Air Arcade Battle Modes

Air arcade, unlike ground arcade has modes of battle that are quite different.
2 types of domination + the ground strike.

When playing ground arcade there’s not much difference except between maps and number of cap points.

But with air arcade the domination play is quite different from the ground strike play.
I was wondering if there is a filter somewhere that will allow me to only play ground strike. I (much) prefer to play bombers and strike aircraft, so when I get stuck in a domination battle my best planes are pretty much useless. And in these cases I just exit the battle and play another country.

Fighters already have many advantages - one being they can upgrade in Assault battles. THey also can thrive in domination or ground strike as there is always someone to shoot down.

But bombers can really on thrive in the mode they were designed for - blowing things on the ground up. Is there a filter that can be checked so I don’t waste my time?

(PS… do the battles I don’t even start count toward my win/loss and ranking stats?)

That is nonsense!
Bombers may have little impact in airdoms, but bombers and attackers are crucial to airfield doms. You have to eliminate the red ground vehicles before they get to cap the fields.

And attackers usually have plenty of firepower to engage enemy planes or are sturdy enough to try opposed landings.


Only in lower BRs are bombers useful for taking out ground vehicles. They are easy pickings for the faster and fleeter fighters once you get to BR 3+. It’s laughable to think a British Stirling would last more than 1 minute in a domination game.

Plus you ignored the fact there are far fewer ground units to attack in those modes - they are usually wiped out in the first 2 minutes by the competing fighters who refuse to fly higher than 1000m most of the time.

Fighters in domination mode have a huge advantage over slower and less agile strike aircraft and bombers.

And you didn’t even bother to address my main question - IS THERE A FILTER?

There is the option to ban a map if you have premium. You could ban one domination map. Just one. And there is the MM, which likes to put bomber overloaded lineups into dom, so that players create more balanced lineups.

For demonstration, I just created a bomber overloaded lineup and got domination right away. As I only had 2x Stirling and a Halifax, I had to do with those. The first Stirling lasted 3:23 minutes.
Funny though, you have never flown a British Sterling.

So I picked the wrong british bomber… I’ve flown Sunderlands, Wellingtons and Halifax as well as bombers from other countries and they all do poorly in domination battles.

Funny how you give a screen-shot of the early battle. After those 7 kills (which is not a lot) how did your bomber do?

Some domination modes have very few or even zero ground units to bomb. What are bombers going to do then? The screen shot you give is the airfield version. The airspace version is a complete no-go for bombers.

Point is fighters ALWAYS have planes to shoot down plus they can destroy ground units as well. Unless there’s ground units to destroy bombers are useless. The game has a huge bias against bombers.

Looks like I’ll keep exiting battles when matchmaker gives me Domination.

Oh, you move the goal posts now, that I a) demonstrated the bomber to be usable and b) that I noticed that you never used it yourself. So it was just talk. Besides, these lower bombers do even better in Domination battles. You just have to learn how to do it.

If you would actually read and understand the screenshot and what I have written you would not need to ask. As you should be able to tell from the score, these 7 ground kills are hard targets (tanks). What you call “not a lot” generated about 50% more score than you get on average: Seems like you are judging with different scales here.

Airdom is basically out of the Stirling III’s BR range. If the Stirling should ever enter airdom, you should rely on the other 4+ planes you brought. Which makes sense as you are likely (near) top tier in that battle.

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Nah… not judging on different scales. The bomber in that one mode becomes useless when you (or your fighter team-mates) destroy them all and in the airdom mode it’s not useful at all.

Since my bombers are a lot more developed than my fighters it would be futile to play those modes with fighters as there would be an even greater uptier than I always get.

Since Gaijin won’t add a filter to block out modes I have zero interest in playing I’ll just continue to exit to hangar when matchmaker puts me in those battles.

You probably missed the times when matches would end in less than 3 minutes due to bombers, so much fun to play anything.

Unfortunately I did not get to expereince those days. By the time I started playing the robot gunners were neutered to become as near-sighted as Mr. Magoo.

Maybe Gaijin could endeavor to have a happy medium.

Currently bombers have a LOT going against them - even at the start. There’s no “assault” mode where bombers can get spaded and start playing against real players with half a chance. Unlike fighters that can do a lot of upgrades and then start fighting real players.

I was in a ground strike battle and dropped ~ 11 tons of ordinance and destroyed 2-3 bases. Came in TENTH.

And no bonus for bombers. Should be bonuses for dropping specific number of tons during a battle.

We already had a bit of everything, sometimes bombers are flying pillboxes and other times they are made of glass, same goes for fighters having their guns nerfed or buffed, and unfortunately it’s always been like that since I play this game. AI gunners were not always bad, I even did the 30 kills task on events while playing bombers and not even changing to gunners view, I just let the AI gunners get the kills for me.

That is the main problem, Gaijin never knew how to balance things in this game.

You cannot expect that bombers survive without their own team covering them, they don’t stand a chance against fighters by themselves, now what is the reward for fighters to cover them? Bombers will end first place and those fighters escorting them in last…

Unofficially this is the record of kills for the Yak-3(VK-107), 24 kills, still ended in second place:

If you want to kill this game that’s a good way to do it. I’ll tell what would happen next, players using fast bombers with huge payloads diving from spawn to reach bases before anyone else. Who will keep playing slower bombers and how will you spade them then?

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Fast bombers carry less of a payload for the respective BR. Would take them more drops to reach the milestones. And I’m not suggesting the milestones be easy. But they should be there in some aspect. Not sure how you come to the conclusion players would switch to the mode that allows them the easier bonus. It’s not THAT valuable, is it?

