Air SIM controls?

What kind of controls do you guys use?
id like to know as i wanna get into sim with maybe a controller (because i simply cant dogfight with M and KB).

Welcome to SIM. 👍

I use Hotas, pedals and VR now, but started with just a joystick and a self made track ir thing. Worked ok, but it’s a completely different game with the Hotas and especially VR.

A trained console player can aim incredibly good with a controller, but I have no talent for that and can’t even play a shooter without a mouse. 😄

But even in DCS there are incredibly good players with controllers. Give it a try, maybe it works out for you.

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i tried with controller and just couldnt get a feel for how much i should (or can pull) in order to make the most out of the aircraft and not stall into a brutal freefall

i use mouse and keyboard and i totally fine

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for dogfighting???

id like to see your controls.blk lol

sure pm me and i share that

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I play with controller on PlayStation. I’ve very much customized the controls from the defaults. Whatever control setup you use, it’s very helpful to go into a test flight with sim difficulty and adjust the sensitivity and nonlineararity to get them into a comfortable place for yourself. I also use trim a lot. Different planes may also need different control adjustments to fly well.

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I’m a M&K player. I’m a decent pilot, and I can kill people at prop BRs (I’m not good at jets), but it just takes practice. focus on flying first, go into test flights, customs, etc, and then work on gunnery. For me it’s anticipating where the enemy will go, as with M&K you can’t really keep the plane level easily

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when i use WASD for manoeuvres i lose too much speed as there isnt any restriction on pull rates in SIM, so do i lower sensitivity? deadzone? nonlinearity? etc

Personally I use those as “emergency” buttons. If someone gets on my six and I can’t shake them, I hit wasd and flatspin. Recover, reset. Use the mouse joystick for actual maneuvers.

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i assume you use relative control and not mouse joystick

I use mouse joystick. at least I think

you see the white dot inside the big circle right?

Ah yeah maybe relative then my bad. You knew what I mean though

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ok i see… might prove more useful over time, i guess i just have to try 😅

It’s just practice really, go into a custom scenario and practice aim, easy aircraft to fly for sim are the Hawker Typhoon, P-38/40/47, Messerschmitt 110/109 :)

ill go for the 110, it just looks so cool but is just sad in WT RB

It’s actually amazing in sim, the G4 variant has radar (Albeit doesn’t work at low altitude), and it’s a stable gun platform and is hard to go into an uncontrollable spin

Also they can fly really easily on 1 engine, last weekend I got my No. 2 shot up and had to fly back to base on one, still made a pass at an enemy and smacked him

im really bored of top teir RB cuz its just the same thing on repeat, so im getting into sim and this is really helpful. thanks guys.