Aermacchi MB-339CD


This can carry up to 4 guided missiles and 2 AIM 9 L’s

The A-10A late can carry 6 guided missiles and 4 aim 9 L’s at 10.3

The SU-25 can carry 4 guided missiles, and 2 R60m’s at 10.0

This would be fine at 10.0, as it would match the SU-25, except it would have a slightly better performing flight model, but not so much so that it would beat anything else at 10.0

Idk why you are obsessed with this thing’s guided capabilities, like it’s something original to the platform, it’s not

Btw the CD can also Carry Aim9L/I1 and Magic 2 that are Both Better missiles compared to what Su25 or an A10 can carry

Yeah but it won’t get them, at least it’s very unlikely

If they do, it can be 10.7, but if it just gets AIM 9L’s, which is the most likely outcome, because the AIM 9L/I is basically an AIM 9M, and at 10.7 that would be broken, but it’s subsonic with a pretty bad airframe, so anything over 10.7 would mean it’s unusable
So it would likely just the aim 9L

Then it would be perfectly suited at 10.0

You are missing the point because you lack analytical ability. the MB-339CD is a subsonic attack aircraft (as well as being an advanced trainer) so as such it must be compared with other modern subsonic attack aircraft present in the game, which are not just the A-10 and the Su-25, but also A-7D/E, Sea Harrier FRS.1/ Early and AMX Ghibli, if you were to check the types of weapons that these aircraft can carry you would understand how Gaijin assigns BRs to aircraft, which depends not only on the anti-aircraft armament but also on the quality of the armament against ground targets, for example the A-7E is BR 10.7 carries two AIM-9Gs like the Harrier GR3 BR 9.7 why this difference in BR being both subsonic?
If one day Gaijin decides to add to the aircraft that have the capability, electronic countermeasures (ECM) would give the MB-339CD a huge advantage because it would fight aircraft with older types of IR/SARH missiles that would be totally fooled, making it invulnerable.
Ps: The Su-25’s laser-guided AGM missiles are not fire-and-forget like the Mavericks of the A-10A, A-7D and the MB-339CD


I HAVE AN IMAGE! It is Aim-9L!


The AMX is 10.3, the Sea Harrier is 10.7 with Aim 9L’s

This will be 300 KM/H slower then the sea harrier, it won’t have the same ability in a dog fight, it’s not gonna get any of the ECM abilities, as you stated yourself, it’s not in game yet, it’s not gonna get magics, and it’s not gonna get Aim 9L/I’s

It’s no better then the AMX, no better then the A-10, or the SU-25

If, IF gaijin adds ECM, then it could be moved, but as it stands, how it would be added, if it was added today, it would be 10.3

Idk how this is so difficult for you to understand, you are talking about a capability that sets it apart, when it’s not a feature in game, why is this an argument?

It’s not gonna come with the ECM, it’s not gonna come with magics because gaijin doesn’t give nations missiles they didn’t use historically, even if they could, or tested them

It won’t get the L/I’s because those are AIM 9M’s, and this would be totally outclassed and unusable above 11.3, which is where it would have to be to get 9M’s

At 10.3, it won’t be special, it won’t be fast, it won’t be slow, it will be fair as far as what everyone else gets
At 10.7 it will see 11.7 and will be totally unusable, in a down tier it will slap, but that’s due to gaijins innability to properly decompress the 7.7+ BR’s, not due to this having a feature that no one else has

Knowing aircraft or not, I know game balance, and this will not be imbalanced at 10.3

You are worried about a knight on a horse, when the knight doesn’t even have a horse for crying out loud

That Is the MB339B not the CD. I alredy posted a Pic of the CD with 9L.

They alredy did It a plenty of times (German F4F with 9J, Japanese F16 with maveriks ecc)

The West Germans did actually have the Aim-9P. the Japanese F-16 never existed though if it did, you would be correct in stating that they didn’t import AGM-65s. Not to mention the deluge of F-16s, Gripens, and F-15s , that have the Aim-9M that really shouldn’t. i.e. Israel, Japan, Sweden, and South Africa, never were given the Aim-9M. For Israel and Japan, they even developed their own missiles instead of the 9M, i.e Python 4, and the AAM-3.

There is currently no excuse to not give the Peace Rhine F-4F the Aim-9L

yeah but not on the panthom

also If You want another example, the F15J that never carried bombs irl

Since you know the balance of aircraft in WT explain to me why a subsonic attack aircraft like the A-7D is BR 10.3.

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this is a wonderful airplane.

Regarding the BR you have to bear in mind that AA missile in suck kind of airplane are intended primarily as defense weapons with secondary aggressive roles as anti-helicopter or some kind of military planes, if occasion arises, they are not intended to duel against front line fighters. In italy out of training it was used for some period as stop gap to keep a squadron flying waiting for the Eurofighter, but was a stop gap use under the “slow moving interceptor” doctrine (here an article that speak about the evolution of this concept, with the story telling of the 339 'Follow Me, You’re In A Prohibited Area': A Slow Mover Intercept As Seen From The Target's Point Of View - The Aviationist)

The possibility to use lima or , for early model of 339 also the magic II ,have to be assessed in the full context of the plane, that is not “but it can carry xxxxxx so it’s br must be xxxxx

at the end of the discussion this is always a trainer jet that cannot withstand real fighters or more advanced CAS plane.

Only from the “C” series the MB-339 could carry Air-Air missiles (the “K” is another matter since it is only a prototype) the “CD” is the only line version in the AMI. the other versions “CB” New Zealand, “CE” Eritrea and “CM” Malaysia, so even if it remains a trainer that cannot face a real fighter in real life, but in WT it can, there are many similar examples in the game. It is certainly not me who decides which BR will be assigned to it if it were added, one thing is certain that it will not be lower than 10.3, unless it is added in the Premium version and could have the same treatment as the Premium A-10.

Aside the C versions and the K there Is also the B , an upgraded A with a different engine and most of the weapons of the C, but like the K it remained a prototype.

For the capacity of use of AA missile on A version please check the following manual

Aermacchi MB-339A Aircraft Weapon Delivery - Basic Information Manual

AerMacchi MB339A 1983 Aircrew Weapon eng PI1TMB339A3411

ok AerMacchi MB339 1977 (eng) Close Air Support Role Br -


I provided it to @Nicholas_Concu some time ago on the discord server

concerning BR evaluation I’m quite bored, there is always an attitude to overestimate italian plane that give no really advantage but is only a self-castration attitude, so I do not want to enter into this never ending ad inconclusive discussion since is GJ that decide the BR.

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I’m not overestimating the plane because it is Italian, I try to be objective, comparing it rationally with the other subsonic attack planes in the game.
Ps: My mistake, from the “C” version it could carry the AGM-65 Maverick.

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I hope it will be added soon. Hoping that the A version will speed things up

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