Air RB 11.0 might aswell be 12.0

Nearly all matches when playing any 11.0 will be uptiers to 12.0,
Played a lot the last three days to grind italy, switching between F104 TAF and stock Mig 21bis.
Here are the stats that i wrote on a paper to compare: 52 matches total of which 43 were uptiers to 12.0.

F104 TAF doesnt even have all aspect missiles and can’t turn, Mig21bis/Mig23MF can get kills with their all aspect missiles but are severely outperformed by anything they face at 12.0
F4E and Viggens are a bit better on this aspect but would still be crushed when facing swarms of MIG29 and F16.
And funny enough if you play 12.7 you see few 12.0 planes on the lobby, despite 12.0 performing much better in an uptier than a 11.0 does, and despite that 12.0 faces immense rates of downtiers while 11.0 faces nearly exclusively total uptiers


Idk, the Viggen has decent maneuverability, and if played right, has no issue out-preforming 12.0 aircraft, in flight performance and guns. If they give the JA-37D it’s RB-99’s it will still perform well at 12.0+, just given its speed and maneuverability.

That aside, yeah, playing 10.3 regularly, I almost never get uptiered to 11.0, which means more people are playing 11.0, or 11.0 is getting uptiered instead of us. Simple solution, gaijin decompressing BR’s.

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F-16,Mig-29,F-14B,Yak-141 will basically circle around Viggen, even F4E will outplay the Viggen if pilot knows what his doing.

When it was first introduced JA37C was menace, nowadays its just good vehicle at all.

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I’m talking about the D version, as it’s the only Vigg to carry the RB-99 idk it can turn like hell, way better than the F-16 to my understanding, or maybe I’m thinking of the Gripen, at least in high speeds. Also, if my memory serves me right, the F-16 is over-performing in game, and the Gripen is under-proforming, most delta wings are to my knowledge.

Sadly, this manual holds the flight performance of the aircraft, but is excluded from the document for some reason, should be after Pg 118, but isn’t there.

There are other major issues with 11.0 bracket.
Planes like Jaguar IS Mirage 1C od Mirage 2k are equiped with Magic 2 that got buffed several times.
Things like J35 with 6 flairs pop simply cant defeat them.
I just bought mig 21 lazur and I wish I could return it. While plane is fine R60m is simply bad.
16v16 with full uptiers with a plane that is good in 1v1s or staying offensive is a nightmare in such lobbies.
We need to decompression asap since even between 11.0 and 11.3 there is a massive gap.
Better radars better missiles and better performance.


It’s already at 11.3, and to my knowledge, performs just fine there. It’s flight performance is still not totally accurate, but it’s gun has a higher cyclic rate and velocity than the older version, as well as a ballistic targeting computer, if you hit your shots with the 30mm in a dogfight, you should be fine, if you can’t, you can drop speed fairly quickly and put a missile on them. But that is speculatory, as I only have experience with the earlier viggens, but I figure similar tactics will still work.

You don’t even have that viggen

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Yes, but I know it’s armament and capability. If it’s given the RB-99, its performance will still be decent at top tier, and its extra goodies it gets will certainly help it out. I don’t have to have the vehicle to understand it’s performance and weapons, as they are a set statistic.

D version is 11.3 which basically sits at where Kurnass 2000 does which is a better plane in every single category except initial turn and SARH missiles.

No it cant, 12.0 F-16 models can even beat Gripen in dogfight which is the best top tier jet.

Ever since High speed compression removed F-16 family became better then Viggen at high speeds.


Gripen is not underperforming by any means, in fact it might be still overperforming even after 5 nerfs.

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That’s a low speed turn, if it had more speed, it would turn faster, at 2:20, almost a 180° in 6 seconds. It can pull a cobra, or 90° in under a second, I think it outperforms the F-16 in real life too.

Compared to the F-16

If you wanted to compare the JAS39 and F-16, there was a machinery of war section over the JAS39’s flight proformance.

idk about this one man i played the viggen D and C for a good amount of time and 12.0 are still pain for me since F16s are insanly dominante mig29 can be delt with but F16s yak 141s will just crush you in all aspects

Yeah, but I feel it would still be possible to get at least a kill or two. Obviously staying low, and avoiding the head on, pretty much let everyone else have first contact and then sweep through to clean up the mess.

well if we were talking about the viggen’s Kit, ye it can keep up with all other planes around 12.0 the E2’s might get dodged here and there but it’s fine on the other hand in terms of the plane’s performance the viggen stand no chance.

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A Mig29 still crushes a viggen easily, maybe not the fat SMT, but the lighter ones are very good in vertical 1C maneuvers and still easily outrate the viggen

ye mostly i never tried 1v1’ing mig29s in the viggen but i did in the J35D and it was pretty easy killing them but with the viggen i think it’s very hard since at low speeds this thing is a sitting duck and it doesn’t have thrust to weight ratio of a mig29

But the J35 is actually a good dogfighter, handles similar to the mig29 actually, but less power

Vidoes doesnt mean anything since you can edit them.

I know how Gripen performs in real life and its quite common knowledge that Gripen is actually better then F-16 which is a plane thats almost 20 years older.

But without exact numbers you can only assume how much it performs better then F-16.

This debate was pretty much closed with previous Gripen Thread and most of us actually thinks its still overperforms at some point, the thing is without official flight performance chart no one can be sure.

the J35 is an insane dogfighter after the FM change this thing never stalls it’s quite crazy even if the old one was better this one is like very goofy

People overestimates Viggen’s low speed dogfight capabilities.

Sure its a Delta-Canard design but the thing is its quite heavy and canards are fixed.

Although its still pretty good plane for its time.