Aim 120 problem

From playing the mig29 to almost having the su27, I’ve played a lot of top tier games and almost every death comes from aim 120s. America has the 3 best radar missiles easily, with the R77 and MICA barely able to compete. Gaijin has to have 100ft for multipath or fix trees to make it 60ft, as chaff does almost nothing to stop aim 120s. Either make multipath easy to do, or make chaff a reliable counter. America is dominating and other nations having only 1 or two top tier jets does not help, it should not be America vs Russia every game. Give Russia, Germany and possible Britain the Indian MIG25 and the R40 to counter or have a solution to the Aim 54 phoenix. Give China the Su27. There is so much they could do to balance or fix top tier. Hopefully they don’t take 2-3 major updates to do so. One thing I have to say as well is that the 12.3 F15 should not be 12.3. Its flight performance is better than anything around its BR, and it being able to fight Mig 23’s should not be possible. As well the 12.7 F15 in a down tier is absolute hell. 8 of the best missiles in the game at 11.7 should not be a thing. Finally, I’ve seen some people say “the r27er was broken, why can’t America have something too?” Which makes no sense at all. Have a balanced game which supports community growth, or have one nation power over the rest.

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All of the new ARH’s that have been added are easier to notch and decoy with chaff than the 27ER. Chaff is already a counter.


Chaff definantly is not a reliable counter, the amount of times i have dumped chaff and done a 180 and still died is uncountable, Aim 120s in the 8 or less km area and above 1000m is pretty much undodgeable unless there is cover

They call it a no escape zone for a reason. Not fun in the game but not far from how it is in real life either. Terrain is the only countermeasure when you are that close.


I didn’t know that America had the R-27ERs… Best SARH missile award goes tooooo, Russia. The US has the best long range ARH with the Aim-120, but the Mica is the highest performing close range ARH with 50g pull and thrust vectoring. It’s just a shame that the least popular planes have those missiles. I really wish I had my rank 8 USSR jets to use those R-77s and R27ERs. Soon I guess…

Defiantly not. The aim 120 has the same stats and only slightly slower. larger range, harder to dodge, and fire and forget. The only reason the R27ER is as good as people say is that it can require lock, so if people think they dodged it by going low, think again. They just relock and they are as good as dead. The Mica is also better than the R27ER/R77. Better stats then both, Better range, better speed. The only downside is that French radars in experience aren’t as good as American/Russian. To a certain point, you could argue that the sparrow is better. You get it fairly easily on many planes, Its pretty good, and all around ok stats. While the R27ER you get on 5 planes. 2 of which you wont use on because of R77’s

Yes, the R-27ER is the best SARH missile in game. The Aim-120 ISN’T a SARH missile, it is an ARH missile. There is a big difference there. I would also argue that Russia also has the best IR missile in game, but I’m not very aware of how flare resistant the R-27ET is. If it has good flare resistance when compared to the Aim9M or R73, then the extra speed, range, explosive yield, and G pull would make it by far the best IR missile in game. It is rarely used because it also mounts on R-27ER pylons. If the flare resistance is comparable, that would mean Russia has the best SARH missile and best IR missile in game.

Aim7s are nowhere near as good as the R-27ER. The platforms that fire them may be better or more numerous, but the missiles get absolutely outperformed by the R-27ER. Many times have people launched Aim7F/Ms (same thing in game) first in BVR combat and been utterly destroyed by an enemy that fired an R-27ER after the Aim7 was already in flight.


Russia definantly does not have the best IR missile in the game, That goes to the Magic 2’s. While the IRCCM isn’t as effective, is can pull harder and is faster than the R73, its incredible good in dogfights. While the R27T is good and has a decent range, there’s really no reason like you said to pick it over an R27ER. The R27T to be used does need the radar to lock on in those long ranges though, so again, you might as well use the R27ER.

