Air RB 11.0 might aswell be 12.0

it’s mostly an interceptor like aircraft more than a fighter the BVR kit for it’s time is very advanced though

Ofc it is.

Delta designs are actually better when it comes to high speed interceptions because of smooth supersonic fly and reduced drag amounts.

But knowing SAAB i assume they also wanted a jet that can do dogfights when things goes hot.

for the matter of 11.0 seeing 12.0 they need to decompress tbh. all BRs imo are now trash besides props ,up tier over up tier over up tier unless you play top tier

Top tier is a f**ing joke due to amount of players that participates.

If gaijin keeps this mm then Fox-3 meta will be even more clusterf**k.

It is good, but the 9.12 will outrate it and do better in verticals

what’s the 9.12?

The mig29 9.12

idk the J35 is an incredible aircraft more than you think like it’s insane literally this thing can sit on any plane’s tail all day long, it never flatspins and can stay up in the air for quite good amount of time while stalling at 250-300kmh the FM is straight cracked.

I would say it flies similarly to the j7e. The J7e can’t get as slow but rates a bit better and does it a lowish speeds too.

The J35 is good for it’s BR, but can’t really compete with F-14’s and up in a merge duel.
On normal matches you also loose the initial position advantage because you don’t have radar missiles, so a mig29 or F-14 will just high merge and stay at your six

the only way to fix this is to decompress BR’s but gaijin doesn’t seem to care.

well if that’s your opinion but i 1v1’d lots of planes in this thing and won including the mig29s but i didn’t try with F5s and F14s and F16s yet.

F-5e’s can’t compete with J35’s but a F-16 would eat it alive.

The only things holding the F-5e at 11.0 is the damage model and guns

ye that’s true the J35 can only go so far in terms of beating others in a 1v1

J35’s are incredibly strong at 10.7, If only it had more flares it could sit comfortably at 11.0 or 11.3 and stop bulling 10.0’s.

Having 3x the missiles as a F-5e and better performance at a lower BR does not make much sense.

nah man 11.3 and 11.0 is still too high all these vehicle have to them is their performance and aim9J they don’t have RWR or radar or good cannons nor high amount of ammo and even their performance like i said isn’t good but goofy and stupid as they shouldn’t act like this. it’s just gaijin changed their FM and they started not losing speed and not stalling.

They are 11.0 material for sure, but with those drawbacks (low ammo and flare count) and being a premium played by a bunch of new players will keep it at 10.7

The J7e is 11.0 with less missiles (although somewhat better) and ammo, no radar, the only thing that is considerably better is the flare count. RWR is not that important at that BR, and 16v16 makes the RWR just a distraction most of the time

They DO have radar

mb i meant RWR only