Air RB needs to be changed to 8v8

Making a poll for this, because the rat races for 4 bases that’s 4 people for 1 base… and I won’t even talk about the furballs that happen in the middle of the map.

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Bigger maps

Multiple Airfields

Allow respawning

Reducing player count won’t fix a fundamentally broken game mode.


But it would help to reduce the RNG of match results.

Currently (depending on BR) your WR/match result is mostly determined by how many “non- pilots” you have in your team - leaving you either in a 8 vs 2 or 2 vs 8 situation after a few minutes.

The less players are active the more skill becomes important - and decisive. But you can be skilled like hell - it is just more likely to die in a 2 vs 8 than in a 1 vs 4. So the increase of players levels the skill factor to a large degree.

So the introduction of 16 vs 16 and the MM settings can also be seen to generate random match results and make skill less important - on purpose.

As written somewhere else - only experienced players would benefit if introduced in the current state of Air RB - it boils down that you would import ODL issues to Air RB and just create multiple options to die in one match for rookies.

It just depends on if they would allow respawning. Id love it for them to introduce respawning to Air RB.

Both of these suggestions would help Air RB alot but the 16 vs 16 would have to remain on bigger maps. City cant maintain 16 vs 16. Or the maps would all have to be altered to be larger to maintain 16 vs 16.

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Certainly, respawning couldn’t be allowed unless map size was drastically increased and multiple airfields were available to spawn in.

Sounds a lot like Air RB EC…



Why don’t they introduce the predetermined limit of ground pounders before the game even started ?
This way you won’t have multiple people competing for already scarce targets.


This is simply impossible - the whole mode was turned into a low skill required base bombing grinding event. Even at prop BRs i had a match with 10 Wyverns on the enemy team - in jet BRs almost everybody carries bombs, doesn’t matter if fighter/fighter-bomber or strike aircraft…

True, so you could change it from looking at Strike aircraft to looking at your ordnance, if you know what I mean.
Before you enter the queue, you pick what you want to carry, AGM or AAM and only X amount of players on each team can carry AGM stuff.

I agree in principle, but to choose the “right” loadout for certain maps after joining a battle is highly appreciated. Currently you can queue in without any payload as the BR is decisive not the payload.

Restricting payloads won’t work with the current player base, just look at the poll for reinstating shorter base respawn timers - those guys want to bomb at all cost…

I don’t play Air RB all that much so I don’t get this to be honest. Don’t you play ARB in order to fight other planes, regardless of the map ?

This is problematic since it brings unbalance, you have no idea how many of your teammates will go for bases and it will surely turn ugly on many occasions.

Considering that almost everyone can bring bombs to the match, amount of bases and their respawn timer is surely a valid complaint.

I think introducing “roles” to both ARB and GRB would drastically help with the health of those modes.

Changing air rb to 8v8 would cause more issues than it would fix. Maybe something like a new gamemode that would favor bombers or adding more bases and objectives to regular maps.

You just described sim

There is more to do than just bomb a base.

People run bases cause it is “meta” to grind, though those that go for kills win the match.


Yes except simulator has different flight controls.

Do you have any other thing to do or is this all we can offer? Killing planes and bombing bases.

If you want more go into single missions, user maps or play DCS.

It is like saying “drive to cap and kill tanks”. It is what war thunder is.

I am not sure how to explain this, but imagine you fly a BR 3.3 Hellcat - a pure fighter without any spawn restrictions and you get one of the rare Air RB maps with ai cruisers or destroyers - it is not unusual to see those players performing a torpedo run and reclimb to join the air battle.

Same with strike fighters - either you spawn without loadout to play A2A or you drop your payload and reclimb like the Hellcat above.

And even when i play a prop bomber (4 slots limit) i often determine my loadout often based on the BR, the enemy lobby and the map. So if i play a full downtier in my B-18B vs a German team i select bombs and rockets as i can kill some Bv 238s with rockets, whilst in a full uptier i am forced to use just internal bombs to have a realistic fighting chance vs P-47 D-28/30 and I-225s, even the drag of empty external bomb racks cost you a lot of top speed - and speed is life.

I mean it is no secret that the loadout indicator in the lobby screen (showing rockets and bombs) is not reliable; so you can’t say for sure who is carrying what loadout…

This boils down to the “wrong” decisions by gaijin regarding map design and rewards. As long as simple base bombing generates more SL/RP than alternative targets you can’t avoid that people go for bases.

Imho currently PvE focused players are simply in the majority in Air RB - but base bombing does not really help to fulfil the theoretical possibilty of a ticket win due to the low ticket drain of base bombing. Even at higher tiers (10.0+) the few ai planes contribute more to the ticket drain than own fighter-bombers in a F-111. (Example: Here).

I added some thoughts regarding a more diverse PvE game play here:

You don’t need to have scripted missions to having engaging objectives for players to tackle during a match.

Ground has actual control of terrain making gameplay much more dynamic.

Air is boring to me.

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Ye that is the beauty of it - each have their own likes and dislikes. For me personally - I hate (yes, I mean hate) naval battles purely because of how the gun mechanics work in naval. Yet, other people like it.

I mainly play ground - I only play air to get CAS for ground or to have fun with friends.

In the end - it is a PVP based game utilizing machines of war.