Air RB and its possible rework

I also experienced worse performance on PC. While I haven’t tested it much I think it’s too much load on the CPU, rather than the GPU. I’ll do some testing in a few days and report back. I have a feeling that lowering graphics settings might not do anything.

Yeah, but the idea is to have a difference between generation. And why not adapt it to each radar/missile pair. And you would see in X-ray mode the multipathing height on the radar.

Top tier is enjoyable but the Russians need an upgrade on their missiles both the r73 and r77 are currently the worst missiles in the game when they should be meta.

should do a poll on how bad the RP reward system is. it shouldn’t take weeks to just get one vehicle. i get it they want to make more money with people boosting to top tier but when will it stop. games should be enjoyable, atm its just a sick feeling thinking you had a great game in grb after getting 5+ kills only to get 2-5k in rp. its honestly disappointing how gaijin has made the game in such a way now ,to actually progress you have to basically hand them your wallet, it wasn’t like that when i first started out. And i this needs to be fixed.

Could add the R-27EA, an ARH version of the R-27E. Should share its body and motor with the R-27ER and ET, which would give it a lot of speed and range.

I would rather not nuke this thread by talking about grind too much. The only reason I included some questions about it is to show that people are having a really bad time and that we could use some ARHs stock.

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Sorry to bother you, but can you look at the post I am replying to.

It was originally meant for Community Managers, but I am not sure if they even read it. We have been working on this for some time now, I would like it to be looked at by the developers.

Thank you for your time.
Have a good one!


Really glad this post and poll were created. I wanted to add some comments.

The multipathing change combined with 16v16 doesn’t solve the brainless gameplay that a lot of those in favour of the change complain about. Pre-change, aside from splash damage from Aim54’s, flying low was relatively safe. After the change, it is not reliable at all. I have destroyed targets flying low without issue with radar missiles, and have been killed many times myself while hugging the deck. In a 16v16 environment (especially on small maps), it is impossible in many cases to fly defensively. Notching and chaffing one missile just means you die to another. The new lower level for multipathing means missiles connect most of the time, as they do not have time to have their flight path modified by interference.
I don’t really care whether multipathing is modelled correctly, or if it is given a higher than realistic height, however as implemented with huge teams and small maps, it just trades one brainless strategy for another.

Radar Missiles: BR and Balance
This is a continuation in a way from the multipathing issue. There are currently several aircraft that cannot take countermeasures at all, or can take very limited countermeasures at 10.0 and above, where they can encounter competent radar missiles. At 11.0, the first MTI and PD equipped aircraft can be found, and PD radar is common at 11.3. After the multipathing change, these aircraft (such as certain F104s, J35D etc) have gone from difficult to play, to unplayable in uptiers. This problem is present for numerous aircraft from 10.0 to 10.7 in particular.

This has always been an issue, but the new ARH missiles have made it much worse. The Sea Harrier FA.2 and AV8B+ are the same BR, for example, and both can fight anything from Phantoms to yet-to-be-known 13.3’s, whenever those are added. For a different perspective, I have no problem fighting Mig29’s (12.0) in a J7E (11.0), however taking a 12.0 Mig29 to 13.0 is an awful experience. There are far too many examples to list, but currently the game feels incredibly unbalanced above 11.3. I would really like to see a patch focusing on expanding the BR range to 14.0 or higher, and filling our the range of 10.7 and above, even if it means adding more variants of existing aircraft, preferrable as folder vehicles.

Stock Grind
Stock grinding the Sea Harrier Fa.2 led to one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in the game. Since the addition of ARH missiles and the effective removal of multipathing, engagements now take place mostly at ranges exceeding that of IR missiles. Being forced to use Aim9L’s, then M’s was awful. While the SHFA2 has been the worst, other aircraft at or near top tier are extremely difficult to grind right now. Adding stock radar missiles would be an excellent change.

Reduced Player Matches (ex 8v8)
Firstly, these matches are much more enjoyable. I recently managed an ace in one of these matches, and reflected afterward that despite small matches lasting longer, the rewards for most players will be worse. My team in that match contributed toward victory, but would have received few rewards, as I took 5/8 of the kills. I propose proximity based rewards for smaller matches to counteract this. Players within a certain distance of an enemy for an extended period of time should get increased (percentage or flat reward) SL and RP upon victory.

RB Rework
Myself and others have been advocating for this for a very long time. I think multiple spawn points, and multiple spawns could be key to this. Some possible matches could be:

  1. Intercept: multiple enemy formations will spawn, with the main objective of one team to intercept and shoot them down, and the other team to protect them.
  2. Priority targets: convoys will spawn, with each team only given approximate intel on location. The goal is to locate and destroy priority targets.

In these matches, multiple respawns and long range SAMs near air bases would encourage objective based gameplay. PVP should still give good personal rewards and contribute to victory, however a large reward for winning combined with mission objectives contributing the most to team score would keep objectives relevant. The missions themselves could encourage the use of different aircraft in a lineup, from air superiority fighters, to multirole, to pure strike aircraft. It could also pave the way for bombers to be added at higher tiers, including helicopters in air battles, and the addition of other aerial military vehicles in the future. These missions could be added as a separate queue, or as a toggle in settings like the 8v8 matches and night missions.


It’s been a week, we have been ignored. GGs I guess.


sad :(

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more people should tag them so they will see the post

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I don’t think spamming them with pings is going to do anything.

If this is supposed to be a Suggestion for a change to the game, you went about it wrong. You need to make a thread in Suggestions if you want changes. This section is for purely discussion. If you don’t recreate this thread as a Suggestion section thread then absolutely nothing will come of it.

That one got deleted, or rather didn’t get posted.

It makes some strides towards making the mode more interesting, but like most other attempts in this area it will sadly fall short unless the age-old issue of zero-sum objective structure is dealt with. If you only try to increase PvE rewards/make PvE objectives easier, you just bring back the old 5min bomber rushes, 5min attacker sweeps, and fighter mains complaining about both until we’re back where we started with fighters alone being all that matters.

We can make both PvE and PvP camps happy simultaneously in one game mode by simply removing the ability for any single objective to win on its own.

PvP enjoyers can go finish their dogfights without needing to care about swatting PvE planes or risking sudden loss within 5 min. Only the most diehard PvP Puritans will get uppity, but as those folk got us into this mess by butchering all PvE-related objectives and planes, I don’t really care if they get uppity.

PvE enjoyers can play with more intelligence than headless chickens due to not feeling pressured to rush in to grab what they can before one team melts and game auto-ends.

Players who enjoy all plane types now have reason to go fly their nonfighters beyond spading everything or being grind zombies.

Message a Suggestion Mod and see why. It might just need some changes or something.

I don’t really care anymore. If anyone else wants to do it feel free.

so i guess thats it boys
we have lost

I don’t know why they think ARB is bad. It’s been a long time, more than 10 years… still a $ machine. Lots of premium aircraft to choose from and grind the whole tree. But in the end they thought everything should be changed because it sucked, patience.