Air sim top tier economy

Is it just me or should the Top Tier air sim economy be fixed. I love playing air sim at 12.0-12.7 for great dogfights and combat. But I am also constantly learning. It costs ~14.5k Sl to fly out my f16 and getting 1 air to air kill and dying to a bvr r27er then I am already in the negatives. They should increase the SL earned for each air kill and objective. with a 1 to 1 KD you are already in the negatives and It means you have to complete a ton of objectives without dying or get more than 4 kills air to air against other players before even breaking even in terms of respawn or repair cost.


But… then there is no need to spend money…

You understand the game?
This whole system is designed around Premium.
Premium Time and Premium Planes.
Buy more Premium and be happy.

A bit sarcastic, but that´s the sad truth.

that is true. To be fair I am net0 profit because I have always had premium. But it just makes me sad that I even need premium to actually progress and not go broke playing sim.

In top tier you can die if you are unaware 2 seconds, so you normally die more, and with actual rewards, you get much less SL & RP than in lower tiers, even if you kill more people.

For grinding, it’s better a premium between 9.7 and 10.7 I would say

Hello Nokia, welcome to the forum brother. Top tier is not for grinding or seeking profits at all its only purely for enjoyment as you can go in the negatives extremely fast. Also it sounds like you are unaware of how the simulator reward system works. To summarize the “useful actions” system has a hard cap on rewards. If you bomb every base right away or play hyper aggressive, then you’re just bombing and killing for free. What is recommend is that you limit your bombing/fighting to only 1 or 2 kills/bases max, per each 15-minute interval. You know the interval time resets when a System Message displays your earned rewards during that cycle. If you have a hard time keeping track to watch your screen. Just use a stopwatch to monitor the time. Once the timer resets, you are free to land, or continue. Any actions up front will only reward 80% of your reward. Landing back at the airfield will reward you the other 20%. Be mindful to land when available. If you die/crash, you will loose the 20% of your activity reward.

Guide taken from Termx’s War Thunder Bomb Chart - War Thunder Bomb Chart - EC Sim - Google Spreadsheets

I completely understand how it works. and your right. I love top tier for enjoyment It is really just hard to even get activity if im not as good at dogfighting as everyone else. In mid tier I get really good results. It just sucks that you basically have to hide to even get your activity rewards and land safely in top tier. Especially because the use of radar can lock you from across the map. I love bombing bases and completing the objectives I guess its just a learning curve in terms of how to do top tier correctly vs mid tier jets. I have also just been getting bad servers. Where most of the players have enjoyed staying next to my base and killing me off rip. or at least on my side of the progressive territory to the point where you can only get 5 minutes of flight time before getting bvr killed.

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I totally Agree. I just wish they at least made progressive point increases the higher the tier of sim. I can easily get tons of XP and SL from mid tier Sim but then trying top tier especially with my new setup it is just hard to even get off the ground without being killed by a SARH missile from a guy who is just waiting off my spawn. I do love sim in all tiers and I just feel maybe ive been feeling a little down due to the fact I havent been getting fair play servers recently. Usually its all fine and great and everyone is respectful but the last few weeks have been a lot of spawn killing.

IMHO, the most important and almost only part of landing is to avoid the cost of respawn, as you can reach the cap without landing but keeping flying and doing objectives without being to agressive.


You could check how many playres are in both teams, their stats and check if it is worth to respawn or search a new match. Also, i havent test it to throughly, but if you dont touch anything, then your first respawn is free, but if you touch any option, even without changing your loadout, then youll need to pay for that respawn.


I agree, I just really have to pick my servers wisely. I guess it is really hard to guage good vs bad willed players. I love dog fighting and playing against true sim"Aces" who are respectful and enjoy a good fight. But its hard to guage if there going to just come to your airfield and spawn kill you or just be waiting.

Didn’t play top tier since some months ago, after 2 days playing it, I have seen that with premium account and K/D of 2, you don’t make money, you just stay even

You can have an income at top tier, but it requires more discpline to know when to retreat, specially with those active missiles incoming, so you can reduce your deaths (being outnumber, already on the enemy side, already reached the cap for that 15 min block, etc).

That KD ratio is not that important when were talking about income on sim, you could have a KD of 1 and earn more than someone that has a KD of 10 if you know how the rewards works.

Im not denying that we have way to low rewards compared to the respawn cost of many aricraft at top tier (almost 9K SL for a basic aricraft to 15K SL for a fully reaserched aircraft).


I know, but surviving in top tier is much more difficult, 2 seconds unaware, and you are dead. Of course you can survive, but maybe 2% of the players can do it, and in lower tiers much more people can.

Why on earth would they make such a complicated system for Rewards?

It’s the result of bombers just zombing but this system just works even better for pve so it’s quite ironic

Yes, this system is heavily lacking an effort- and risk-based reward.

You can have an epic fight and kill 10 players, but besides the good K/D ratio, there is no benefit.
The most lucrative way to play it, is pure pve.

Dying is so expensive in sim (less useful action reward AND high respawn costs) that the NR 1 rule is not to die.
Everything on top is bonus.

No wonder the pve lobbies came up. When people can’t afford to play PvP that’s the only way.

I’m fine with the RP gain. I don’t need a new plane every evening that I can’t play anyway because the next will be unlocked one game later.
And it’s fine to play a week or two for a top tier. That’s endgame and WT is a long term game.

But when people can’t afford to play or buy the plane they researched, that’s bullshit.

The SL for kills should be way higher than the ridiculous 100? SL. Give us half the spawn cost we killed! The other half is still removed from the game.

And return us our spawn costs if we bring the plane back in one piece. Why should we pay, if we don’t break it?

This has has nothing to do with “fighting” botters/zombers whatsoever. It never did. I remember when they introduced that you had to return to base in order to get full reward… everysince these changes were made to reduce income and increase the need to buy something in order to progress. Imagine… everyone in a round sees who’s botting, but SOMEHOW they don’t. Instead they decrease income for everyone and just blame it on the botters… what sense is this supposed to make besides it being a way of monetization?

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Like this, playing anything besides a dedicated fighter is just a high risk no reward game in HT. UNLESS yout team has much more people than the enemies. So basically… Attackers with fancy A2G missiles and everything are pretty much worthless if your whole existence is based on running away from Mig-23/F-14/F-16/Su-27/F-15 for the whole round and MOSTLY when the closer you get to 15min mark.

Yeah! so what do you think should happen to help fix the sim economy. I havent played in a while but I just completely refreshed my rig and wanna go back into it.