Activist battlepass task

What do you want from me? 30 match queues per day? What is the actual goal here?
I get the activist task for medium daily task which requires 3 wins at 85% battle activity. I win 3 times in a row. 2 out of 3 of the wins I’m at 82% and 83% battle activity. Thus, I only scored 1/3 of the Activist requirements.
So again I ask, what is the point of these tasks? How many match queues per day are you looking for from me? What’s the average daily match queue goal that Gaijin has for its players?


Battlepass and Warbond shop progression for free premiums.

But those tasks specifically are nice for quick dailies for those who rather good at achieving the requirements

Edit: activist specifically being about lot of score for the amount of time spent

Dude, of all the text I wrote, you chose to remove those from the context and answer in a manner that completely ignores everything else I was trying to point out.
Thanks for nothing.

I think i answered quite clearly the tasks are for skilled players getting quick dailies.

Also detailed what that tasks asks for

I think you’re a bot.

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Personally, I do not like this particular task, because it requires 3 wins. I have no problem with the % part, but I can’t secure the win while at the same time having to reach this high a percentage. So I am depending on luck. I usually plan on doing the T3 task in 1-3 missions, so this one is a near automatic reroll.
If I would be playing squadded, it would be easy, as the win would be near certain. But I don’t.


You get to toss the table for 1000SL though…

The point is to encourage you to play more and to play more recklessly to accomplish these tasks.

In prop Air RB you have guaranteed 85% if your score a base kill and an additional kill or assist on the way back. The real challenge is to find a plane with high WRs and to end the match very quick.

So if you know your planes and you are able to “read” a match, it is one of the easiest special / daily tasks. It makes sometimes (classic 8 vs 2 after 7 minutes) sense to land and j out as your activity level drops like hell the longer the match goes.

Why land first? Win?

Not all matches (at least at prop BRs in Air RB) end that quick that a base and a player kill guarantees a 85% activity. The observations of the OP are correct - it is extremely annoying if you play 8 vs 2 after six minutes and it takes ages to catch the last guys. And catching and killing are not the same. I met now several times this week an extremely good Pe-8 pilot - always around 7-8 km with incredidle gunner aim. A real pain to catch & kill.

On certain maps you can’t even end the match quick by ground pounding - best example is Sicily paired with Germany: In order to win fast you need to kill enemy tanks. If they have just 109s left it is extremely hard to kill the 24 enemy tanks - and the few arty and aaa positions have zero ticket impact, you have to wait for the 3 x 6 car spawn to kill tickets.

But my question is, why land and then j out. Why not just j-out when you have accomplished what you need to do? Going home won’t raise your activity, will it?

Seriously? Leaving a fully functional plane generates a kill for the nearest enemy (=undeserved rewards) and even if i would crash on purpose, i create repair cost and alter BR relevant statistics and my own.

On top of that i see no need to change my overall attitude whilst flying in Air RB (=dying is bad ) just in order to fulfil a lousy daily or special task.

The main purpose of these tasks and challenges is that gaijin wants to steer what and how you should play the game. I refuse to follow their carrots.

Yes, seriously.

Well, these are your personal motives. I just asked if there is anything within the task logic that makes early ending counterproductive. Like raising the red win chance due to (small) ticket gain or lowereing your activity.

Yes, they want us to play more. So I don’t follow that carrot either if I would end at first sensible opportunity. I personally don’t care about my stats. But I would just switch this task away in the first place.

The problem is that the tasks don’t always equate to the same number of match queues, but the random re-roll does provide them with an overall desired average number of match queues because some of them being easier is bait to try and get them done fast.

But what is easier for you may not be easier for me. We don’t all play the same. I usually plan 4 missions to get the entire daily stuff done. I only deviate from that when I am certain that I will get it done quickly still. Like in 4 missions with 4 kills each. I keep that one, because I know I will take four short missions.
I skip nearly all win stuff, except win with first strike, as first strike is a 90% certainty.

To a certain extent, but nobody can farm X amount of Help with Repairing awards efficiently compared to a kill count or win count.
You do not get First Strike in 90% of attempts. Be real.

I’d say I do. I know that some maps have a lower chance, but on most maps, it is almost guaranteed. If it makes you happy, I say 80%, which is likely too low an estimate.

It still is a sure keeper which is done in a few minutes.

Post proof.

Why should I? I am not having an issue with this task, you have. So post proof that it can’t be done. :-)