Add yugoslav tech tree

add yugoslav tech tree it would be reallyy good. Similar to isreal but better
this is a tech tree they could add


I remember someone submitted a suggestion

Absolutely. I agree.

The Lazar wheeled vehicles and the BVPs would be great and unique vehicles.
The late M-84s and M-95 Degman would also be very capable and meaningfully unique upgrades over Russian equipment. The Soko aircraft would also be unique additions to the game’s air roster.

And there’s a very fair amount of wonky and unique WW2 stuff, such as the SO-122, the M-636D, and the reimagined T-34 with a lot more armor.


I just want more tech trees to chose from do not care how obscure they are.

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I just want more tech trees so long as they aren’t implemented like Israel with 95% copy-paste.

Huge yes

Wouldn’t that just be another USSR copy paste tree ?

Not in the slightest.
It would have some Soviet vehicles (most of which would be locally modified), but also some western stuff (also a bunch modified) as well as locally designed vehicles. This goes for both aviation and ground.

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Yeah ! We need more copy paste Soviet stuff, it’s never enough !

Did you not even look at my post before writing?

It’s literally a compilation of all the vehicles. You can look at them yourself and see if it’s “copy-paste Soviet stuff” or not?

Like, let me just get to the point - do you REALLY think I’m going to even see you as human when you write this dumbass shit? Do you even have thoughts running through your smooth brain?


And this is excluding modern Serbian stuff too…





I can barely read the names of the vehicles in the picture, can you post it bigger or with better resolution ? But it really seems like 90% soviet/us stuff.

It was sadly compressed in-post by the forum, as the original image is too large.
Here is a list of ground vehicles only - which should be readable. (When the original is opened and zoomed-in)

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Might as well share my official post instead of the draft made with user YugoSlav 😉

Then you are woefully ill informed.
The majority of vehicles presented are either large scale local modifivations or domestic vehicles.
Some copy paste obviously exists, but it is nowhere bear your given 90% figure. It would be closer to 30/40%.


Sure why not. I might not be a fan of Soviet stuff but they are far to many domestic mods that look fun to be all event vehicles.

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how many would be 100% new domestic ? Because a t55 made by yugs domestic engineers with another name will still be a t55

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This, modified stuff is close to the same level of boring as straight up copy pasta.

They have some interesting wheeled vehicles, i give them that.

Feel free to look at the BOV family, TAM based vehicles, majority of low and mid tier aviation, Lazar family, BVP M-80 family, J-21 family, J-22 family, Galeb G-2 and G-4 families and some individual vehicles such as Vihor.

This is also ignoring the major mods such as M-84A and vehicles that derived from it, SO-122, M-320 and M-636, T-55AI, M-55S, the list goes on.


So you believe a Sherman Firefly is C&P?

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