[Air RB] Stop 11.0-12.0 mess!

@Stona_WT @Smin1080p

At the moment there is a serious problem in the Air RB at high ranks. The obvious discrepancy between some pre-top vehicles and their combat rating, as a result of which they end up with top-end BRs, where they are subjected to unpunished humiliation without the opportunity to respond in any way. Or vice versa, respectively.

Here are a few direct examples:
J-8B - no doppler, no all-aspect missiles, 11.0
Luxur-M - no doppler, all-aspect missiles (whole 6!!!), 11.0
JA37C - doppler, TWS (!!!?!?!?!?!?!), no all-aspect missiles (except SARH), 11.0

As they say, find the weak spot…
At the same time, not having a sane balance even on its own, 11.0 constantly ends up with 11.3-12.0 where, as expected, it gets ripped off by the crowd of Dopplers/TWS’s and all-aspect missiles. It’s kind of not very good, you know. The capabilities of vehicles at this BR vary too much.

You should ISOLATE 11.3-12.3 vehicles from junior BR and ranks ASAP!

Thanks for understanding.