(Air RB) Bases now heavily defended via AA. Who asked for this?

I’m spading my F-3D1 (BR 7.0, Air RB) and now I’m getting split in half by Gatling defenses of the bases. Who asked for this? Bombers won’t care for this but attackers /Fighters carrying low altitude bombs are now screwed.
Thanks alot gaijin, attackers were barely worth spading in Air RB and now they are absolutely not. Let’s all play fighters, in zero variety game. Good plan.


Didn’t you know? air rb is exclusively a fighter mode


Welcome to the joy that ASB has been “enjoying” for the better part of a year. Drop from about 3-4km and you should be fine

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Then Gaijin should remove bases and AI targets from maps. Let all grind CAS in ground RB.

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My first flight with some napalm bombs was a surprise but if you alter your strategy, climb up to 4km b4 approach. I do vertical drops in fighters practically dive bombing slam my brakes, veer off after drop, brakes off, zoom away. A bit more work to it than just spacebar click but less AAA strikes.

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Doesn’t seem that way. I remember there being bombers and strike aircraft in this game.

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with the way gaijin treats them they might as well not exist in air rb

I’m not sure that reply makes sense…

it’s a horrible change, flying anywhere near the middle area below 1000m is just a death sentence. it is a real pain

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Might have already been fixed

i can tell you it hasn’t… i got lucky and didn’t die but i got hit twice in one game. first crippled me killing my co pilot and blackening the entire centre fuselage and the 2nd hit took my aileron off. travelling around 1000pkh at 600m. seems balanced and fair

Ah… yeah, no surprise there. If its anything like the SPAA nerfs they applied in SB. They probably turned it down from 20/10 down to 19/10

i am still getting shot down by the ai even when i already dropped my bombs

Where AI SPAA are concerned, they never balance them right. They have always been OP in SB. Looks like theyve decided RB needs to suffer too

but then i lose speed and get shot down before i reach the base

You could try lofting bombs then using CCRP

not at 4.0

I dont mind it to be honest, adds some flavour.
It’s not a guaranteed death.

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