Adding SU-37 in game

So we all Heard about SU-37 which Will be the most balanced plane in whole game ;) It would be really good update after SU-27 which Is not good for air to ground support but good to air combat, SU-37 can Carry 8tons of equipment like 12 missiles for air to air combat and wide range of air to ground weapons, in conclusion SU-37 would be the most OP plane in all aspects and FOR MOTHER RUSSIA adding it in game Is really good idea.

1: We have no need for another air superiority aircraft for Russia, especially so soon after Su-27
2: This isn’t a suggestion thread

Make a suggestion for it if you want it.

Where to put that suggestion my man?

Suggestions → Aircraft

The Su-37 has already been suggested though.

Making the USSR tech tree most OP by adding all known best SUs And MIGs like Mig 25 Foxbat i think… in Russian game Schould have the best Russia things :)

ah i see youre a rage baiting troll. good day


As Russian tech tree grinder, i can only say making the russian tech tree best in the game Is classical thing… Init?