air.
11 air kills - I stayed in the game just to try to get over 1-1 k/d and make sure we win, ultimately enemy team all left one by one and managed to drag this victory to an end.

In 1:34 I got 240k SL and 68k RP, if I didn’t die that many times I could probably get to 500k SL:

Notice that out of 6 possible 15min periods, I only maxed 2, the rest is short times when I killed someone and then died.

So yeah, rewards are not that bad really.

Without a booster, you’re capped at 45-50k RP per hour in sim. There is no way to earn more than that no matter how good you play. Unless you have an aircraft with a higher RP % than premium F1C with premium time then that’s it.

I’ve demonstrated you can earn 130-180k RP per hour in RB.

That’s cool and stuff… but I am not touching any AB/AB+ with a stick, thank you. I researched all my vehicles in SB and I played SB only for past 11 years. I don’t care if arcade pew pew gives more bonus on secondary aspect of this game - grind.

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Yes, as before would be just fine… “bots and farmers” never ruined my game (you can still shoot them down, you know).

The biggest issue with sim right now is the extreme lack of players and the lack of rewards is the primary reason. If people are breaking EULA then they should be banned but instead of banning them they punished everyone else (the bots never left)

What you “care” about does not matter. You made the claim however, that sim rewards are not bad.

They are 2-4x worse than RB.

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They are not bad, of course, given EC environments is relaxed, easy game mode, not comparable to the fast paced chaos in other game modes.

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I don’t want to fight bots. I want real players.