How is it fair that fighters can earn the bonus but bombers can’t?

(What’s missing from your screen-shot? How did that B25 earn a score of 5358? In dropping 11 tons of bombs and destroying 2-3 bases I might have scored 2300 … something around there.)

As an aside - for past 2 days, every single Air Arcade battle at BR 1.3 has been Air-Dom. Every single one. Other players in the battles have noticed this as well.

There are the base destruction boni.

Do you have fighters in your lineup?

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One of the things I think is very useful for players to learn is how to make good, “balanced” line ups that can work well with any of the maps you might encounter when playing “Random Battles”. I primarily play Air AB the vast majority of the time. I have already acquired a large amount of vehicles, more than I can play, so “grinding” for new/specific vehicles is not my priority so much anymore. I mainly just do Daily/Special tasks each day for the Battle Pass, and flying planes in AB is just the easiest mode for me to do that stuff in. But I learned early on that, no matter which vehicles you may be trying to research or spade, you will still always be better off making a line up that has as many of your vehicles in it as close to the same BR as possible. And also a fair number of different style aircraft as well. 1 - 2 bombers, same with attackers and then the rest fighters. Something that can work on any map you are given. In the long run this will help you to score decently regardless of the map you are given. Ideally, you want to score as much as you can each game you play. Returning to the hangar because you don’t like the map, have an all bomber line up and get an Air Domination map . . these are the things that gave us crew lock in the first place. Leaving early hurts the quality of the games and puts team mates at a disadvantage . . it hurts the game all the way around . . . I think many do not understand that part. Nothing wrong with enjoying bombers or attackers or fighters, as you prolly have noticed, most players do the fighters. I have used all fighter line ups, but over time it became apparent that this was limiting my ability to score decent regularly and also hurt my chances of helping my team to win on occasions . . . it all adds up. We all only have a certain amount of time to play each day, best to make the most of it every chance you get. . . making balanced line ups good for any map will help in this regard a great deal I believe . . . . at any rate, good luck out there.
And with the recent hit detection nerf making it 3x - 4x times more difficult to destroy planes in AB now, a good time to run your bombers . . . they last much longer now . . . take advantage while it lasts.


I also play bombers like I’ve mentioned before, once the bases are gone there aren’t any bases for those slower bombers to drop bombs on. I’m not sure what you mean about switching modes, I’m just telling how it will be if you give a bonus for tons of TNT dropped on bases, it kind of happened before when every game was a race to see which bomber would get to the bases first. Slower bombers will basically turn useless and matches won’t last enough for everyone to enjoy.

If you played figthers you would probably know why. It doesn’t require the same skill to get a lot of kills or to drop bombs on bases, for example, if I was on your team killing everyone up high you would have the entire match to drop your bombs on bases without anyone harassing you, I would get the kill bonus and you would also get a bomb bonus just cause I let you do it. Is it fair now?

What bases? If you checked the video you would see that the B-25 player did that score on a Domination match(the “mode” where you consider bombers useless), not on a Ground Strike.

Ask Dodo why some are doing score based events with lower BR bombers, he’ll tell you why. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gaijin reduced their chance of appearing due to the event that just ended as it happened before.

The video shows bases. It is one of the new 3in1 maps, with airfields, airzone and bases.

No, I think his lineups trigger Gaijin’s “reeducation” programm: If you want dom, pile bombers.

It requires a lot of patience to get into position to bomb and nothing is guaranteed if ANY fighter on the enemy team takes notice of the bomber - fighters climb quite fast and can intercept easily. happens to me a lot. Bombing bases is NOT a given like you suggest if playing against even a half-decent team.

Dog-fighting is not the only skill involved in flying planes. At least it shouldn’t be.

Maybe you posted the wrong video because I DO see bases in that video.
How did the B25 earn it’s score? Screen shot shows 1 air kill, 1 assist and 0 ground unit kills. Where did the 5358 come from?

I do have fighters in my line-up. But they are of lower BR than my bombers since as stated, I much prefer to play bombers. So when getting placed into a battle my fighters are at a disadvantage against other fighters which could very well be the enemies primary vehicle. Even more-so when I’m uptiered by a full BR which happens way more than odds say it should.

I have zero interest in playing those air-dom battles. If gaijin won’t give me a choice to filter them away, I’ll just continue to exit to hangar whenever matchmake gives them to me.

Can’t tell if you are joking…

My Sweden line-up at combined BR 1.3 has 2 fighters and 2 bombers. Last 2 days 100% Air-Dom battles from Matchmaker.

How you explain that?

Exactly, it requires “luck” and not just skill, that is why it makes no sense to ask for a bomber skill bonus. It mostly depends on what others do, what your teamates do and if enemy fighters will ignore you or not. I don’t usually see bombers in my team complaining, at least those that stay high. You can play solo in a fighter, you cannot play solo in a bomber and expect everything will depend only on you.

You never saw me saying that. But there is not much skill in flying straight from spawn and just pressing the space bar when the time comes, and this is something that happens with bombers depending on what the fighters on both teams do.

Yeah, that’s a new mode that I never got. I don’t know how it got that score, that video was to answer what you posted about ending in 10th, 24 kills is the unofficial record of kills for that fighter and he still ended 2nd to someone using a bomber and barely having anything to show in the scoreboard except the score itself. So for me it looks like bombers are very well rewarded with such little effort.

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Sounds fun and at least the match seems to last longer.