Add Storm [Lightning/Thunder] as a weather option

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Would you find it an interesting addition in particular to Night Battles?
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The addition of a thunder storm would be a really interesting and novel option to bring to war thunder.

Thunder storms could be done in all different severities from huge thunder storms with a lot of lightning to intra-cloud lightning to a storm that has already past (thunder and lightning is seen in the distance)

For those that don’t know what a thunder storm is here are a few videos explaining/showing off what a thunderstorm/lightning is:

It would be an interesting addition for a few points I can think of:

  • They would add a second source of very short light to night battles
  • It would create a new depth of battle hearing the thunder rolling above as planes/tanks go into battle
  • Have the sound be unique so it cannot be mistaken for a shot from a tank/plane
  • Lightning doesn’t need to cause damage (map damage/player damage)
  • Add the sound delay (speed of sound) from the lightning to the sound of thunder

Here’s a concept for how they could implement it into the game:

  • First have lightning strike at random intervals. (so timings can not be planned and make it a bit more immersive)
  • Second get a random x, y and z cordate for the lightning strike to happen
  • Add another randomizer that randomizes through the types of lightning that have been coded into the game (cloud to ground, Intra-cloud, cloud to cloud etc.)

The same can be done with Tank Battles but if they plan to make it so lightning can only happen from cloud to cloud and out of map they would just omit the x and y coordinates from the random generator (either with omission or with make it keep running the random generator until it finds an x and y cord that that isn’t within the ground map boundaries (there are other ways these are just 2 I can think of at the moment)

Same with Naval however with Thunderstorms normally comes really rough seas and some naval players may not like the rough seas.

This isn’t fully in-depth but players should be able to get the concept of the idea.
If you have other points that I missed feel free to bring them up in the comments.

War Thunder can’t be complete without the Thunder, because then it would just be War.


I don’t know, IR missiles struggle to lock a target even in the finnest cloud, imagine in a storm. Would be beatiful, but like night battles in ground, it might just be annoying over time.

All for it. Actually put something similar to this in the suggestion thread but I guess it’s waiting on approval.

Would love to see Gaijin add more weather effects. Heavy rain, fog and snow. Sandstorms for desert maps. These effects wouldn’t last the entire battle but for a portion of it. (EA did a small sandstorm on the Geonosis map in SWBF II and it was awesome.)

Would also like to see time of day changes. Start a battle at dawn and have the sky get brighter as the battle progresses. Start a battle at dusk and have the sky darken as the battle progresses.

To be honest, I would like to see more weather conditions. We used to have snowy days in Air Battles in the past and I would like to see them return.

Time and Weather affects would be such a stupidly easy way to add diversity to gamemodes without actually adding/changing very much at all. SB is really boring with 95% of the maps being clear blue skies with occasional patches of cloud. The occasion where we get a rain cloud is really cool, the effects are actually half decent in WT. Clearly effort was put into it but it seems its never used.

I also want night battles at top tier air SB. We have NVG and cockpit lights, but not reason to ever use them

+1 Interesting suggestion, since CDK already has the function to play effects and sounds (nuclear effects are exactly that), I’d like to see lightning as well.
Lightning on Naval… only Naval EC would be in favor, I think it would be highly immersive.