• Ju 87D-3 — a bug that made it impossible to go into battle with this aircraft has been fixed. (Report)
  • F-16C Block 50 — the position of the LITENING II targeting pod camera has been adjusted. (Report)
  • Tornado IDS ASSTA1 — the glass texture has been fixed. (Report)

Ground vehicles

  • A bug where the amount of loaded ammo did not match the amount selected before a match has been fixed. (Report)
  • The settings for collision damage have been adjusted to reduce speed loss when colliding with concrete, brick and stone fences.
  • Object 279 — the hull armor has been fixed. (Report)
  • T30 — the ammo rack position has been corrected. (Report)
  • Strv m/42 EH — the gunner’s position has been fixed. (Report)


  • [Operation] Battle for Vietnam now uses updated base bombing logic, where the location of bases depends on rank of the match. The number of possible base positions has been increased.
  • For Air RB and Confrontation missions, the required amount of HP for bombing bases at the top ranks has been reduced.
  • An issue where anti-aircraft guns covering ground vehicles could shoot at aircraft that did not pose a threat to them or other ground vehicles has been fixed.
  • Excessive accuracy of anti-aircraft guns covering bombing bases in specific Air RB and Confrontation missions has been fixed.


  • Now, when the conditions for getting a flag are met or a flag is purchased, a flag icon is displayed in the messages menu, similar to decals.
  • A bug that could cause the map to not display in [Confrontation] naval missions if it was opened for the first time when the player was in a catapult aircraft has been fixed.


  • The volume of allied ground vehicle engines when there is a large concentration of them around the player has been reduced. This does not apply to the volume of enemy ground vehicle engines.
  • The engine sounds of the Abrams and T-64 series of tanks has been adjusted, with the aim to make them sound more realistic.
  • Message pauses have been added for the “Limit Angle of Attack” and “Ultimate Overload” speech messages for “Mouse Aiming” and “Simplified Controls” control options.
  • A bug that could cause crew voice messages to play after the player’s ship had sunk and been destroyed has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused RWR sounds to remain after an aircraft was destroyed and after respawning in a ground vehicle has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Managed to get this bug finally today a few matches before the update hit. Hopefully stays fixed.

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“For Air RB and Confrontation missions, the required amount of HP for bombing bases at the top ranks has been reduced.”
Could you please specify how many kgs of TNT are needed to destroy a base?


I have question regarding air RB
Since more modern missiles are being added with each update and it’s only matter of time when active radar homing missiles are added
Is number of players per team in air RB considered to being lowered?
If it isn’t, I would like to ask for this to be considered because when radar missiles are added, the situation, which is already bad, is going to become much worse

Great news! Will be happy to test how it is now!

I wish we can get real sounds for the Abrams soon. There was a very impressive sound mod for it on WT Live made by @Nakai_Koetsu which supposedly used real sounds, but I’d like to see the development team’s take on acquiring real life sounds for the Abrams.

I hope this isnt just ARB

Im just hoping SB is counted as “Confrontation missions” never heard to them refer to it like that before (I think) But yeah, good changes if they dont revert them. Just need them to apply the fix to convoys now as well. They are really deadly still

Can we get an exact way the Object 279 was fixed like it’s the vaguest patch note ever. what was wrong and what was fixed?

i killed two in one match by shooting through the lower pike nose from the front. with T-55A with stock APDS round. Funny that this gets noticed and fixed in mere days.
and for instance the annoying crew refill starting anywhere but the 12 o clock position is still there.

Other tanks had problems that were eventually fixed but not OP-279, how many wodka tears were shed by the users, because their OP as hell space chariot, could be killed from the front.

Rejoice, friend! 6x Mk.83’s are enough again to kill a base, so you get the Tornado back to its former glory in Sim EC!

Well… Tornado Gr1 could just run 12x Mk13s for 2x base kills. Going back to Mk83s is nice, they are a little lighter. But was never a major nerf for me :P

Though 5x Mk13s being a base kill in the Sea Harrier FRS1 or Harrier Gr7 is a big buff

You spelled “reversal of major nerf” wrong… ;-)

Hehe, yeah… I wonder why they changed it in the first place? Event nerf? Though the change was actually a minor buff for a few aircraft, like the Jaguar or Bucanneer or British Phantoms, where dropping 6x bombs per base was just easier, so was wasting 1 bomb for the sake of ease. But glad this is reverted. I rarely play those jets

What flags?

Is this related to these messages -

their still bugs i reported long time ago they still did not get fixed !
P-38k pilot
about object 279 armor
armor need more corrections also the king tigers II armor
hope they get fixed or least some update about them !

best wishes.

Issue with russian vehicle, fixed in 2 days, hundreds of other bugs with other vehicles getting mass reported with verifiable evidence, the loudest silence ever,