Aim-7M not launching

Is Sparrow bugged just spent 10 mins trying to get it to work but it wont works fine in test mode and I know I am using it right

Won’t arm?

Yea I lock target warmup seeker but it just stops immediately and I know Im not using them wrong Ive ground most of F-16C out and have used them on all other aircraft so its not user prob yet I go to test mode and all is well

You arent the only one tonight reporting issues

Console or PC?

Also, if you are running a custom loadout, Try deleting it and making it again. Can sometimes fix these kinds of things after an update.

Oh im on X box will certainly try deleting customs thanks fer help

That is 2 now specifically from Xbox. So might be a console related bug. But yeah, tech mod suggested that fix the other week to me for an IR missile doing the same. So worth a shot.

I’m on a Series X and i’ve frequently had an issue with both IR and SARH missiles spooling up for a second and then flicking back off. It gets me killed or causes me to miss launches that I should get. The weirdest thing is, especially with IR missiles, if i’m just cruising and go to spool them up it never happens, it seems to be specifically when there’s a target to lock.

I know of the issue you are talking about and until gaijin fixes fire secondary weapon for spooling and firing, you have to use a separate keybind called: Weapon lock (air to air) for locking and then fire as normal for a %100 consistent spool

Thanks for the suggested fix ill try it out

that’s the thing, i already use that as the keybind. I don’t use fire secondary weapon for almost anything. I have one mouse button set to weapon lock and another set to fire air to air.

I’m on PC. Having the same issue. Game is getting worse since patch sad.

Wow if you are still having a problem that definitely sounds like a gaijin issue, until then ill update this thread with any possible fixes i find

Did remaking the loadout do anything?

I’m having the same issue on Xbox

Remaking all my loadouts had no effect

That’s a shame. By the looks of things, this is some mega bug affecting a lot of people. I’ve not been on much the last few days, so not encountered it myself but hopefully a quick resolution. Make sure you put in a bug report // Issues

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They seem to be working now for me PC. Guess they fixed it.

As of the update today, radar missiles are working properly once again on xbox (for me at least)