As for what I mean for the sparrows, I mean that it is incredibly easy to get them, they are at a low BR, and that planes they can face at a downtier/ against same BR planes have an incredibly hard time dodging them. As for the R27ER, you only get them on a few top tier planes. For the YAK 141, you choose between having radar missiles or being able to dogfight, sacrificing long range engagements to do so. For the MIG 29’s, you can only carry 2 at most. Less than planes 1-1.3 tiers below it. Finally you do have a plane that can carry R27ERs effectively which is the SU27, able to carry 4 or 6.

while yes sparrows are worse, they are easier to get and better at their BR

The R-27ET doesn’t need a radar lock, neither does the R-27T. They are IR missiles with a 4.8km all-aspect lock range and can travel at mach 5.8. It has 10 times the launch range, 1.8km longer all aspect lock range, almost twice the speed, the same G pull, and has 2.4 times the explosive yield as the Magic 2. This is the second blantantly false thing you have claimed (that an R-27T needs a radar lock), after claiming the Aim-120 is a SARH missile. You have no clue what you are talking about, and it shows.

The Sparrows are easiler to get, but are not better at their BRs because the Aim7M is NOT as good of a missile at all and they are at the same BRs. The R-24R/R-27R is closer to the Aim7M than the R-27ER. The biggest difference being lock/launch range on the R-47/27 and lock range being lower on the R-27ER. If you fire an Aim7M against an R-27ER you will lose every time. The R-27ER is probably better performing than the R-77 for long ranged BVR combat. Could possibly becomparable in performance compared to the Aim-120 other than the fact the Aim-120 can guide itself to a target and multiple can be luanched at a time. I wish I had the planes with R-27ERs to personally test this, because I think the R-27ER is probably one of the best overall missiles in game next to the Aim120.

Skill issue

I meant that they have a incredibly hard time acquiring a lock at longer ranges where it is supposed to be good at. It has a good flare resistance but if there is a f15/gripen which you will face at 12.0, they can flar dump and easily dodge the R27T. The magic 2 is better because it accelerates way faster, pulls straight off the rails, can pull 50gs (Does not say 50g’s but there are multiple videos showing it can in game due to thrust vectoring). The R27T takes a while to get up to speed if it can, which it probably wont.

In no way is it comparable, The R27ER simply cannot preform at ranges it should due to poor radars on the MIG29/YAK141. Only on the SU27 Could it even come close to the AIM120. On average, shoot a R27ER 10 times, you will hit 7 or 8. Shoot a Aim 120, you will hit closer to 9 times. You can easily notch, chaff dump, or straight up dodge the R27ER and the planes radar. But with the AIM 120, you will have a tough time doing that. Anytime I go against a player that knows what they are doing, Its easy for them to dodge it if they have speed and they know its coming

I use the R27ER, and yes it is good. I struggle to acquire a lock past 15km in the mig29 due to the radar. and by the time I can, A F15 has already sent a Aim120 my way so I usually have to play defensively. No matter how good the R27ER is, it does not take away from the fact that the AIM 120 is overpowered, and that the game is not ready for FOX 3’s yet.

How does it have any more of a hard time getting an all aspect lock as any other missile? Plus the Russian IRSTs can help. I haven’t been graced with the chance to use R-27s yet, but the R-24Ts have no problem getting long range locks. I see no reason why the R-27T/ET wpuld have any more trouble.

We were talking about the ETs because they are the missile I was referring to as the best IR in game.

Larger missile, more explosive yield, almist twice as fast, much futher launch range, 35gs is plenty to outturn most planes, it can be used at longer ranges and on targets moving away from you because of the better engines and speed, you can attack other aircraft from beyond spot range depending on circimstances and they won’t know to flare. The Magic 2s are better at close range dogfighting, but the R-27ETs are overall a much more deadly missile if used properly.

Weird, I just linked a YouTube video of a 55km R-27ER kill in a Mig-29 on another post. Here it is:
In theory you could do all that, but only notching would work against a PDV HDN system and alot of players think that their missiles will win in a nearly even bout against other planes. This is not the case because of the sheer speed of the R-27ER. Other than lock/launch ranges (does have 20km more launch range on paper), the R-27ER has the same pull, larger warhead, and is faster than the Aim120.

