Adding immersion to SB - Broken Canopies

Adding a hypoxic mechanic, damaged oxygen systems or just simply adding a deafening wind above a certian speed or not being able to hear at all above that certian speed and a bigger flight performance penalty would discourage players from abusing the “unrealistic canopy mechanic”


That should be enough - and high time to be implemented…


This is definetly true and I hope high sound of wind will be enough for players who broke their canopies

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Add the extra drag too.



Not much drag once it’s ripped off…

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The latest sound update has made it so that the sound advantage from playing with open canopy in jets is significantly less useful or at least perceived to be useful.

You can hear missiles and whatnot just fine with it closed.

I think it’s actually a much bigger advantage.

The easiest solution is just to eliminate the option of opening the canopy. It’s already not an option in quite a few planes as it is.


You know that apart some aircrafts under 2.0 BR, most of those pilots have masks for getting oxygene, right?

The only aircrafts over 2.0 BR that might be Affected by this are:

I-16 under -20

OP seen the youtube short of the B25… lol

Yeah, something. Albatross had the idea that if the canopy is opened above that certian speed the pilot cant hear anything and its mute

Yes I do know

Including many of those where the canopy could legitimately be opened. Mostly WW2 era aircraft.

Pilots opened canopies for ventilation (especially some Soviet types that would otherwise be subject to carbon monoxide poisoning!)* or improved visibility, but I’ve never heard of canopies being opened to improve audio detection. You hear nothing over that engine right in front of you and closing the canopy mutes some of that uncomfortable sound.

*Edit: early Typhoon too, IIRC, but Typhoon pilots could use 100% O2 to avoid the fumes.

In jets in particular, I would just force them to eject once they are at more than 100km/h (the 15sec timer ) so they have time to reject the take off. While nothing is implemented to remedy this issue I just report them for glitch abuse (since it gives them an unfair advantage).

Found an interesting real world case of an F-15 landing without canopy: Israeli F-15 Crew Successfully Lands The Plane After Canopy (

Israeli F-15 Loses Canopy At 30,000 Feet, Pilots Land Aircraft Safely. - The Aviationist

This second source mentions "exposing them to frigid air, vicious winds, and deafening noise.”

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Yea, IRL it’s a total emergency; in WT it’s gaining ‘cool ‘’’special’’’ features’.


These are outlier cases, and presented an emergency. So I believe that making them have a huge disadvantage or directly not letting them play with the canopy open, while no defeaning noise is added, is a good solution. As it stands right now it’s a big and unfair advantage they get for free.

Yeah, and what really rattles me is when you confront them with it, they all play dumb, claiming there is no advantage at all.

So riddle me this: why do you the open that canopy in flight if there is no advantage?

It’s a bit like kindergarden:
“Did you want to pour water into that girl’s boots?”
“Then why are you holding a glass of water over them?”
“Um. Just playing?”


More and more players are doing the exploit, reporting them is useless apparently, it’s ruining sim battle for honest players. Does Gaijin wants to reward people using glitches ?
This is an easy fix, just don’t let them open the canopy, it serves no purpose on the ground, and shouldn’t even be allowed when flying. Only use is for animations when people jump out of the plane, and it already does it automatically.

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I think the sound changes that let everyone hear approaching missiles bother me even more. I still try to evade when I hear them, but it seems wrong to be able to hear them.

I think enforcing cockpit sound regardless of camera or cockpit would be fine (it’d also quiet those annoying AI aircraft that sit next to the AF with their engines blasting) and should be enforced for bomber exterior gun cameras too. Another option would be something like the G blackout reducing control.


Yeah its laughable when they try and justify themselves. This was obviously in the process of getting addressed some time ago before our main sim dev left as i noticed some props u used to be able to open the canopy on are now locked closed - so as many things in sim we just need at least a tiny dev team dedicated to sim & EC to actually help get the ball rolling again. I personally dont mind much if we can open them or not, though prefering we could open them but suffer the irl effects if we have canopy damage or deliberately open it as thats just another easy opportunity for increasing immersion which is always good.

There definately should be loud wind effects, some visual effects and increased drag (changing in severity depending on if the canopy is completely open or just damaged - i think we have some drag now but its basically non existent) which all get progressively worse the faster you are going. Pilots are not supposed to be exposed to open air at high speeds so i also support the idea of worse G tolerance the faster your speed to simulate the extreme forces they are subjected to with a canopy issue and potential for oxygen masks to be compromised at very high speed - hell maybe even a very slow DOT to the pilot while over mach would be appropriate with a fully dislodged canopy. I think the speeds at which these should start to take stronger effect should be around 470+ km/h as this is the basically the limit at which open cockpit props fly at so likely is a good base level.

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They should just lock all canopies for now, as there is no gameplay reason to open them, or add a massive drag multiplier.

It´s crazy that such a clear bug/unintended game element is ignored for so long.