Did anyone actually managed to chaff an AIM7?
The missile had a Pk of about 0.1 and yet, in WT it kills way better than AIM9.
Is GJ even aware of this issue?

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You don’t chaff the Aim7 directly. You can chaff the radar being used to guide the missile if it is susceptable to it, but MTI mode for some Russian planes and Pulse Doppler modes aren’t effected by chaff.

My AIM-7F even went for flares. I had a lock on a target and a nearby enemy jet flared and my missile went for the flares even though I had a proper lock on the other enemy. I was using pulse doppler mode.

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SARH missiles will never track flares.


Trust me it did go for flare/chaff

From my knowledge SARH missiles shouldn’t go for chaff while using pulse doppler mode yet it went for chaff/flare

It will go for chaff if the closure rate is not high enough, or it may also throw off the missile as it may reflect a stronger CW signal.


The thing is those chaff weren’t in front of my radar. They were outside of my radar’s tracking zone. If I had a link to the replay I would have shared it but I played quite a lot of matches in the last 48 hours. So its hard to find it.

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Get back to me when you do.

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I’ll try to find it.

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You can even chaff PD radars right now.
Had it happening very often in the F-15 in head-ons with ACM which only has PD mode and it instantly breaking to lock chaff when they use it.

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I’m not talking about mechanics of AIM7, but efficiency of that mechanics.
AIM7 had a Pk of 0.1 vs Migs most of whom didn’t have chaff, at all.

Pk standing for probability of kill?

Yeah and Probability to hit wasn’t much bigger either considering Sparrow’s huge warhead.

All missiles in warthunder have higher kill possibility than what it had in real life. It is done for balancing.


So why does this statistic have any relavence? It’s a casual video game, not a true to life simulator. It doesn’t need to reflect real life performance statistics of weapons systems. Some things are balanced out to improve playability.

Last I checked most missiles in WT aren’t AIM-7Es, stored in the humid, wet South Vietnamese and Thai jungles after months long trips across the ocean in container ships, being fired by pilots outside of their proper envelope. Such a stupid thought process about IRL success rate. It applies the same way for people moaning about the R-27s IRL success rate in the Eritrean war.

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Yes and no.

All missiles work “flawlessly” as if factory fresh, where of course IRL, failures were and to a degree still are frequent.

But unlike IRL, many missiles have nerfed performance. Based upon some data i’ve read on the forums before and books i’ve read. Aim-9L IRL was much closer to what Aim-9M is like in game and Aim-9M should be WAY better and has been nerfed significantly for balancing/gameplay reasons.


Aim-9Ls had issues in the Falklands due to the weather as well. Though the solution was awesome. They just stuck all the Aim-9Ls into a bread oven to dry them out

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Didn’t know about that one. That’s a hilarious solution to an age old problem.