Ahh, the “going against a good player” argument. This applies to all weapon systems, and especially defeating ARHs now. It doesn’t just apply to the R-27ERs or Russian planes.

I have this unshakeable feeling that you fly almost directly to the battlespace at as low an altitude as you can ensuring that every single TWS or PD radar in the world can see you coming right at them. Overpowered if you play like multipathing is still here. Not overpowered if you don’t.

I also did a bit of research, and I wouldn’t think you are nearly experienced enough in top tier missile gameplay to understand correct useage and avoidance for radar guided munitions. Looking good on that Su-25 and Mig-21 useage, but it is no wonder you think Aim7s are somehow comparable to R-27ERs and why you think 13.0 aircraft with Aim-120s are overpowered. You’ve never used either and have probably just now only needed to truly learn how to evade such missiles in top tier because of the multipathing change.

You need to understand that you are only “taking a turn” from R-27ER to AMRAAM. It is normal for a live service game to change one top level after another as new content is added with each update, and this is the structure that generates revenue. Certainly, “balance” is important, but keep in mind that the next content, such as R-77-1, is on the way.

This is what I mean, Without help from the systems on the plane (IRST/RADAR) Its incredibly hard to gain a lock at 10+ km, while yes it can lock at that range, its inconsistent and you might as well use other missiles that fit on the pylon

You can easily flare dump an ET, turn into you flares to create a wall, same as every other top tier IR missile

There is no use for the R27T/ET, it is outranged by other missiles that fit on the pylon, every top tier missile can on shot so extra explosives onboard have no point, it takes time to accelerate so at close ranges you have to lead, and you definantly wont get a lock unless pure luck or good eyesight with just the IR seeker.

Maybe, but with the Aim 120, you can fire multiple missiles, go behind cover and get a few kills. The Aim120 is harder to dodge requiring either, chaff dumping/turning which leads to no countermeasures or no speed, or playing low to the ground the whole game. With the R27ER, you have to have a constant lock 24/7 until the missile hits or misses, only then can you change lock and fire another.

Pretty much every game I either fly far left or right a few 1000m above the ground. I bring more chaff to counter radar missiles and try to stay fast to keep speed to out turn if I can.

I don’t think the AIM7 Is comparable, I think that for the BR, and how easy they are to get, and how many you can carry, they are better. I don’t think 13.0 aircraft with aim120s are overpowered. What I find overpowered is that American aircraft can carry way more than other nations, the Aim 120’s are better than other nations, And that they now have a 12.3 aircraft with aim 120s. Aim 120s should either only be 13.0 or 12.7 at least. Lastly, I barely used the SU25/Mig21 to grind the tech tree. I use the Su26 for CAS and Mig21 because its my favorite plane. Most of the time I used the MIG23M

It’s like the R-73 in that it isn’t resistant to flares whatsoever outside of ~2km and then becomes a near unflareable kiss of death within guns range, which isn’t quite the kind of IRCCM that you’d want on a medium range missile like the 27-ET. Now if the 27-ET had the 9M’s style of IRCCM then it would easily be one of the best missiles in the entire game.

The Yak-141 has a better radar than the Su-27. The Su-27’s advantage is that it can carry a large number of 27ER’s. BVR combat with SARHs mostly involves taking a few long range shots that you know that the opponent will dodge because you’re forcing them to respect the missile. Essentially you zone them as you progressively improve your position until you get a killing shot. The Yak has superior radar but it doesn’t have a sufficiently large supply of missiles to keep an opponent suppressed with continuous fire like that.

Definantly not. The yaks radar had a range of about 30-50km depending on the targets size. However the SU27s radar had a range of about 80-120km depending on the targets size. When they made the SU27 and Mig29, they wanted the Mig29 to be a close range dogfight jet (which is not what it should have been) and gave it a radar with a max range of about 35km until America found out and they gave it a better one. They wanted the SU27 to be more of a Missile carrier so they gave it a larger radar, more missiles etc. Thats why its the size of a large cargo ship.

This is a skill issue.